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Useful things & helpful ideas,homosexual kissing daytime tv,CONTEST ON BOTTOM!!!

I just love the spring!!!wonderful smells in the air when you walk outside(well here anyway-hope you enjoy it also),bird's singing and having new babies,whiporwill singing at night,howls of the coyotes,i love it!!!!
got kind of an odd and end blog tonight! lol...hope you find it useful....
remember to tell the kids you love em and god bless us all....
~~~~~~like always contest roll added at the bottom--good luck!
Betty~Simply Southern


Here are some very cool emails i found online ,thought you mat find them interesting as well...I just can not remember who to thank for them!i am sorry!!!

12. - attach wav to get a mp3

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10. - You have an Office document or a picture on your computer or mobile phone that you wish to convert into a PDF file. Just email that file an email attachment to the above address and it will soon return to your Inbox as a PDF file. [koolwire review]

9. - Flickr provides a unique email upload address here - you can send your photographs to this email address as attachments and they’ll show up in Flick Photo gallery almost instantly. The subject line of email becomes the photo’s title while the body of the email becomes the photo’s description.

8. - This is like filling data in a travel spreadsheet through email. You can use this address to gather and record your travel expenses while on the road.

7. - You can use this address to post pictures on any Blogger hosted blog. Any picture that you send to this email address will appear as a new blog post in your mobile blog. You can also use this service to post regular text entries to your Blogspot blog. In that case, the “Send to Blogger” email address is available under Blogger Dashboard.

6. - If you have (one or more) PowerPoint Presentations and PDF documents that you quickly want to share with friends, just email the files to Slideshare and they’ll instantly turn them into a web slideshow. [Slideshare upload options]

5. … - YouTube member can create an MMS profile here - if you have a video clip on your mobile phone or comptuer but no access to YouTube website, you can easily upload that video file to YouTube through that email address. [Details on Youtube Email upload]

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2. … - When you signup for Remember The Milk, you are assigned a unique email address. Emails sent to this special address are automatically converted into tasks and appear in your Inbox. Click on Settings -> Info -> Inbox Email Address. Very handy for keeping a track of your unfinished tasks and getting things done while on the move.

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Know your cell phone can do this???????????????????????

There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies.Your
mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival.
Check out the things that you can do with it:

FIRST Subject: Emergency
The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out
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even if the keypad is locked. Try it out.

SECOND Subject: Have you locked your keys in the car?
Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday.
Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the
spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their cell phone from your
cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have
the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile
phone on their end. Your car will unlock. Saves someone from having to drive
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THIRD Subject: Hidden Battery Power
Imagine your cell battery is very low. To activate, press the keys *3370#
your cell will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50%
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FOURTH How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?
To check your Mobile phone's serial number, key in the following digits on
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And Finally....
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homosexual kissing on day time show!!! let's stop this now....
Take Action!
Call the toll-free number P&G has set up for the public regarding its promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. Call 1-800-331-3774 and click on option 2. Following the recording, click on option 2 again. There is not a live person at this number.
Forward this e-mail to family and friends and urge them to call and vote.
Reproduce this letter and distribute to others — Sunday School class, church, coworkers, etc. Ask your pastor to put this information in the church bulletin and newsletter.
If you have not already done so, send an email letter
to P&G opposing its promotion of homosexuality.
sign up here
to get Action Alert updates from the American Family Association on the P&G response. Sign up here to stay informed.

Procter & Gamble wants to know if you approve of its support of the homosexual lifestyle

Company establishes toll-free number to call

May 2, 2008

Dear Betty,

Procter & Gamble wants to know if you approve its efforts to promote the homosexual lifestyle. It has established a toll-free number for you to call and vote to approve or disapprove its support of homosexuality.

P&G has added homosexual lovers to its soap opera “As the World Turns.” It has also added scenes of homosexuals with open mouth kissing. The motive behind P&G’s push is to desensitize viewers, especially younger viewers, to the homosexual lifestyle. The ultimate goal of homosexual activists is homosexual marriage.

Thousands of homosexual activists are already calling P&G.
Contest: Frostbite!!
Here is the contest information for the signed copy of Frostbite by Richelle Mead!!! Frostbite is the second book in the series. The first book is Vampire Academy, if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do, very soon!

If you want to be entered to win Frostbite you can simply leave me a comment below. It always helps if you enter your name or a nickname with your comment. Or you can email me at with Frostbite in the subject line. I will only send out a confirmation email for those who email me. As usual if you help me spread the word you can be entered an additional three times. You don’t have to have a blog to spread the word, I’ll accept mentions on MySpace or Facebook. Just be sure to leave the link so I can verify it, either in the email, or on the comment! The deadline for the contest will be Friday, May 9th at midnight (eastern time). Good luck!
thestorysiren-win frostbite

also from this same guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!add this too...

Contest: Generation Dead
Yes, another contest. I have some t-shirts to give away, celebrating the soon to be released Generation Dead. Which is a very cool book, btw. It comes out May 6th, you should really check it out!

If you want to be entered to win a Generation Dead t-shirt, I have four to give away (I am totally keeping one for myself, is that bad?), you can simply leave me a comment below. It always helps if you enter your name or a nickname with your comment so you can be identified if you win. The deadline for the contest will be Tuesday, May 6th at midnight (eastern time). Good luck! The winners will be announced the following day. If I get a lot of entries, lets say over 20, I may even have an extra surprise for one of the winners........

Please support the Zombies!
contest generation dead from the story siren!enter now

Thursday, May 1, 2008

DIY BABY WIPES(save money!~ntl day of prayer~cancer screens~contest roll

National Day of Prayer

I would like to share how to make your own this recipe from a friend online!...

1 roll of papertowels...Bownty is Best

1 1/2 c. water

1tsp baby shampoo(or other gentle brand)

Cut Papertowel roll in half width to do if you unroll some and cut that in half. Keep the perferrated edges attached.

Fold back and forth so all towels are still attached but compiled

Place in a wipe box what will fit and save the rest.

add the water/soap solution

use as normal.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the new family film A Plumm Summer it's not too late! The movie is playing its crucial second weekend in your area tomorrow night, Saturday and Sunday. And for those of you around Lakewood, California, adorable little Rocky from the film (Owen Pierce) will be signing posters Sunday from 1-5 at the Lakewood Theater!

It's simply tough for independent films like A Plumm Summer to compete with big budget Hollywood films, which is why we'd love your help to organize and get everyone you know to go and see it this weekend! A successful second weekend for A Plumm Summer means that more families will have a chance to see the film in more locations and most importantly, Hollywood will hopefully take notice and start to invest time and money into making quality films with stories that appeal to families.

If you haven't yet heard about the film, the LA Times sums it up: "At a time when most family films come across as extended toy advertisements or digital extravaganza, there is something refreshing about a homespun, live-action tale of summertime adventure full of bicycles and tennis shoes, where the most high-tech gadget is a squawky radio walkie-talkie."

A Plumm Summer was Winner of the Audience Best Film Award at the International Family Film Festival,andis based on a true story in Montana in the 1960's, where well-loved local TV legend and puppet, FroggyDoo, gets stolen during a live show. The families of Montana outcry at FroggyDoo's loss prompts an FBI investigation, but the children of Peaks View take the mystery into their own hands and it's a race to unravel the mystery (hint: those FBI agents are slow to catch on...)! A Plumm Summer features celebrated actors, Henry Winkler, Billy Baldwin, Jeff Daniels and Brenda Strong (from Desperate Housewives) as well as talented, up-and-coming child actors, all of whom transport you to their small town where themes of friendship and family become interwoven in this amazing little movie.

The movie is playing this weekend in these 4 areas:
· California: LA and surrounding areas
· Alabama: Birmingham, Trussville
· Minnesota: Oakdale, Lakeville, Eagan
· Montana: Billings, Bozeman, Kalispel, Livingston or Missoula

Theaters are updated daily so be sure to check the A Plumm Summer website for a complete list of theaters in your area as well as a sneak peak at the trailer for the film.

If you would like to find out more information about A Plumm Summer, write about the film, or be put in touch with one of the producers at Fairplay Pictures or Hometeam Productions, please email Abbey at Thank you so much for being a part of our Mom Central community and helping us spread the word about this fantastic film!

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and Olay, the American Society for
Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) and Marcia Cross have joined together to
invite you and your girlfriends to a FREE skin cancer screening.

Visit to find a participating dermatologist
in your area and get important information about skin cancer


Go to each site to enter to win! do not comment here for entry..have a great national prayer night everyone!!!

Win this Walt Disney DVD: Classic Caballeros Collection
It is time for a new Parenting Tips at giveaway! I have 3 copies of this Walt Disney DVD to giveaway: The Classic Caballeros Collection featuring 2 movies - Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros.

Explore Latin American culture with your children. These classic Academy Award Nominated films feature the antics of well loved Disney characters - Goofy, Donald, and Walt Disney! Released on April 29th, 2008 this Classic Collection DVD promises fun for all:

Entering the contest is simple - just leave a comment on this post. Something as plain as - “I would love to win this!” is fine. One entry per person, U.S. residents age 18 and over only, please. Click here for full contest rules.

As always, you get an extra entry for signing up to receive email updates from Parenting Tips at (Never

click to read more and enter!!!

One lucky winner will get a Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta dinner for four (including 5 breadsticks) delivered to their door!

Simply leave a comment here to be entered. For a bonus entry, blog about this contest on your site and leave a separate comment here letting me know you've done so (please include the link to your post). Contest open to U.S residents only. Deadline to enter is 11:59 on Thursday, May 8.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food crisis-inpending recession-food crisis-time to prepare people

Hello all...hope your day is well...Julie went to her dr. today and she is dialating,so any time now we get to meet little miss chalie mae....We are all anxiously awating her arrival.I worry about the little one's in the world now.All the talk on food crisis and the impending''recession/depression.I do know we can get by just fine,we live in a lot of ways self sufficent,but it will be difficult to watch what unfolds if the worse case scenerio happens..And i honestly believe it will.There is such a high percentage of people who have no idea how to garden,store food for an extended period of time,dr. themselves at all,and worse case ,if we have electricity problems,and if job losses continue we quickly will and the government programs will fall out after that.There wil be hundreds of thousands if not more,homeless in a matter of weeks.I just don't see the ones who can sustain themselves, being able to care for these huge amounts of people.I do hope that more people will take advantage of the season and begin to plant if you have not already,there is still time.I urge you to do this.And if it is where you can ,you need to start stocking up on canned foods now and perishables...Dont keep waiting please.We have a garden going good and extra seeds for a fall garden as well.I have bought several window visors that can be used for a solar oven if needed.Already we also are stocking up on some shells,blankets,sleeping bags,buckets,etc.All these things will be needed if we have a collapse.And very soon after it is announced the shelves will be empty.If you are planning on waiting,you might better reconsider for your and your families sake.To much greed took over our nation and our world,i see us very soon reaping the results of this...I pray this does not happen but i also pray that if it does,we are prepared as best we could..Here are some more really good sites i have visited today,maybe you can find them useful..

God bless us all...
Betty ~Simply Southern

Ways to Live On Almost Nothing - 3

35 Accessories Made from Recycled Materials
The Looming Worldwide Food Shortage
The Garden Granny-all kinds of wonderful info here


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

president's speech,My thoughts & some contest

Happy Tuesday everyone...hope your day was a blessing...
I was watching the president's speech this morning and i for 1 saw some hints of things to come..encouraging us to buy local from farmer's market's(not encouraging trade)that it takes 6 weeks for the price of our gas at the pumps(price we pay) to show the buying cost for it today(which will reflect the price i said last november as well as many more ,would happen) will not reach us till june,making all gas over 4 bucks a gallon and more across the nation....
I do not blame president bush for this as a lot of folks do.It takes a lot more than his signature to make things happen...congress in my opinion hold the most guilt on this one along with some very stupid mistakes on capital hill over the past 20 years,as well as greed in America...And let's not forget about wanting and trying to take God out of everything we do(#1 stupid mistake) and last but certainly not least,the 4,000,000 babies we have allowed to be slaughtered like animals in the united states ,we call it abortion....I firmly believe we as Americans are fixing to pay for the way we have done...If you don't like that statement ,you have your opinion ,i have mine...One day explain it to Jesus....not me....

It is getting dry again here in south central Alabama,we have had to water the garden for a week now,the most needed rain didn't make it to our house...we will be planting the other garden this weekend,good lord will's..We have Julie's dr. appointment tomorrow ,maybe Charlie Mae will decide it is went back to the dr. today about her back but i don't know what they found out yet,Rita took her...

Have a good night and may God Bless America again...
Betty~Simply Southern

I am an Opinionated Parent

WAS OVER THERE A WHILE AGO AND JUST LOOK AT THIS!make sure you hop over and enter,,,

The Opinionated Parent

It’s no secret that we’re Robeez lovers around here. We’ve reviewed their apparel & basic shoes, tredz and tredz sandals, and we’re back again with the launch of the newest Robeez line - the Weekend Collection.

Similar to the classic Robeez style, the weekend collection are available in nine classic colours with sporty elastic detailing. They’ve got all the great things we love about Robeez - the buttery leather, soft soles, easy on and stay on elasticized ankles…if you have kids, you know why we love them - but they look more like a little old man loafer than any Robeez shoe that’s come before them. Seriously? These are the loafer you wish you had for yourself but in itty bitty little sizes.

Win it! We’re giving away two pairs of shoes from the Robeez Weekend Collection valued at $27.95 each. To enter, leave a comment on this post with the colour and size you’d choose if you win (from this page only.) Contest closes at noon MST on May 5.



WIN A DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




On coming food shortages,,Loss of job's..Please prepare now

Good morning all,i hope your weekend went well.Me and my neighbor burned off a field friday night and last night.He had the timber cut last year and it was time to clean it off.We discussed it being a nice place for a garden as well.That would make 3.I have one here at the house,1 behind his house and this one now maybe.Still time to get some things in the ground.Everyday the economy looks worse and worse.I hope there are a lot of people who are gardening this year.Food shortages,gas prices....whew...Depression here we come.I am not a doomsday slayer so ..don't go there,just a realist...look around,check history out and if you don't see an impending problem,you live in a rose colored glass.It is coming readers,it is.....has too to be able to fix this mess we have....No reason to panic at all,just prepare and you will be ok for the year or so i see it being bad.My worse fear in this is the people who will not prepare at all,either because they can't afford too(we are struggling) or the people who refuse to see a problem.These will be the one's who become the threats because they will be searching for a way to feed themselves and their families.It is not like it use to be,you could invite anyone into your home for a meal or a place to stay,and each help each other.It is a different world now,you invite them in and they steal all your stuff and leave or kill you...scary world we live in.....
would not hurt to have a back up plan for a job..Have a feeling a lot of ''mom and pop'' places will be coming out of this mess,be a good security blanket for everyone.Have a hobbie or talent ,put it to work for you...
I am beginning to do the white oak and willow baskets again(like my grandfather lee did),as well as handcrafts using natural elements..i'll post some pics soon.I also have started doing shower gifts ..diaper cakes,ribbons,etc...these wll be up soon as well..I am taking orders for them,so if this is something you are intersted in just let me know.

There are alot of great sites online to help you plan,grow food,canning it,stocking up,solar ovens.All kind of useful advise.I do hope you look into it while you still have access to internet...i really do............................

god bless us all.....

Betty~Simply Southern

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event
src="" alt="null" />

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Food Shortages are Coming People!!! Believe it or Not...

Hello Everyone...
I haope you had a blessed and safe weekend.Here in Alabama it has been relatively warm and no rain came that i was usre hopeing for!So that means the garden gets watered tomorrow..Sure don't want to run a risk on the garden dying now..I have been reading up a lot on possible shortages in food soon.I for myself have seen this one coming a while now.When everything gets so expensive,something has to happen.It is about at that point.When you spend 50% of what you can earn at the gas pumps and grocery stores,there is serious problem,and people it is here.I have found few blogs i thought you may find interesting and useful...i would love to have any comments you would like to share....

God bless and till next time......

Betty~Simply Southern



Food Shortages Everywhere...

Unrest is breaking out as a result.

And then the war... and the mass migrations and deep famines...

via Reuters

WASHINGTON/PARIS (Reuters) - Food prices are soaring, a wealthier Asia is demanding better food and farmers can't keep up. In short, the world faces a food crisis and in some places it's already boiling over.

MONKEYfISTER-read the whole story


War, Famine, Energy, and the Fed
by: geno
Sat Apr 26, 2008 at 14:22:05 PM CDT

( - promoted by herding old cats)

Just not up for very much blogging today, but here's a a sort of follow-up to my post yesterday on the threat to food banks posed by food shortages (and see my two comments to that post, as well).

I don't think we should wait to see how bad things really are before we begin to make preparations for the possible food shortages we could face this year. If we prepare and it turns out that there aren't significant shortages in the U.S., we haven't lost very much. I, personally, think we're about to see a period of rapid transition in our society

leftin alabama read more

Stiglitz: "One of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression"

From CNBC: Nobel Winner Stiglitz: US Facing Long Recession (hat tip squeezed)

The U.S. economy is already in recession -- and may echo the 1930s, Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz said Friday.
"This is going to be one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression," said Stiglitz.
See video at CNBC: "Roubini is not far off."
calculated risk--read more

A record number of people facing utility shut-offs.

Cutoffs and Pleas for Aid Rise With Heat Costs ..After struggling with soaring heating costs through the winter, millions of Americans are behind on electric and gas bills, and a record number of families could face energy shut-offs over the next two months, according to state energy officials and utilities around the country.

The escalating costs of heating oil, propane and kerosene, most commonly used in the Northeast, have posed the greatest burdens, officials say, but natural gas and electricity prices have also climbed at a time when low-end incomes are stagnant and prices have also jumped for food and gasoline.

In New Hampshire, applicants for fuel subsidies under the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program received an average of $600 in a one-time grant and up to $975 for the extremely poor who rely on heating oil or propane, the costliest fuels. But those grants, which in recent years have covered 60 percent of heating costs, covered only about 35 percent of those costs this winter, said Celeste Lovett, director of the state’s energy aid program. The state will have given aid to about 34,500 people by the end of April, Ms. Lovett said, a 5 percent increase over last year and the highest number ever.

The most immediate challenge is to help the high number of consumers who are far behind in electric and gas payments, said Mark Wolfe, director of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association, which represents state aid officials in Washington

Ny more now

Meanwhile, even as the conservatives still mock solar energy, the Pentagon is quietly moving to use it.


global warming ????or is it a hoax? read this and research for yourself!

Air Conditioning to be rendered obsolete?

Published April 24, 2008 by shane.vincent

According to The Australian:

Disconcerting as it may be to true believers in global warming, the average temperature on Earth has remained steady or slowly declined during the past decade, despite the continued increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, and now the global temperature is falling precipitously.

All four agencies that track Earth’s temperature (the Hadley Climate Research Unit in Britain, the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, the Christy group at the University of Alabama, and Remote Sensing Systems Inc in California) report that it cooled by about 0.7C in 2007. This is the fastest temperature change in the instrumental record and it puts us back where we were in 1930. If the temperature does not soon recover, we will have to conclude that global warming is over.

This is where SOHO comes in. The sunspot number follows a cycle of somewhat variable length, averaging 11 years. The most recent minimum was in March last year. The new cycle, No.24, was supposed to start soon after that, with a gradual build-up in sunspot numbers.

It didn’t happen. The first sunspot appeared in January this year and lasted only two days. A tiny spot appeared last Monday but vanished within 24 hours. Another little spot appeared this Monday. Pray that there will be many more, and soon.

The reason this matters is that there is a close correlation between variations in the sunspot cycle and Earth’s climate. The previous time a cycle was delayed like this was in the Dalton Minimum, an especially cold period that lasted several decades from 1790.

Northern winters became ferocious: in particular, the rout of Napoleon’s Grand Army during the retreat from Moscow in 1812 was at least partly due to the lack of sunspots.

guys here is a really good forum with tons of info on it...check it out,you'll be glad you did...
homestead forum+rationing of rice, flour, and cooking oil


hope you find some very useful and needed reading,,,Best case scenerio--it's all hype and you will have groceries a while without having to purchase them later...