Saturday, October 11, 2008


I hope all of you are having a good weekend..I went up to my daughters and stayed a little while.Then me and the boys went to my mom's for the evening.They ate an entire watermelon!lol..1 of the 3 mom still had gotten out of her garden.Needless to say they were a mess.Afterwards all of us went down to her pond to fish a little but nothing,i mean nothing,was biting.I really think it is because the weather cooled down so much,and not too mention she got 3 inches of rain she had been praying for in her pond day before yesterday!I believe she and i are going to church in the morning.About 4 i took kolby and billy back to rita's and came on in to cook supper for the bigger guys before work.Darrell is playing tonight at the soggy bottom with the band,short went with him also.Jeff just headed off to regular work as he calls do hope all of you are now registered to vote and that you make a wise decision on whom you choose.Our lives,work,homes,family ,almost everything is at stake now.Please do not vote just on color or wonderful new changes,,,We do need change but not what Obama is planning,Once he is in there it will be too late for you to change your mind.Far too late....

May God Bless America again

Betty~Simply Southern

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Halloween Contest / Giveaway AT TWO MOMS!
It's October!! (well.. it HAS been October for a whole 10 days now..) This is my favorite month and marks both my wedding anniversary (on the 15th) and Halloween.. tack on the crisp weather and the foliage colors and I am one happy camper. To spread the joy, I've decided to hold a little contest. The winner (chosen by yours truly) will receive their choice of the following DVDs:

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Friday, October 10, 2008


I have had a little more free time on my hands today and honestly been trying to catch up on as much info as i could on the happenings around our nation right now and what some people are thinking and what is really happening within the white house and capitol hill right now and also a little about what is going on elsewhere around the world..I am going to add a few passages of some of the places i have been and you as well may want to look.Remember..Right click on links to open in new window until i get the html fixed here on my blog,,,,
May God Bless Us All..............

''The greatest "stock" you can have right now is beef and chicken, and
the best life insurance policy is food, water and shelter!''

Betty~Simply Southern

As Stocks Plummet Across the Globe, Bush to Host Emergency Finance Meeting at White House
In the largest loss since the crash of 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over seven percent on Thursday, closing below 9,000 for the first time in five years. Over the past six trading days, the Dow has plummeted over 2,200 points, or about 21 percent. Earlier today, global stock values fell in trading as fears grow of a worldwide recession. [includes rush transcript]


Wayne Madsen a Washington based investigative journalist, author, columnist and former U.S. Naval Officer reported on April 3rd, 2008 the existence of a document called the “C & R” document is being passed around among senior members of Congress and their staff.
Bush planning martial law
FEMA sources have told Madsen today that the Bush administration is putting final touches on a plan that would initiate martial law in the event of continuing economic collapse causing massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country.


NO NAIS!This site supports the "No National Animal ID System" Campaign! Click here to find out what you can do to stop THEM from RFID chipping your livestock animals! Because if THEY can chip your chickens or horses, they can CHIP YOU!
Thinking of moving to a rural remote location? Then read this first! Learn what you need to consider before you buy your land and homestead!

Protect our traditional rights to farm


Abortion stance continues to haunt Obama
An influential conservative group in Washington has released a new video warning voters that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama wants to make partial-birth abortion legal again in the United States.


Can you set aside a couple of hours each week to make calls for John McCain and Sarah Palin? You are the most effective surrogate we have in this campaign. By reaching out to undecided voters, one by one, you are taking a crucial step towards victory.
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It's Official.We are in a Recession(duh) --frugal tips/freebies/contest/coupons

Happy (official)recession day! lol..may as well laugh about it.What's done is done,now each of us have to do what it takes to get by until this is better,They are saying could last 2 years,so i highly recommend learning new ways to save money and be frugal(if you are not already!)
I like to use coupons.Buy your Sunday paper,they always have good coupons.Buy 3 of them,have triple the coupons.Then look online and in sell papers,and find these products you have coupons for on sale!And even better,find stores close to you that double coupon values on certain days and then go shopping!Coupons with you of course!Hey and don't forget ,a lot of stores will match prices of other stores just trying to get your business!Did you know walmart did that! YES THEY DO.have your sales paper for other grocery stores and deal with them..If you have any problem always ask to speak with the manager.This means if Piggy wiggly has chicken breast for 1.29 pound,then walmart will match that!See what i am talking about.They do not publicize this but they do...Bet a whole lot more people start taking advantage of this...
Also make sure you sign up on a forum that has online coupon links..Like slickdeals,fatwallet,and coupon forum just to name a few.And as well they have freebie links that you can send for samples and sometimes full products!If you have never did this and want to know a little more about it,send me a comment,i'd be glad to help you out and get you going.
I also like to enter contest.I like the blogger contest because other than just getting a chance at winning something useful,you also will meet some really nice people and maybe learn some things you did not know.To get started just visit some of the ones on my sidebar...
If you don't have a freezer,try and find you one.You can usually find one in classified papers pretty cheap.It is a great investment,especially now with food prices going up daily!Did u know you can freeze dry beans!rice!
Now that fall is here in most parts,TURN OFF THAT AC, and let up the windows..It is cool enough lke that and you will save hundreds on your power bill!


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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BailOut-Wednesday's freebies & contest

Everyone is talking about the bailout...About how they have to cut back and live within their means,,,Heck i am already doing that so maybe it want be so bad after like the ALABAMA song ,song of the south..they were referring to the great depression..lyrics say...wall street fell,but we were so poor we couldn't was watching Oprah today and it was all about saving money and living within your means...being Frugal,coupon clipping,carpooling,gardening,jams and jellies,using a freezer,canning,bartering,recycling,turning off air conditioning,..HeCK,my families been doing that..maybe i can make money teaching;) it's called doing really..but if it is not something you really need...DON'T BUY IT!!!!!and if you don't have cash for it...YOU DON'T NEED IT!!!!

Here is some freebies i found..enjoy...

May god bless us all...
Betty ~Simply Southern
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free dove haircare sample

free dove!!!

Hope you enjoy freebie Wednesday..If any of these were helpful to you,let me know and i will continue adding freebies that i also sign up for you...just leave me a quick comment...have a great night readers!!!!

May God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonights debate~McCain and Palin---contest around blogville

Hello readers and happy debate day!
contest on bottom!!!!
I do hope and pray that everyone watches the debate tonight,,This is crucial.We must be very careful on whom we vote in,our country and our families well being is at stake!Never has another vote been this important ,at least in my lifetime(45).Seems everything is going downhill in our country and we must take our rights and freedoms to heart ,and vote smart.
I just can not see voting for Obama,too begin with,total lack of experience..Yes i know Joe biden does,BUT WE ARE NOT VOTING FOR JOE BIDEN! His beliefs are way different than mine,he just does not see the problem.Yes i know he says he does,but watch out.And please ,do not let the idea that he is a smooth speaker waver you.We have had great speakers,but that is not what America needs,We need A leader....That he is not i am afraid.10 more years down the road ,Obama may be.But not now.

''We are one month from the elections and as of today, the poll numbers indicate we have our work cut out for us. Americans are angry. VERY ANGRY. The recent bailout controversy has only stirred the seething rage that is bubbling up among taxpayers.

The sad thing about voter anger is that it’s misdirected. While there is plenty of blame and fault to go around for both parties, there really is hard evidence that John McCain tried in vain to get attention focused on the totally absurd lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that are at the heart of the meltdown. Barack Obama is the second highest recipient of political cash from the big bosses of these entities, and his chief economic advisor Franklin Raines took over $90 million in bonuses from Fannie Mae. That’s right---$90 MILLION. Do you really think that Barack Obama will lead “reform” of a system that he has helped grease?
His radical views on when life begins and his priority of protecting abortion rights over the right to life for the unborn are beyond most of even the most extreme leftists. His work with ACORN, a radical political organization is especially noteworthy in light of the fact that ACORN received over $760 million in “fees” from banks to help push people into “N.I.N.J.A. loans.” (These are loans made to people with No Income; No Job; and No Assets, thus NINJA loans.) ((borrowed from mile huckabee)

Imagine Obama as President and Democrats holding majorities in the House and with a possible 60 vote margin Senate.
Goodbye, 2nd amendment rights.

Goodbye, protection for the unborn.

Goodbye, tax breaks.

Goodbye, diligence against state sponsored terrorism from rogue governments like Iran, North Korea, and others.

Goodbye, parental rights as a fundamental right to not be supplanted by the government.

Goodbye, holding traditional marriage as one man, one woman for life.

I’m not ready to accept that. ARE YOU????????????
Tonight, John McCain and Senator Barack Obama will debate in a town hall together for the very first time. You'll have the opportunity to hear questions from everyday Americans and I know you'll see the sharp contrast between the liberal plan for America and the reform plan for America.

This summer, John McCain proposed a series of weekly joint town hall meetings with Senator Obama. But Senator Obama - no stranger to saying one thing and doing another - reversed his position and backed out. Simply put, the Obama-Biden Democrats' rhetoric doesn't match their record.

Don't be misled by the Obama-Biden Democrats. They've proven they'll say anything to get elected. And it's up to you and me to get the truth out to the American people. We are four weeks away from Election Day and we need your support to win important races across the country on November 4th.
When push comes to shove, Senator Obama and his friends on the far-left will always tell you one thing and do another. They say the troops have their support, but turned around and voted to take away critical funding for our men and women in uniform. They talk about cutting taxes, but turn around and vote for tax increases. They say they're for energy independence, but won't support crucial off-shore drilling efforts. We just can't trust them to lead.

If we sit on the sidelines, the Obama-Biden Democrats will win. But, with you on board, that won't happen. McCain-Palin Victory 2008 helps fund the massive get-out-the-vote effort to elect our ticket from top to bottom. And we need your help to raise the millions needed for this program.
There's only one ticket that will put country first, there's only one ticket with a record of reform.
John McCain and Sarah Palin....

May God bless us each and everyone!
Betty~Simply Southern

ps...Told you yesterday i would update on our recycling trip,we made $118.00..not bad for a days


=============================================================== HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
That’s right, dkMommy Spot has hit its 400th post! And are my typing fingers tired. Well, not really. I’m actually just gearing up and to prove it, I’m going to have a very special giveaway as a thank you to dkMommy Spot readers.
dkMommy Spot started out two years ago on the 26th of October and it’s gone through quite a few shifts, including a move to its own web address, the addition of giveaways, podcasting, and of course loads of alternative solutions for chemical-free families. So what better way to celebrate than to give away something all-natural? Here’s what the winner will receive:
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Recycling can be hard work~ Palin~Contest-giveaways

Ever tried tearing apart an old house trailer? Well if not,let me tell you it is a pain in the neck.We have this older trailer on our place that has not been lived in in like 9 or 10 years.So we came up with the idea to scrap it.The wood that was usable will help make a little shop area for us.The aluminum siding we are scraping as well as the wiring for copper.We have worked on this all day and got one room done,well part of another also.Whoever remodeled this years ago,used those huge nails ,you know the ones they make railroads not quite that big...Me and hubby both feel like we have been hit by bats!And let me say we are very outgoing and working on something constantly.We are both in pretty good shape for middle age and this thing has about''whupped'' us.To top it all off,it has the old kind of insulation in it,the stinging kind,that has been to deal with all day..Anyway a shower was nice earlier and now hubby is grilling some pork steaks for supper.
The forecast is calling for rain...;) hadn't really had any rain in a month,everything is sooooooo dry.We live in rural Alabama ,house just off the main dirt road and the dust is awful every time someone goes by.Most times i just have windows open and fans on and the dusting inside is relentless i am afraid.I just can not see paying 500 dollar a month for electricity to run the ac....So it is off this year unless absolutely necessary.By cutting down on all we do as much as possible ,our bill runs about 140.00. We can deal with that.
Make sure if you are not registered to vote you do it quick,LIKE NOW!!!!I am voting for McCain/Palin...only one's to vote for as far as i can see.I sure can't vote for the other nonsence pair...
Ok i will end and add the contest/giveaways around blogville...Have a wonderful evening and I'll let you know how we did on recycling on the room we finished tomorrow!!!

God Bless us all

Betty~Simply Southern

Sunday, October 5, 2008

McCain/Palin ticket,Ways to help ensure their win..

I hope you will all join me in this attempt to wake up America before it is too late!

here are some ideas om helping push McCain and Palin..All of us can do something..We must take America back...

Burning Down The House:
What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
This video is being pulled
from the internet...
watch it, then copy the link,
and post it to forums and chatroom,
and email it to everyone you know
...before it disappears.


-------------------Daytime call bank link (10:00AM-6:00PM EST):

-------------------Evening call bank link (6:00PM- 9:00PM EST):

-------------------PUMA PAC ACTION CENTER: pumapac

-------------------JUST SAY NO DEAL -- DAILY DO'S - ACTION CENTER:
just say no deal!

Thanks for putting COUNTRY FIRST and helping save democracy in the US.

Here is something that we all can copy and paste and email to Associated Press..Let's stand up for Sarah Palin,we are expecting her to stand up for us!!!!! just copy and email to:

To whom it may consern at AP.
Douglass k. Daniel of the Associated Press basically called Sarah Palin a racist
for bringing up Obama and Ayers! I ask you to retract this article and
issue her an apology. There are a lot of people watching what happens





When: 6 p.m. PDT, Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Where: Belmont University, Nashville

Subject: Issues raised by audience members and

submitted by Internet participants, in town hall format

Moderator: NBC's Tom Brokaw


did you know??????????????????????
Barack Obama voted 4 times as an IL State Senator to deny lifesaving medical help to infants who were born alive after a failed abortion.
Jill is the nurse who discovered that these helpless babies were being left to die in the dirty utility room along with the trash, and testified before Barack Obama to tell her story.

Gianna is the amazing and beautiful woman who herself survived an abortion 31 years ago.

Barack Obama now has the audacity to deceptively deny his own voting record and is personally attacking Gianna and trying to smear her credibility!


These would make great debate questions with a link to the article See debate moderator link for where to send.

Does he still believe that toppling Saddam Hussein was illegal and “the biggest strategic blunder in U.S. history”? If yes, we might wonder why he is prepared to deal with the new Iraqi leaders who, by definition, have usurped Hussein’s power in Baghdad with American support.

Does he still want to withdraw from Iraq or does he want to stay, doing a bit of “drawdown” and “redeployment” every now and then? And, if he wants to stay, on what basis, for what purpose, and for how long?

Is Senator Biden’s plan to carve Iraq into three separate states still a live option or has it been thrown into the dustbin where it should have been from the start?

Would Obama now support the conclusion of a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and a Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) through negotiations between the Bush administration and the Iraqi administration of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, also a “lame duck,” as it faces elections early next year?


The Obama campaign smears McCain with a very broad brush when they state that McCain is Bush III. I found a site that illuminated the significant differences McCain has with Bush. Don't let anyone get away with the Bush III argument! (Thanks to the following post) Please add further examples.

1. Former President Clinton Senior Adviser And Hillary Clinton Campaign Strategist Sidney Blumenthal Calls The Third Term Bush Strategy “A Hard Sell.” “Sidney Blumenthal, a former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton and strategist for Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign, went ‘off message’ (his words) today with a warning to his party: Don’t run against GOP nominee John McCain by painting him as Bush III, because he’s not. Bucking the Democratic National Committee’s talking points that characterize a potential McCain administration as tantamount to a third Bush term, Blumenthal told our Liz Halloran that running on that strategy in the fall would be a mistake. ‘I understand people’s political reasons for doing that,’ he said. ‘I think it’s more helpful to describe [political opponents] as they are.’ Bottom line, Blumenthal calls the strategy ‘a mistake’ and adds: ‘The public doesn’t see [McCain] that way. That’s a hard sell.’” (Paul Bedard, “Clintonista Warns: McCain Isn’t Bush III,” U.S News & World Report’s “Washington Whispers” Blog, 5/20/0Cool

2. In 2004, John McCain Said That President Bush Was Not Being As “Straight” With The American People On Iraq As He Should Have Been. FOX NEWS’ WALLACE: “Senator, you made your reputation talking about straight talk. Is the president being straight with the American people? Is he leveling with them about just how tough the situation is in Iraq?” MCCAIN: “Perhaps not as straight as maybe we’d like to see. Although I’ve been with him when he has told audiences that this is a very tough struggle that we’re in and made them aware of the difficulties.” (Fox’s “Fox News Sunday,” 9/19/04)

3. John McCain: Senator McCain has long been an opponent of ethanol mandates and subsidies believing the federal government handouts to ethanol producers ultimately results is less fuel efficiency and inflated fuel and food costs.

Senator McCain believes that ethanol is a product that would not exist if Congress hadn’t created an artificial market for it. Yet due to agricultural subsidies and ethanol producer subsidies, it is very big business, and tens of billions of dollars that have enriched a handful of corporate interests.

The American public has to pay a lot of money, not only in taxes, but at the pump to buy all these negative impacts to the national economy, the country’s energy supply, the environment, and public health. The total cost of ethanol to the consumer is about $3.00 per gallon. And the Highway Trust Fund is deprived of over $1 billion dollars per year to the ethanol producers.

Finally, Senator McCain believes ethanol subsidies have diverted corn toward biofuels and away from its use as food. Instead of subsidizing corn-based ethanol, we should allow the market to operate so that biofuels made from sources outside the food chain, such as from cellulose, reach commercial viability more quickly.

4. John McCain Voted Against The 2005 Energy Bill Backed By President Bush That Included Billions In Subsidies For The Energy Industry. “Democratic candidate Barack Obama criticized Republican John McCain on Tuesday for taking a page out of ‘the Cheney playbook’ on energy, overlooking his own support of oil-friendly policies that the unpopular vice president helped to craft. Obama voted for a 2005 energy bill backed by President Bush that included billions in subsidies for oil and natural gas production, a measure for which Vice President Dick Cheney played a major role. McCain opposed the bill, saying at the time that it included billions in unnecessary tax breaks for the oil industry.” (Tom Raum, “Critical Of McClain, Obama Quiet On Own Energy Vote,” The Associated Press, 8/5/0Cool

John McCain Voted Against The 2005 Energy Bill. (H.R. 6, CQ Vote #152: Motion Agreed To 92-4: R 53-1; D 38-3; I 1-0, 6/23/05, McCain Voted Nay; H.R. 6, CQ Vote #158: Passed 85-12: R 49-5; D 35-7; I 1-0, 6/28/05, McCain Voted Nay; H.R. 6, CQ Vote #213: Adopted 74-26: R 49-6; D 25-19; I 0-1, 7/29/05, McCain Voted Nay)

5. John McCain Differs With President Bush On Drilling In ANWR. “Unlike Bush, however, McCain still opposes oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, but the senator wants to let other states allow oil exploration off their coasts.” (Foon Rhee, “McCain Calls For Lifting Ban On Offshore Drilling,” The Boston Globe, 6/18/0Cool

6. The Bush Administration Lobbied Against John McCain’s Amendment To Ban Torture And President Bush Promised To Veto The Bill With The Included Amendment. “The issue heated up again in January 2005. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales disclosed during his confirmation hearing that the administration believed that antitorture laws and treaties did not restrict interrogators at overseas prisons because the Constitution does not apply abroad. In response, Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, filed an amendment to a Defense Department bill explicitly saying that that the cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of detainees in US custody is illegal regardless of where they are held. McCain’s office did not return calls seeking comment yesterday. The White House tried hard to kill the McCain amendment. Cheney lobbied Congress to exempt the CIA from any interrogation limits, and Bush threatened to veto the bill, arguing that the executive branch has exclusive authority over war policy.” (Charlie Savage, “Bush Could Bypass New Torture Ban,” The Boston Globe, 1/4/06)

After Opposing John McCain’s Call For A Ban On Torture, The Bush Administration Finally Agreed To Ban Torture By U.S. Personnel. “After months of opposition, the White House agreed Thursday to Republican Sen. John McCain’s call to ban torture by U.S. personnel. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner, R-Virginia, and McCain, R-Arizona, met with President Bush to discuss the deal, which Warner said he expects to be finalized by the end of the day. After the meeting with President Bush, McCain said ‘this is a done deal.’” (”McCain, Bush Agree On Torture Ban,”,, 12/15/05)

However, President Bush Said That He Reserved The Right To Bypass The McCain Amendment. ” When President Bush last week signed the bill outlawing the torture of detainees, he quietly reserved the right to bypass the law under his powers as commander in chief.” (Charlie Savage, “Bush Could Bypass New Torture Ban,” The Boston Globe, 1/4/06)

7. John McCain Broke With President Bush On The 2003 Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Bill. “McCain has broken with President Bush and many GOP lawmakers on the 2003 Medicare prescription drug benefit bill, stem cell legislation and earmarks.” (Jackie Kucinich, “ANWR Split Gives GOP 2 Platforms,” The Hill, 7/22/0Cool

8. SHIELD LAW: John McCain Differs With President Bush On A Shield Law to Protect Journalists
By Supporting The Shield Law, McCain Is “Breaking Ranks With The Bush Administration.” “Breaking ranks with the Bush administration, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, Ariz., said he would support a law to protect journalists’ secret relationships with anonymous sources. ‘If the vote were held today, I would vote yes,’ McCain told the audience at the Associated Press’ annual meeting in Arlington, Va.” (Justin Rood, “McCain Lends ‘Narrow’ Support To Shield Law,” ABC News, 4/14/0Cool

9. John McCain Is In Favor Of Federal Funding Of Stem Cell Research Which President Bush Opposes. “President Bush vetoed a measure Wednesday that would have removed restrictions he placed on federal funding of stem cell research, setting up the issue as a flash point for the 2008 presidential race. … Among leading GOP contenders, only Sen. John McCain of Arizona favors federal funding for stem cell research.” (Ken Herman, “Bush Draws ‘Moral Line,’ Vetoes Stem Cell Bill,” Palm Beach Post, 6/21/07)

10. John McCain Said That He Disagreed With The President On Climate Change. MCCAIN: “So what`s an area of disagreement? Climate change. Climate change. I believe that climate change is real. I think we have to act. And I`ve said that for many, many years. I would just like to put the question this way to my fellow Americans. Suppose that we are wrong and there`s no such thing as climate change but we go ahead and adopt green technologies and we reduce greenhouse gas emissions? All we`ve done is give our kids a cleaner planet, OK? But suppose … Suppose we are right and do nothing. Suppose we just continue this endless debate and continue the increase of greenhouse gas emissions, and we hand these wonderful Americans a damaged planet? I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. And by the way, that question was posed first — I saw it — by former prime minister Tony Blair.” (MSNBC’s “Hardball,” 4/15/0


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