Friday, January 30, 2009

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Morning friends,,
Trying to look around and check out the news this morning online,as well as print some coupons i need.Some contest and giveaways will be updated on bottom of post!Make sure you enter my giveaway ,it is located on the top right of page..Today is the last day..New giveaway starts feb. 1st!..

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prayers Please....

Hello friends,
I went and visited with my longest enduring friend(since i was 17) this evening.His name is Jim Jackson.He is only 50 years old and dying of lung cancer.He is a very strong person and has 2 little grand kids under the age of 6,whom he truly hates to be leaving if the good lord does not intervene.He is in very bad shape now,oxygen tank runs constantly and he can only speak in whispers.He has caught pneumonia as well,so congestion is a problem also.He is assured of his heavenly home so that part is wonderful.His desire to stay with the grands is very strong.He has been given pain meds but he still refuses them because he says they make him feel bad and nauseous to him.He is on antibiotics and also is suppose to be taking med that cost 800.00 a month!It is totally ridiculous for this to be like this for the terminal!Totally stupid....
He has asked for every ones prayers ,so i ask you please to remember Jim and his grand kids and daughter in this horrible testing time for them..please add them to your prayers.They need them now more than ever.And i also ask you to pray for his sense of peace over his grand babies,,,so he can be at peace now....

also please remember my friends Linda(lung cancer at 45) and Charles(bone cancer at 51).i thank you so very very much..will keep you updated...

May God Bless us and keep His angels

Governor Saves Pro-Life Program

Governor Saves Pro-Life Program
Paul Steven Ghiringhelli News - Featured News
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist salvaged a state-run crisis pregnancy program this week.

Jan. 29, 2009 -- Florida Gov. Charlie Crist saved a state-run crisis pregnancy program this week by vetoing spending cuts that were a part of a $1.2 billion budget cut. His decision was announced at a news conference Tuesday.

The action came after intensive lobbying by several pro-life legislators who were concerned about major cuts to the $2 million budget of the Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program's (FPSSP). While the legislators were able to save part of the program's money, Crist's line-item veto had the effect of restoring all of its original funding.

"The governor did veto the reduction ... because he feels it is important to continue to provide support for women facing these decisions," said Sterling Ivey, spokesman for Gov. Crist. "The governor also believes it is important to protect and safeguard the health care of those in most need of health services."

The man behind the scenes lobbying for the FPSSP's survival was freshman representative Scott Plakon, who had run on a pro-life platform. Chris Dorworth, a fellow lawmaker of Plakon's who also lobbied for the program, admired Plakon's commitment to the issue.

"The neat thing for me was to watch somebody get elected for whom social issues were of utmost importance, and the very first week he does something so impactful," Dorworth said. "Hundreds of lives will be saved and babies will be born that would not have been."

While Dorworth partially credits Plakon for keeping the crisis pregnancy program alive, Plakon sees his own influence in the bigger picture as limited. He expressed immense gratitude for the governor's decision in addition to the help of others.

"This is unusual for this to happen this way," Plakon acknowledged. "I appreciate the effort and support that chairman Dean Cannon and so many other House leaders put forth in making sure that innocent human life was protected in Florida."

Susan Grimsley, executive director of the Florida Pregnancy Care Network which administers the FPSSP, said the governor's actions, those who supported his veto, and Plakon's "tireless work," all worked together for the good. "We are thrilled," Grimsley said, "and consider this nothing short of a miracle. It is heartening to know that this program, which provides vital assistance to needy pregnant women, will continue to serve this vulnerable population."

The counseling and support services of the FPSSP solely promote and encourage childbirth.

Dorworth said one reason some Florida lawmakers wanted to abolish the program was partially due to a state senator incorrectly describing the FPSSP to other members as "an abstinence program." "It was in that context of-‘We're firing teachers, yet we're going to continue to finance some abstinence program,'" that lawmakers decided to cut the FPSSP budget in half, which would've effectively shut it down, Dorworth said.

Among all U.S. states, Florida's state-run crisis pregnancy program is fairly unique. If the FPSSP had been abolished, it would've shut down invaluable services to roughly 15,000 would-be mothers a year, Plakon said.

If a young woman is pregnant, wavering and scared, "if [she has] concerns about what the future holds, worried about what [her] parents are going to think, [about her] work situation-having someone to talk to can make the difference, because sometimes they don't have anyone they can call for advice," Dorworth said.

He added: "At the end of the day, you're left to represent your own values and your constituents and that comes above all else."

Obama , tax dollars and Abortion ! This is Too much

Well in September Obama said he would do it and no one listened....Here it is and it is done with congress not stoppng it.Aren't we just proud..Not only do we slaughter babies here ,now we fund it with OUR TAX DOLLARS overseas .I don't know about you but I DO NOT want one penny i earn,or my family,to go towards killing a baby!!!!ADOPTION PEOPLE..NOT KILLING.I know sometimes a mothers health is at risk and rape.This is different,,,
But to do it just because you didn't do enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy??? may can justify that WITH YOUR MONEY,but not mine..This is wrong and we as a nation are going to pay with a lot of wrath from the father above for this..Just wait and see and pray that the wrath is not dropped on you...
And don't tell me i don't understand.I DO...i have a grandson in Heaven right now that would be 2 years old.But he was killed by abortion.I would have gladly raised him...he would have got hugs and loved all the time.He would have laughed and cried.He would have known his brothers and sister,His name is September.He was never given those chances..he was not given a choice.His mom,my daughter,made those choices for him..Because it was the easiest way...I love my daughter,always will..we are still close,even after this.But one day she will have to explain to her babies about a little boy named September,,Will they understand???I am so afraid they will not...Mom's you need to remember this.You can make the baby go away..but that act will remain.Sooner or later the decision will come back to you.Are you prepared for that time? My daughter is now wanting to be a sunday school teacher,loves kids,always has.That was not the reason for the abortion.She thought it was best because of a bad choice of whom she breed with.He was violent and threating as soon as he found out she was pregnant...So yes.decisions are hard..
But does that baby you have helped make deserve death?>>>>

Betty Rood~Simply Southern

President Obama didn't do it symbolically on the anniversary Thursday of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in the United States.

But today, he signed an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that promote or perform abortions.

The move reverses the rule put in place by the Bush administration. Republican and Democratic presidents have been changing the rule like a ping-pong ball.

Abortion rights groups, which supported Obama during the campaign with money and volunteers, have been pushing for the change in the policy, which bars US taxpayer money from going to international family planning groups that either offer abortions or provide information, counseling, or referrals about abortion.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, hailed the move.

“President Obama’s action today reinforces why elections matter and how new leadership can end divisive policies that harm women,” Keenan said in a statement . “Reversing this Bush-era policy means that the world’s poorest women may now have access to vital health services, from prenatal care to contraception. The president’s action today reflects the public’s call for a focus on commonsense, common-ground solutions that make a difference in the lives of women and their families.”

Senator John F. Kerry, the new chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, also applauded the change.

“I am glad that President Obama has moved so swiftly to lift the Global Gag Rule which has too long handcuffed our ability to provide aid around the world. Today's announcement is a very powerful signal to our neighbors around the world that the United States is once again back in the business of good public policy and ideology no longer blunts our ability to save lives around the globe," Kerry said in a statement.

“For too long, the Mexico City policy isolated the United States and limited our leadership. By tying the hands of global health providers, ideology trumped our capacity to provide effective family planning services and limited the scope of partners we could work with in the international community. It hindered the ability of NGOs to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS and denied contraceptives to families in the world’s poorest countries.”

UPDATE: This evening, the White House did issue a statement from Obama:

“It is clear that the provisions of the Mexico City Policy are unnecessarily broad and unwarranted under current law, and for the past eight years, they have undermined efforts to promote safe and effective voluntary family planning in developing countries. For these reasons, it is right for us to rescind this policy and restore critical efforts to protect and empower women and promote global economic development.

“For too long, international family planning assistance has been used as a political wedge issue, the subject of a back and forth debate that has served only to divide us. I have no desire to continue this stale and fruitless debate.

“It is time that we end the politicization of this issue. In the coming weeks, my Administration will initiate a fresh conversation on family planning, working to find areas of common ground to best meet the needs of women and families at home and around the world.

“I have directed my staff to reach out to those on all sides of this issue to achieve the goal of reducing unintended pregnancies. They will also work to promote safe motherhood, reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and increase educational and economic opportunities for women and girls.

“In addition, I look forward to working with Congress to restore U.S. financial support for the U.N. Population Fund. By resuming funding to UNFPA, the U.S. will be joining 180 other donor nations working collaboratively to reduce poverty, improve the health of women and children, prevent HIV/AIDS and provide family planning assistance to women in 154 countries.”