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Do we still trust in God? giveaway list

Do we still trust in God?
It happened with such subtlety that we scarcely noticed. Americans as employees, employers, and conservative stewards bought into a financial system disguised as our future security. This system, on which so many banked now lies in a virtual heap with grave questions regarding its recovery. It has showed its vulnerability and fleeting worth. It is a stark reminder that there is only one in whom we can trust. There is no safety in anything but God alone—in every area of our lives—including our futures, our jobs, and our retirements.

Today’s economic news seems nothing but bad heaped upon bad. Sales are down. Gas prices are up. Businesses are closing. Just this week, a major hospital in my town laid off 150 workers–mostly nurses who in the past felt very secure in their line of work. While many experts staunchly avoid the R-word (recession) to describe our present time, others have skipped right over this lesser evil to say we are headed for nothing short of a Depression. The stock market looks bleak and many bemoan great losses from their investment portfolios. Retirees are rightfully concerned. Those close to retirement are frightened and discouraged and working people across the country have retreated into a depressed economic state.

Our federal bills, emblazoned with “In God We Trust,” attest so boldly a God this nation has largely forgotten in its finances. The money motto testifies of a time when our founding fathers really did rely on God. They were building a new nation from nothing and recognized the blessing of sustenance. Today, complacency has replaced conviction and pension plans have quietly but surely usurped our trust in God as Provider. The enemy works stealthily and in secret and it seems he has found some semblance of success as Americans blanch in the aftermath of a tanking financial market. Christians, in particular, should take note as what they had become convinced was secure loses hold.

With hearts open to Him, we sing, “I Surrender All.” But do we really? In times like these, the kaleidoscope turns and we are shifted to a new and uncomfortable place where we must examine whether or not we have, in fact, surrendered all.

A Litmus Test
If you have lost your job or significant investment income, compare your general feelings of security from before the loss to now. On a scale of one to ten (ten being very secure), rank how you felt when your job or investments seemed safe. What was your general outlook on your future, your retirement, and your comfort level in life? Did your paycheck or monthly statements bring a sense of peace?

Next, rank how you feel now (with one being very insecure). In the absence of a job or a large fund, do you feel slightly adrift or unsure?

A large variation between the two scales may indicate an area where God can do some repair. Being so identified with our livelihood, no matter how great or small, that we flail without the assurance of it points to modern day idol worship. God told us to have no other gods before him. Our pensions, stocks and jobs are not our assurance—He is. One who got this right was a friend who invests in various ventures and funds. When asked how he was doing in light of the economy, he replied, “I’m doing great. My money is not.” He clearly exhibited a separation from earthly wealth, that money or lack of it, would not alter who he was or his God-calling.

If it Never Comes Again
When financial markets fall, most expect that with time they will recover. Analysts tell Americans to hold tight and wait out the slide. Christian, let me ask, what if the market never recovers? If you have held a semblance of peace because retirement is still years away or you have a secure job, it could be argued that submission to God as provider is not yet complete.

Until we are prepared to give every earthly possession over to Him and still find peace, joy, and grace, without worry, through His son, Jesus Christ, we are not acknowledging Him as Jehovah-Jireh. It’s a tall order but one He gently admonishes us toward in Matthew 6:34. Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Just prior to that, he tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and…all these things shall be added. He has our needs close to His heart and if we do our part, He will do His.

Many of us will struggle as we define these things that are added. God’s definition surely differs from ours. Most Americans trust in over-abundant provision when viewed in the global scope. Countless millions live with great joy and provision in what we would consider squalor. Could we, if pressed, continue to live and trust God in those conditions? Of course! Would it be comfortable? Most likely not. But He promised that our needs would be met.

Security Redefined
If and when the financial markets recover, we, as Christians, need to reevaluate our participation in them. Beth Moore, renowned author of many bible studies once said, “There is nothing more dangerous than friendly captivity. ” Why? Because it never remains friendly. Has the nation’s financial system lulled us into trusting it over our God? In 1 Timothy 6:17 he said, “Instruct those who are rich in this present world not to be conceited or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.” His word is clear. Nothing is certain, and he makes a point to name our riches specifically. No job, no pension plan, no 401k, nor any investment will reap the return of your trust in God.

Does this mean Christians should avoid investments in our country’s financial markets altogether? Of course not. It simply casts God’s spotlight upon our hearts and questions the understanding that all treasure on earth, no matter how carefully built and stored, is temporal. We can live with or without it through our trust in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Let God work his gentle correction today and let’s return to believing, with all our being, that it is “In God We Trust.”
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Betty R~Simply Southern

"Hunting Paradise in God ,GrandKids,Fireflys and Whipporwills!"
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God Bless Us All.

Betty R.~Simply Southern
Hunting Paradise in God ,GrandKids,Fireflys and Whipporwills!

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Dr. gave me two days off, Got to have giveaways!

Morning all,
I am starting my own giveaways from this blog here next month,kicking off with clothing i stay tuned for that..If you are not following do that,on twitter as well.Will earn extra entries!!!!

Well i broke down and went to Dr. last night finally.We did chest xrays and a breathing treatment.The pneumonia i feared was not there,nor fluid in the lungs but did have wheezing and irritation.He prescribed zpac and some steroids to bring down the swelling and inflammation.Then gave me a slip for 2 days off.I'm like Doc,I am already at work part time at home also!) .He said i am not to do nothing at all for 2 days ..either in the bed or setting around.Drink lots of fluids and eat as good as i can.If no better by Monday i am to go back to my dr.WELL....That gives me a excuse to sit in here and type,type,type.. ;)
I laugh about it but i am having some serious issues with my chest,breathing,esophagus, etc...Not sure what's wrong but it don't feel good.
Rain moving back in today and cooler weather starts tomorrow night.Suppose to be the coldest days we have had yet by the end of the week.They are venturing to say ,a very small possibility of snow by next Friday!We shall see that would be a rarity here in south central Alabama.
Don't let your guard down on the economy people.We here in America have a tendency to become sliders after we hear something over and over...Let's watch it close and be careful what you spend on.Please...Stay out of debt as much as you can and if you don't HAVE to have it..well maybe it can wait till a better time..If you do have a little extra(you will not need for a while) there are some good investments out there.A lot of stocks are very low right now.With some good advise and wise decisions,you may make some good returns in the long run!We had Lot's of new millionaires come out of the depression for this very reason..But at the same time a lot of people went broke..SO WISE AND PRAYERFUL DECISIONS...OK????

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Also i want to change the look..any ideas??

have a great day!!!!
Betty R~Simply Southern
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Friday's Ramblings ~Giveaways!

Good morning readers!Looking forward to the wekend? Be a kinda quiet one for me i think.Jeff is working days this weekend,so until after 9 pm,he is at work.Zack going over to his moms,boys are at their mom's,so i think i may have a ''me '' weekend..;)
I said maybe,it isn't here still have not gotten over this ''flu''.3 weeks now!ARRGGG..Seems like everything is getting harder and harder to shake off.I am enjoying getting older for the most part,but health issues want to bum me out sometimes.I am checking into some natural herbs to detoxify.Any of you doing this?If so i would like to hear how this has /or has not helped you and any ideas....

Got you a tip on recycling!!!!

You’re probably throwing away a source of all the little dishwashing scrubbies you’d ever need. Heather Solos of home-ec101 suggests today’s tip: Rescue the netted plastic bags which usually hold the onions you bring home from the store. Remove the metal staple (and maybe add a rubber band to hold it all together), and you’re set. Since the bags aren’t marked for recycling, you’ve kept a bit of plastic out of the landfill — and saved money, too.

BETTY r~Simply Southern
Hunting Paradise in God ,GrandKids,Fireflys and Whipporwills! you belong to twitter?If not sign up is simple and quick and lots of fun.(by the way you can use it to enter contest for extra entries and see when a new one is posted! my user name is southernways..follow me,i'll follow u back.!)

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Thursday Blog #2 -bloggville contest/giveaways!

Ready for the giveaway link tonight?Great..also...Did you hear?Goody's is closing all 20 stores in alabama(not sure about elsewhere)so if you have one nearby,keep an eye out for deals.Just spend wisely!!!!If you don't need it(not just want it) don't buy it.I have a big feeling you will need all the money you can save here pretty quick to get through this mess we are in economically.Hubby said our local grocery/meat market had an idea box up today.They were taking ideas on how to keep the store open!!!! We only have 2 grocery stores in Florala,this is the one we find better deals in i am afraid... ;( i do hope it survives!!! we need it....

Join in on some contest....OH!!!!! and please look back 1 blog and sign the petition to save handcrafted items and this also means second hand stores as well!!will also spill right into garage sales and places like ebay!!!Please people take this law seriously and lets all stand together..We can fight this!!!!while there is still time.I ask you please to take a moment and do this....

May God bless us all again,
Betty R.~Simply Southern
Hunting Paradise in God ,GrandKids,Fireflys and Whipporwills!

click on my twitter button on the side and join me there!


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Tell Me A Story Review And Giveaway ~The stories are from far and wide:

The Tortoise and the Magic Drum is a Nigerian tale
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alabama Severe Weather~Giveaways 4 Tuesday

Severe weather moving in again for us today.Chance of thunderstorms,hail and isolated tornado's.AAAHHH Alabama in the winter
I need to make a Dr.'s app. today for sometime this week .I just cant shake this ''cold'' for 3 weeks now!It is in my chest and one of my lungs was making a small noise last night.I do hope i have not gotten pneumonia!
Jeff went back to work last night,the co. has been shut down since DEC. 15th for the holidays.Three weeks just too long without a regular paycheck.But not complaining too bad,they do still have a job.My nephew was laid off(electrician)yesterday indefinitely.He is worried,they have the 6 month old and he is only 18.A new job will be hard to come by for him.
Stay safe today ,maybe not get on the roads unless you must if your a

have a great day and remember to right click on giveaway links to remain on page...

Betty R.~Simply Southern

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Hunting Paradise in God ,GrandKids,Fireflys and Whipporwills!
January 10th
At pbandpickles you have a chance to win your own Blue Lapiz Teething Bling Pendent.Baby Steals has been generous enough to sponsor the giveaway of a Teething Bling Pendant from Smart Mom.
Head over to 3kidsandus and enter their contest.LittleMissMatched has provided a special treat for not one, but TWO of their readers. Two readers will get to pick out their very own 3-pack of funkalicous miss-matched socks for their baby or toddler.

pbandpickles is giving you a chance to win an activewear piece from Slim Perfect. ends jan 11th
pbandpickles you can also have a chance to win a $35 Gift Certificate to Bubele Boutique !end's jan 7th

more added tonight!!!!!!!!!!! got to go see the grandbabies...;)

betty r~simply southern


Monday, January 5, 2009

Giving Back~jessica and Libby's giveaway

Hello Readers!
I wanted to share a giveaway found with you and it was deserving of it's own post i AND Libby's veggies have teamed up with a super new years contest!
Libby’s Vegetables has provided a very generous giveaway for her readers.
Up for grabs? A $300 Grocery Shopping Spree! Now, remember, this is all in the spirit of giving back, right?

So, with that $300, the winner will get to keep $150 for themselves and then shop for a local food pantry, soup kitchen, or other worthy organization in their local community with the other $150.

This is a great thing! Helping out several people/organizations at once.I would really love to win this..
My choice is not an organization,pantry or soup kitchen.I hope i am not disqualified for this.My choice is for some forgotten people.Or at least i am sure they feel that way sometimes.
These dear ladies no longer have a choice,,they no longer can help themselves at all,yet are full of faith and hope.

We live in a small rural community where there are several elderly people who are struggling so bad ,it is just not right.These people worked hard all their lives and when they retired since it was factory work,they now live on $400.00-500.00 a month!As we all know this is not enough for anything.Several people chip in and help ,do what they can,but i know for a fact they do without most of the food they need or would like to have.It is a battle between staying warm,getting meds and trying to get something to eat.The only way they even have a home is because they have lived here all their lives and homes are paid for.Sad to be in your 80's and 90's ,not able to work anymore and no help because you have a home!These are the one's i would share this with.It would be a blessing to me to be able to give them some groceries and a blessing to them to receive...

Thank you Jessica and Libby's for a chance to help not only my family,but these as well...

Betty R.~Simply Southern

Want to Enter Some Blogger Giveaway's?

It's Monday readers,

School starts back again tomorrow,i know most are still have the 16 in school here at home.Billy's in 1st grade but his mom takes care of him.Stormy weather moving back in tomorrow for us here in south central Alabama with colder air coming in behind it.We have been in the 70's for most of December so only sporadic cold spells do we see.My hubby would love snow but that as well is a rarity.He is Michigan born,been here about 13 years.He loves the winter,i love spring..Already starting to plan our garden this year.I want it larger and i learned a few more things last year i will not make the mistake of this year.Plant farther apart,plant all greens later on,more beans,prepare for the deer early on,a fence around sweet potato's..lots of also am planning o get a LARGE canner.I will be canning more veggies and meats.Anyone with some ides on that i welcome.I have not tried canning meats and,,,,,,,i am all open...I know this will help save money and time for my family later on.I think if we all prepare for a hard year,we will be much better off..Then if by chance all get better economically quicker,we are good to go anyway and have saved some money and learned some new things...I will also make more jams and jellies.I have collected a large amount of jars and pick them up every chance i get. A lot of people have them around that will just give them to you as well i also find them at thrift stores and christian mission shops..Make sure you sign up for the contest and giveaways i post.They are fun and you can win some very useful things for you and your family!Leave me a comment let me know you came by.When my comments start growing i will be having my own giveaways for my readers as well..SO COMMENT AWAY!
thanks guys for coming by....remember to right click on links to remain here(until i can figure out what is wrong with the html here)..thanks and God bless

Betty R~Simply Southern

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Giveaways Roundup

Here You Go Readers!!!Win Some Goodies..please take a moment and let me know you came by..i'll return the comment luv!
I am spotlighting some etsy contest here!Etsy is great..they showcase some awesome creations from some wonderful artisians acr

Betty R~Simply Southern-

''Hunting Paradise in God ,GrandKids,Fireflys and Whipporwills!''

soapdeli is giving away a
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deadline is 01/05
Each winner will be able to choose one necklace from the following list: Spring landscape stained glass necklace, Pink Glass and Crystal choker, Aqua bouquet necklace, Clear glass heart necklace, Gold fairy necklace, Big yellow heart necklace or Chained heart necklace

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Everything Up Close

$20 Gift Certificate from Krug's Eco-Logic

Erin of Krug's Eco-Logic makes big, fragrant bars of soap and a variety of other bath and body products, like moisturizer and bath salts. Now she is sponsoring a wonderful giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a $20 gift certificate for Krug's Eco-Logic's online shop.
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has a Puddle Jumper Giveaway!! ((((these sre just toooooo cute!!)
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One of my favorite websites to visit daily is Baby Steals! They have the BEST deals on very high quality baby products! And they’re having me giveaway a pair of Puddle Jumper shoes! I’m totally in love with these!! I have a size 14 (9-12 months) in Black - Yellow Two-Tone puddle jumpers to giveaway to one lucky reader! Contest ends on January 6th 2009 @ midnight central time, I’ll be closing comments then!!
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Prize: win a Boon Bug Pod
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boon, the leaders in innovative and affordable products for kids has generously offered Mom Fuse readers a chance to win the new Bug Pod!

The newest member of the Boon family, Bug Pod joins the Frog Pod to help with children’s bath time clean-up, providing a drainable scoop for collecting and rinsing toys and a wall-mounted base for storing bath products. Attaches to the bathtub wall with either super-strong adhesive strips or screws.
Mom Fuse VDay Gift Guide & Giveaways
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Mrs. Goodbee (the talking dollhouse) has these little buttons all throughout her, and when pushed they each do different things. I really have no clue what she’d say if kid brother (or sister) wrecks into her with a dump truck, but I’m sure whatever it is would be a slight scolding in a very polite way. I do know, however, that the doorbell rings and Mrs. Goodbee welcomes you inside, the toilet flushes, the refrigerator opens and Mrs. Goodbee encourages you to eat your fruits and vegetables…and she even has a turkey and a pie in the oven (Um, when can *I* move in?).

The compactly folded-up house (PERFECT for stowing away under a bed or in a closet when not in use) looks like this (from one side) when you fold it out…


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let me tell you a little about the device first.
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You can even give it to your DR if you forget what kind of medications you're on...Which we tend to do often! lol
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The End Of Second Hand Kid's Clothes and Toys? National Bankruptcy Day

Happy LOrd's Day Readers,
I have been watching this for several weeks now and it is looking like this could actually happen if we do not stand together on this.Alot of people are,join in please..Not much more time before it goes into effect.There are some hidden ajenda's here,it must be stopped...please read and act on this!!!!!!(please right click on links to stay here on page ..))))leave me a comment with your thoughts on this...
betty~simply southern

Barring a reprieve, regulations set to take effect next month [Feb. 10] could force thousands of clothing retailers and thrift stores to throw away trunkloads of children's clothing."
Read the rest of the L.A.Times article, "New safety rules for children's clothes have stores in a fit"

And this from San Francisco's KCBS: Thrift Stores: New Child Product Safety Laws Too Costly

And this response from The Simple Dollar.
I'm stunned. On one hand, there's no doubt about the need to protect children. On the other, the economic effect this act will have on families who depend on thrift and consignment stores to clothe their children is unmeasurable. And yet smoking cigarettes around kids is perfectly legal as are so many other activities and products that we identified as health hazards years ago.

Find links press coverage and resources for taking action at the Handmade Toy Alliance website and a wealth of information on taking action at I Heart Handmade (This Crafty Mom)sHE HAS ALL THE INFO HERE -PETITION,EMAIL ADDYS,TELE #'S..PLEASE GO BY AND STAND UP AGAINST. THIS.... Spread the word. And by all means, post about this issue on your blog, if you have one. Maybe we can prevent "National Bankruptcy Day" from happening.

Make no mistake. CPSIA was necessary in principle and has noble intentions, keeping our children safe and holding companies accountable for importing toxic toys. We all demand safety for our children and this is the intent of CPSIA; specifically to ensure safe levels of lead and phthalates in all products manufactured for children under the age of 12. Unfortunately this legislation lacks common sense, is ambiguous and fails to take into account the handmade industry.

What you see is not what you get with CPSIA. There is no distinction between big, small, or even micro one-person businesses. Whether it’s a large-scale manufacturer importing apparel to be sold in big box stores, or a work-at-home mom (WAHM) selling customs on ebay, the legislation applies the same to all.

Unit testing will be required on finished products, regardless if the components are natural materials or if you have documentation from a vendor stating that buttons, for example, are certified lead-free. As it stands, H.R. 4040 fails to recognize that textile products are inherently lead-free. Why then is an organic cotton shirt being tested for lead exactly?

Unit testing is extremely cost prohibitive to small business, but worse, it is unnecessary. In fact, it is completely redundant if the components that comprise the whole have already been tested and due diligence can prove they meet the guidelines.

To put a real dollar amount to testing one of my products, I solicited a lab quote. I was told it was $75 to test for lead per garment component and each substrate. Coated or painted items such as buttons are $100. So my Little Red Riding Hood Shirt, a 100% cotton knit shirt with an appliqué made from 7 cotton fabrics and 2 buttons eyes would cost $625 to test for lead. Flammability testing is also required and is either $50 for a certificate per component stating it meets weight code or $100 for actual testing. So add another $400-$800 for a grand total of $1,025-$1425. in testing costs for a shirt that retails for $40. If the shirt is offered in another colorway, the same testing is required despite the fact that the same fabrics are used throughout...

rEADERS THIS IS SOMETHING WE CAN ALL STILL STOP...a lot of people depend on this for their livlihood and being able to clothe their kids anymore,Even if you think this will not effect you,help the one's it will.....

And readers i have to put my 2 cents in on this...In all other times,hard times,there has almost always been something that people could do to make an ''honest dime'' to live on.Wheather it be selling metals,yard sales,handcrafts,etc..It does seem to me now that the federal gov. is doing everything in it's power to stamp out those options..WHY is this? They are trying to make it illegal to do anything they are not in control of..SO NO WAY FOR YOU TO MAKE MONEY TO SAVE YOUR FAMILY ON THE SIDE..We are not talking thousands here..maybe just enough to get your kid some milk or diapers...All the prices on things are going up(expecially food and kids items,have u not noticed?) and ways to make a dime are being extinguished.America this is something we can stop...come on ..please....This is for real.We can not continue to look through a rose colored glass at reality..IT IS NOT ROSY ANYMORE......getting less and less every day.

May God grant us the knowledge and lead us in the way we should go....

Betty R~Simply Southern
Hunting Paradise in God,Grand Kids,Whipporwills and Fireflys.