Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Rocks! Our girls need more role models like her!!! sweeps tooo.

Happy Friday readers...
Did you see the debate??NO...say it ain't so ,Joe!!! lol...If you missed it, you missed the debate of the century.A lot of people had already deemed Mrs.Sarah a failure before she ever hit the stage and boy did they underestimate her.She took the stage and made it her living room with all of us as her guest!I almost expected her to offer cookies..She rules people...I don't care what affiliation you are for,republican or democrat..She is good, and she makes you believe she means every word she says ..I think she does.I think she truly loves America and it's people.I think she loves her job and loves God.This is truly a LADY whom is beautiful inside and out.A Mom who puts family above everything,and still is a success at her job.I am sure the feminist hate her,lol..I think she is more of a Lady than any i have saw in charge in a very long time.And hats off to her for not aborting ''her down syndrome problem''!Most women now abort their precious babies when they find this out and help the abortionist get richer and richer.But not Gov. Palin.And did you see him last night? He is such a beautiful child,i know she is proud of him...i borrowed this line from,but i loved it.''Imagine her as a role model for millions upon millions of young girls around the world.Imagine those young girls embracing life over death on the abortion issue''.
I see a lot of young girls imitating all the women out there and it really scares me.The lady i saw last night would and can be a wonderful role model for all our girls!She was dignified,smart,down home,loyal,family oriented,non judgemental but with no swaying.She says what she means and means what she says!Oh people,how we need the McCain/Palin pair in Washington.We need some new hero's,these 2 i think can be just that.
Everyone is demanding change,and as we should.But if change comes without morals ,values,structure,freedom,honesty,familiarity,God given rights,Godly rulings,respect,Charity,hope,fulfillment of dreams,education ,dependability,security and faith,Then exactly what do we have.MORE OF THE SAME OBAMA!!!this should be their slogan,not their darts...
Look people,it is like this.Whether you wish to acknowledge it or not.We HAVE to bring back respect,morals ,values and God or we are DONE...I am afraid a lot of wrath is coming our way if not.A door has been shown,with the names of McCain/Palin on it.This is our chance,,Open it and allow them to CHANGE the America we love into what it was suppose to be.A nation that stood for democracy,freedom,faith,respect and Godly morals.It was founded on that.It thrived on that.The generation coming now has not gotten to see much of that.And look at the shape we are in.I agree that we should not be judgemental on anyone,we respect each others way of life.But it does not mean that we have to change to meet that.I believe gay relationships should be able to be with each other any time they want to be,if they want to live together and be in love and happy,GREAT.but that does not mean that i think our marriage meaning in this country of a marriage being between a man and a woman should change.
It is great to see all the different nationalities we have in America,But that does not mean Americans should have to learn a new language to understand them.They came to America looking for our freedoms,LEARN to speak Americas language,ENGLISH!!!!
I am a firm believer that if you want to come to America ,come on,BUT do it LEGALLY!!!!Go through the system and become Americans,not ALIENS....if you don't want to be American ,,,GO HOME!!!! you LEFT FOR A REASON SO WHY DO YOU WANT US TO BE LIKE WHERE U CAME FROM????
And ladies if you don't want to have a baby,make your CHOICE..DON'T HAVE SEX!!!!that was your choice.I do realize women are raped(have been myself,so i do understand!)
and sometimes become pregnant.under those circumstances,it hurts,it is hard,but why would you want to do to that baby the same thing that was done to you?Give it no choice...If you really do not want the baby ,there are lots of good men and women who would love to have a family but due to reasons beyond their control,they can't.Do you realize how angry you make these people?They want to have so badly what you destroy,PAINFULLY i may add...Give the baby to them!Give it a live and be able to have hugs and good night kisses,to grow and laugh and make friends...maybe even be your friend one day!!! ;)
If you want an abortion,fine..BUT don't expect us pro lifers to sit by and not try to give that baby a choice too...You take away from another to get what you want!It is wrong,no other way to look at it.It is taking the life of a baby.........
People i will quit rambling for now,But please go and vote.Drive someone that does not have a way and let them vote. This is not a time to sit back and hope someone else does your job,VOTE!Men and women have given their lives through the years for America ,one of those things worth fighting for is our right to exercise our beliefs,VOTE,,,It is important now more than ever before.If we don't do it now,someone else will be doing it soon.Pray hard people,do the right thing.
We must make a stand..
One voice...
One vote...

May God Bless America Again.....

Betty~Simply Southern


prayers please.....
my aunt louise who had triple bypass surgery this morning
my sister who has been diagnosed with back tumors-age 41
Several of the grandbabies are still sick with cold
My friend Linda has lung cancer-age 44


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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Debate,Wall Street -Contest=Giveaways

Good morning!
How many are going to watch the debate tonight? I hope you do.This is such a crucial time to be deciding our next president.He will have such a mess to fix i am afraid.I heard a comment last night on the news,said people were very leery of wall street.The financial guru whom was speaking ,said ''no fear''. the old wall street we had is no more!Is that a good thing?Off the top of my head i would say ...YES! It is sad that we came to point that wall street could almost destroy us from within(with help of course) with predictions.....wall street was looking like an auction house for slaughter,only it wasn't beef being led in,it is our jobs,money,gas and futures...sad,sad...
Today, the moose-hunting mom is the most talked-about woman in the world,That would be Sarah Palin.Great to see a ''LADY'' being talked about ..;) I personally like the lady.I think she DOES have the capabilities to run the white house if needed.There is something about her that reminds me of princess Diana.We didn't all know her to begin with ,BUT the whole world fell in love with her within 10 years and i think Mrs. Sarah has the capabilities to make us all fall in love with her as well.She has good morals and values.She may not be the best speaker we have ever heard or best debater,but God knows we have had our share of them already and look at the mess we are in.So on that note i think we need some GOOD people in the white house and then some GOOD CONGRESSMEN (or ladies) to back them up.You know i can't help but look at what they stand for more than what they want.And i am sorry,but anyone who stands up and says that abortion should be ever woman's choice,IS NOT WHITE HOUSE MATERIAL ANYMORE...Look at it this way...If our leaders can not TRY to protect an innocent child,who has known no wrong,HOW CAN I DEPEND ON THEM TO Help ME? you can't.I know i stir a can of beans...But i would like to note this before i end my rambling today,just something to think about.
+++When we all stand before our Lord one day(and we will believe it or not),and the blood cries out to God of the 5,000,000 + unborn babies we in America alone have allowed to be slaughtered in the name of abortion,He may ask..Did you try to save even one of these?What will you say??? EVEN ONE???+++
You may not be able to stand on street corners,may not even know much about abortion,you may say i don't agree with it but it is their choice.But you know what?If you willingly vote someone in to run our country who says it is OK...You have agreed with them,and allowed another baby to be killed..Someone's grandchild,sister,brother,aunt,uncle,cousin,son or daughter.Think about that when you go to vote.I had this decision to make ,and for a while it was not easy this year.The country is in such distress right now,i am republican mentally,but if i know a democrat would lead better and have the morals our forefathers did i would vote for them.There were several MEN who were ''vice president possibilities'' for McCain,that in no way could i vote for them.Had they been chosen i would have had to write in a candidate..That really tore at me.The thought that i would have no say in it,broke my heart.But ALAS...Someone took that position that none ,mostly anyway,saw coming!After checking her out,i now can vote ,have a say,and believe in my heart i have done the right thing. I have told my son over and over,GOD ALWAYS GIVES A GOOD CHOICE,makes it fair..And he has.In the form of a Baby toting Momma from Alaska..


That's the way is see it amidst our depression of 2008!!!!!We need some hero's and amongst the ruin they usually rise...God Bless The USA ....

Betty~Simply Southern
remember to rightclick and open in new window,,,for some reason i can not get the html to work right on blogger to open in new window..sorry....

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweeps and Freebies! Smile People

Since the news is depressing(i don't like depressing),i'll turn it off and do some contest.That always cheers me up.You get to meet new writers,check out some awesome blogs,favorite a few to return and maybe even win something you could use..Now see,thats's good news...Getting a free present in October!!!I know myself with 5 under the age of 6 to buy for this year ,anything i can win for them or a family or friend helps me make them smie..I wish you luck with all the contest you enter and thanks to all the great bloggers and sponsors for the contest and gifts you share with us!!!!
ps...several of my grands are sick with a cold ,my aunt will be having a heart cath in morning and my sister has a back tumor..i would sure appreciate you adding them to your prayers..Thank you..

Have a great week and may God Bless ... (((and as usual ,since i can not get the html to work right,please right click on link and open in new window to keep from leaving this page..)))

Betty~Simply Southern

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economic crash~What happened~Contest

Happy October everyone!!!
(contest on bottom)
Well for a lot i suppose it is not too happy....Stock market falls,bail out doesn't happen,banks being bought out for unheard of low prices...Depression of 2008 ,here we are.I try really hard to stay optimistic ,no way will i allow negative thoughts to stay too long at a time.You will get depressed that way.Been there ,done that,NO MORE...Not a good way to live.So positive thinking it is.I can be glad now i am in a lower class of living,home paid for,not near as beautiful as some,but it is comfortable,cozy and inviting and i grew up that is good.My kids and grands are in good health as far as i know,that is a blessing within it's self thank
God.What i would really like to see come out of all this is the greed and self righteousness that we have filled America with come out!A lot of people and co.'s have become overly rich at the expense of someone else over the years.Love thy neighbor has become a forgotten rule.Give and it shall be given unto you has become something most laugh at....These rules were put into place for a reason...If you care about each other,we have someone at all times who cares.I don't care who you are ,at one time or another you need someone.Wouldn't it be great if it were like it was years ago?You fell on hard times,neighbors from all around came to help.House burn,neighbors come and you build another one.Need a barn or a shed?Heck they'd come from miles around to help build you one and have a buffet spread out on a table from all the ladies for miles.It turned into a huge party!Everyone gave of themselves for others because they cared and knew if they needed the same thing ,you'd come to them.No one was afraid to leave windows and soors open..If someone passed by at meal time ,you'd invite them in..Now you are scared of them because they are probably there to rob you or worse!Children walked roads and visited each other on bikes,horses or just walking,Now you are afrais to let them because there are so many child molesters... ....What happened here that made us change? We forgot about God,we became
self righteousness
lack of respect,morals,descency,love,HARD WORK .

If the economy crashing can bRing back any of these good things so that my grandkids and kids can grow up in a better place,i say....BRING IT ON....

Betty ~Simply Southern
((((OH AND LET ME ADD.....until i get the kinks worked out please right click and open in new window to avoid leaving this page..sorry for this but i CANNOT get blogger to work right now with the links...thank you)))))))))))

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Sunday in the South and sweeps!

Maybe i have the kinks worked out now and back on...Let's a great weekend with the grands,we went down to the creek and had a blast..aaahhh the innosence of childhood.They can find all kinds of fun things to do no matter where you are.
Hope your weekend went as well.Of course the economic view is still bleak,i have faith it will all work out,and it will one way or the other.I hope you are making plans to vote this year.It is very critical we get some people voted in that will get our country back on track.My opinion that is McCain....

Here are a few sweeps and fun things to do!!!!
Before i sign out i want to mention a contest most anyone reading this would be interested in!A contest to win A complete Mosquito 86 McCulloch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower kit...Those pesky mosquito's are everywhere and oh the problems they carry.We live out in the country with a creek and a bog right down the road.So for us it is a fight in the evenings to keep from getting ''eaten up''.We lost a horse to mosquito bites a couple years ago,(even after having his shots) and i did a lot of research into mosquitos when that happened.People did you know you can die from mosquito bites??? I have several grandsons that i have here regularly, i do not like to use deet a lot so i have discovered that plain dryer sheets mask the smell of humans and you will not get bitten and they are safe to use.BUT.....if i had one of these Mosquito 86 McCulloch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower kitS.....MOSQUITOS DEAD!!!! sO RUN OVER TO oNEpROJECTcLOSER
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God bless us all....
Betty~Simply Southern


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Sage & Savvy

Sage & Savvy have a kickin contest for a lovely baby blanket. bABY BAMBU is sponsoring a generous giveaway so that THREE lucky winners can experience the beauty and softness of their line of products. They are giving away THREE fleece crib blankets (valued at $41), choice of stitching. entry deadline is October 6, 2008,so click here now to enter! Sage & Savvy enter now

Tired of having to check everything before putting it on you or your child? Then go NATURAL!
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To enter to win the Dressy Dribbles “Bundle of Love Blanket”, all you need to do is leave a comment on their post telling them ...
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Mom Dot has two wonderful prize packs that she has put together to help YOU, mom, relax. I mean, your on the

computer..shouldnt you be napping or something? So to reward you for your faithfulness of coming by MomDot, they wanted to

FORCE you to relax.
Two winners will each receive a set of moisture gloves and moisture slippers from The Happy Company and a set of shampoo

and conditioner from David Babaii. That’s FOUR prizes total for each person!
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AngelPack baby Carrier for you or a for a friend? We want you to be blessed with a chance to own one! Retailing for $139,

this will be the baby carrier you grab first too. AngelPack has generiously donated an AngelPack LC Soft structured baby

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