Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Sales-contest-giveaway

Morning readers,
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Are you shopping today?There are a lot of sales out there to find!A lot of times i buy for next year.If you have a little extra money i encourage this.It will cut down on stress later on.Frugal shopping,sales,contest and giveaways through the year,thrift stores and such.
Hope you had a wonderful christmas!My family had a really nice day ,thank God.We got up at day break and went to rita and the kids to be there when they woke up,adding our goodies as got up running a fever bless his heart.We gave him some meds and in about 15 minutes he was ready to rip.We have been passing a cold around in the family this week.He ,kolby and summer had a ball with santa and christmas.Pics are on my previous blog if you'd like to see.Back at home then us,darrell,julie,charlie mae and zack opened up presents.Then again we had a wonderful time.Afterwards we all met up at moms with food and had a family christmas dinner.Everyone was able to be there this year and had we had the 5 little ones 6 and under.We all had a great meeting together with prayer before lunch.Then of course it was time to come home and came back with us (no surprise there ;) )This is home to him. Blessed hopes and prayers for all of you this christmas season...

I do encourage each of you whom have not already started to try and be as frugal as you can at times you can.Recycle and reuse.Keep thermostats at 72 to cut down on electric bills and lower the temp on hot water heaters,Do what you can do to conserve and save.Pay close attention to gas prices. I do see them to slowly continue rising now.Clip coupons these will help you and your family.Buy american products and local items of what u can,helping stimulate our usa economy and local towns as well.Shop and support your ''mom and pop '' places also.Buy safe handmade products.There is most everything you can need for the little ones being sold now that are handmade and made with care,the way it once was here!!!!
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Have a great day and weekend ahead..God bless and be safe..

Betty~Simply Southern

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry christmas-family pictures-contest-giveaway

I HOPE IT IS BLESSED,MERRY AND BRIGHT.I also hope you remembered the reason for this day.Jesus Christ.Without him,i would have no peace in this world.He has blessed us this year as well as many others,not just monetary wise,but everything we need..I give him all the glory.I wanted to share our christmas with you.From my family in alabama to yours!

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Betty Rood~Simply Southern

Kolby gets what he wanted!paw helps put on red power ranger helmet!

Daughter Rita,Grandsons Billy and Kolby,Granddaughter Summer!

Our youngest grandchild,Summer,age 6 mos..Little Auburn fan.

Son Darrell,wife Julie,and Granddaughter Charlize mae-age 7 mos.

granddaughter charlie mae and auntie rita!

Is summer not just too cute here?Right before church

From left-Billy(6),summer(6 mos)rita(26)and kolby(3)--mom and babies

grandson Billy(6)-he gets a bb gun!Top grades earned him that.everything else was learning tools..he is soooo smart..learning spanish too.

Here is what my hubby and son do when not on the 9-5 job,,lol .they are in a band called StraightJacket 4 can fin them on myspace!They are very good.son sings and plays bass and hubby on lead guitar. to a few songs and leave some feedback,tell them betty sent u by

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Monday, December 22, 2008

global warming,toxins water,contest,giveaways

Mornng readers...
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I think it is cold all over the usa! Even here in the deep south a dep frost covers the ground and i saw last night on tv where there was a killing frost warning down into florida..Not bad for the first day of winter.. ;)
what happened to global warming?A lot of that i do not buy into anyway.Some things just occur naturally,and that is one of them.Scientist have prooven it.Now i do agree with doing evrything we can to protect our earth,heck we live is a gift of god,so we protect it. putting chemicals and trash in our water systems and oceans,shooting chemicals into the sky trying to change weather patterns,spraying toxins(that last in the ground 5 years)on weeds on right of ways,making bridges out of wood covered by poisionous protectants(that have warning labels on them not for use in water!),making kid clothing and eating utensils out of poisions ,high levels of toxins in kids meds,lead in toys,i could go on and on...These are serious matters that we as a people should never let lay silent.These are going on all around us.These are things that we only hear about when it is too late for some..Just the other day we were down in florala,there was a line of people over at the old national guard armory .My son was going into the post office and inquired to her what was going on over there.These people were waiting for a settlement check from a company because a few years earlier they had found that a cancer causing chemical had been leaked into their water system in lockahart!!!!!!Was that all in the news???NO..Was the nearby cities that also would be infected in that list?NO!!!!just 2 miles away.......only the ones at their''ground zero''.This is everywhere people...One more reason i am glad i have well water still and ,No ,i have no plans on changing that....
I hope your week goes well and your christmas blessed and warm..god bless you and always remember the reason for the season...the first 6 letters of christmas tell you..JESUS CHRIST!!!!

Betty R.~Simply Southern
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