Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Blessings--economy--frugal times--contest--giveaways

There is a crispness in the air this week,the old familiar taste of fall..Here in south central Alabama we don't get to enjoy prolonged period's like this,even weeks.We typically jump from hot ,to warm,to cold and then back again.When i was growing up seems like i remember fall lasting longer.I always have loved fall and spring.In different ways they both signify change,to keep you from getting too complacent.I enjoy the cool nights with the breeze blowing through the pines.I live in a rural area on the same land i grew up in.I feel blessed by that.In the home that my grandparents built in the 40's ,just up the road from where grandpa's daddy homesteaded in the mid 1800's.My grandpa was born in 1895 and grandma in 1903,so i had some great people in my lives that taught me a lot of the old ways,with Lot's of demand for morals,values and respect.I am glad of that.I was taught,didn't matter how much you had,just that you had God,love and family.If you had that you would never be poor or alone. I do love to hear the frogs at night down by the little creek and the whippoorwills at night.This time of the year i hear the coyote's a lot,especially on the new moon,like last night.I have several great Pyrenees dogs.I had always thought i would like the breed.Now don't get me wrong,they are a great people dog,especially with children.But running loose like i have them,they think 5 acres and more around the house is where they are suppose to protect and they will drive you insane at night!I think they bark at a rat running through the fields,yet let the rabbits eat all my sweet potatoes at the side of the house.Maybe 50 feet away!They really bother my husband with the barking,lol...I am seriously considering trading or selling them and getting me a couple red bones or border collies.I recommend the Pyrenees for pasture protection,cows,goats etc.and if you want a good kids dog(but they do get big!around 100 Pd's. and more) but for a yard dog,too alert to intruders or someone in the yard...NO....They would be too busy on the backside of their land to know whats in the yard and if they did bark,you'd pay no attention!!!!!!My review of a Pyrenees,,,lol...
Anyways............I hope you are enjoying your fall and upcoming holidays.So much of it is being overshadowed by the economy and elections.This has become a scary time for a lot of people.Some very bad things ,far worse than now,could happen very quickly.We need to make sure we all get out and vote and i do hope you pray and vote for the best leader.This has nothing to do with race or gender,This has too do with our very lives and the lives and security of our families.We have to have someone too come in now that can lead us,and do what must be done too turn America around.Must be someone with values that have stood the test.I truly believe John McCain is the only one of the 2 ready and prepared.8 years from now,i may vote for Obama,just not now..May God Bless Us All...

Betty~Simply Southern

I'd love to hear from you,your opinions of anything i write,positive or negative.As long as it is not offensive (cursing,threats.etc) I assure you it will be published..I appreciate you coming by,let me know you were here,I'd love to visit your blog/site as well.

As usual i try to include some contest,freebies and /or contest for you to enjoy.Remember to right click on links to remain here.Sorry for the inconvenience but i am having problems with html working to open in a new window...thanks....

+++++ CONTEST +++++ +++++ FREEBIES +++++++++++ GIVEAWAYS +++

The trades Contest: Ghost House Underground DVD Set Giveaway-right click now
o what do ya get? You get "Dark Floors," "Room 205," "Trackman" (Unrated!), "Dance of the Dead," "The Substitute," "The Last House in the Woods" (Unrated!), "Brotherhood of Blood" (featuring Sid Haig), and "No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker." Almost every title has a bunch of behind the scenes features, commentaries, and other bonuses.
October 19, 2008 is the final day of the contest.
jesusfreakhideout-right click now
5 Grand Prize Winners ]:
# Will receive a copy of Rebecca St. James's new book, PURE
breenibooks giveaway-right click now

Review and Giveaway: 'Wanda Witch and the Bullies' by Rose Impey.Wanda Witch and the Bullies
By Rose Impey
Illustrated by Katharine McEwen
ISBN-10: 0439730007
ISBN-13: 978-0439730006
Paperback, 32 pages
August 1, 2005
Cartwheel Books
Reviewed by Sabrina Williams
Would you like to read this book yourself?

Leave me a comment by Sunday, October 19, above to enter.


book nook!
Tosca Lee visited us last week at booknooks for Saturdays in the Nook. Read it here.

She has also generously offered to give one of our readers a copy of her book!

About the Book:Eve, exiled to a life outside paradise, nears death. As she waits, she recounts the story of her creation and a cruel existence. Revisit the birth of humankind through the eyes of the first woman ever to live.

To enter the giveaway, click above!

In celebration of Halloween, Lisa Jackson’s favorite holiday, she is offering gobs of spooky treats! Enter to win spooky gel stickers, skeleton taper candles, a BOO decoration, loads of candy and an autographed copy of Lisa Jackson’s FINAL SCREAM! You’ll be all set to have a freaky time!ends oct 20

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ has yet another super contest up & going ... Soda Club Soda Machine Giveaway!hurry now!
has a cute contest going on to give away a Little Ugly! Uglydolls are a collection of designer toys created by independent toy designers David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. Uglydolls were first released in 2002, and are distinguished by an aesthetic that balances traditional cuteness with perceived ugliness. In 2006, Uglydolls were awarded the Specialty Toy of the Year award by the Toy Industry of America. (Wikepedia)Along with your Uglydoll, we are also giving away a Frank and Me "My First Wallet"!
This wallet is perfect for the tot that always wants Mommy and Daddy's wallet. This wallet can hold all the "fun money." There is no change portion, as that can pose a choking hazard, but there are two sides for holding all those fake credit cards that accumulate in the mail!giveaway ends 12:00 AM PST on 10/19/08
right click now! thepatacakebaby
BabyCapes has generously donated a beautiful cape to one lucky reader at's! .
has three types of capes. They have the Sherpa Suede line, the Minky Marshmellow line, and the Minky Cuddle line. They also make them in boys and girls fabrics and they are one size fits most from newborn to preschooler.
Readers you should all head over and enter!will be great this winter for your little princess or prince..'s!right click now and enter

a cowboys wife
AWESOME Land’s End is giving a reader of cowboys wife the choice of 1 of the 2 pullovers shown on site! Your choice of style and your choice of color!!

So how do you enter to win?

The main way to enter is to leave a comment telling me which style you like and what color you like. Be sure to check out all the color choices because there are several!right click above
wecovet has a very cool contest going on for all you pet lovers!we covet is giving away two, yes two, 8"x10" prints, (matted, unframed). And each of our two randomly selected commenters from this week will get to choose their favorite among these adorably stylish prints.go have a look!

head over to frugal mommy of 2 and find out How to win this Autumn TuTu? These are so beautiful and any little girl would love to have one....good luck!
i would love to win this for a little girl i know here in town..
look at these contest to enter!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ click now
wants to know ,,Would you like the chance to win a Lunch Tote
of your choice from Lands’ End? contest will end on
Sunday, October 19, 2008..i would choose the polar bear lunch is toooo cute and bliiy would love it for school.

amominredhighheels--head over and check out her site!very cool and chic,also random a mommie shirt going on now!

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fridays sweeps/freebies/contest

this blog will be updated again this afternoon with more goodies added,i have 2 of the grandbabies this morning,so seaarching for goodies and contest are not easy to say the least!So check back later this afternoon,,,

Betty~Simply Southern

OH...and i have got to say...i have never seen an election where the media is so bias!!!!Why dont they just say,we endorse Obama and be done with it,,It is BS.....Did you see Saturday Night Live Thursday skit last night tv????If that was not bias nothing ever will be...Needless to say,snl lost a 20 year viewer(and more when i am done with my friends and family!!!))))
Do you like Etsy???I do!!There is some awesome finds over there,and an artist i found i want you to go visit...We will be having a giveaway very soon,so keep an eye out for that,head over to etsy and place MKBartstudio in the search!!!Stop in and tell her hello!

the giveaway
todays giveaway at is for a Bamboo Scoop Neck Tee in your choice of color from Amazing Tees! ($29.99)
Win a new pair of PRETTY shoes for your little one for the holidays ,,these are just too cute.. Pedipeds is generously offering one of her lucky readers a pair of Pediped in either the flex or the original. What I need you to do to be entered to win is head on over to nursemommy07 now.

while you are @
,sign up to win a bottle of the light day cream for normal skin to give to one of my readers. This cream has Aloe, green tea, hemp oil, apple extracts, and essentials lavender oils among other very nourishing ingredients. To be entered in this contest please visit Mount of Olives Soap and tell me which of their products you would most like to try.. nursemommy07-right click now

Nurse Mommy




mama.blogspot. has 10 copies of THE SPACE BETWEEN BEFORE AND AFTER..right

click now & go enter

The contest will be open until Sunday, October 26th at 11:59 p.m. I will announce the

winner on the following Monday. Unfortunately, this giveaway is open to U.S


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Wednesdays freebies and contest

Get a free sample of Dr. Kens Mouthwash. Just send your name, address, phone number,

email address and promo code # 34TA9 to
is offering free bible study software. International.
Pumpkin click
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Get a free copy of the book Peace with God by Billy Graham. US and Canada.
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Free Ensure Sample

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if you are a diabetic,go here and get you a new one!These do problem...they are


Free Youth Ministry DVD (US & Canada)
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Johnson's Baby Shampoo

======================================================== has a great contest
Today's Giveaway is for a $50 Gift Certificate to The Soap Box..go over and have a look and look at all the soapbox has too offer as well! the soap box

Tonight's Debate -Obama for roe vs. wade / McCain/Palin all the way.

I will say before i start,,I am sure this blog will get me flagged again(the other one was cleared-no spam here).Obama supporters flagged me..But i just have to..If you can't stand for what we believe in ,we are in serious trouble.If we can not speak our thoughts,Then why have people died through the years to protect our freedoms?And thank you to each man and woman fighting for us daily!!!God bless you all...

Did you watch the debate???Oh i hope so...Obama just admitted to agreeing with roe vs. wade on national TV!!!!It is officially out now.McCain also brought to attention , the infants who survived abortion ,that the nurse brought before the senate there begging for medical attention for these babies,HE DENIED IT!!!!!!! He explained it away as to that the Dr's and all involved already had laws in place to take care of such an event so he denied..More babies DIED!!!!this is murder people...don't matter how you look at it.These babies were born alive,MEANING THEY WERE A BABY!!!!We are suppose to take care of children ,not vote someone to be our president who would let babies die,AFTER BEING BORN...this should even curl the stomachs of pro choicers...This is wrong.....People is this honestly the man you want to run our country???IS IT REALLY????This is America....We have morals,statute,We allow this type of behavior and we are lower than the animal kingdom...We Must protect the babies.If we don't,who will.Those babies were some one's LIVE daughter,son,nephew,niece,grandchild or cousin...Don't you care???????
For any of you who do not believe this ,please while you still have time before voting,check out some of the VALID info are just a few links to get you started...
Obama’s problem is not the run-of-the-mill, over-the-top abortion stridency that has come to define the modern Democratic party’s presidential nominee, from Bill Clinton to John Kerry, but specifically his abominable position on the matter of newborn babies who survive abortions.
"Barack Obama voted against the born alive infants protection act in the Illinois state senate and against the ban on partial-birth abortion, which means that Sen. Obama has never met an abortion he couldn't live with," Land told Baptist Press.
ill Stanek is a former Chicago-area nurse who brought national exposure to the practice of live-birth abortions. Those involve the purposeful birth of a baby prematurely for the purpose of killing her and she exposed how Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois would not care for the babies after their birth. That led to a national bill Congress passed and President Bush signed to require appropriate medical care.

Obama's various explanations through the years for blocking Born Alive and lately his outright denial that obstructing legislation declaring live aborted babies legal persons had anything to do with endorsing their death.
dON'T stop there,continue educating your self.If dying NEWBORN babies don't matter to him,do you really think he cares anything about your healthcare?Do you think he cares if your kid goes to college?Do you think he cares if your baby is sick or hungry or you can't afford xmas presents????DO YOU REALLY??????people this is not even about abortion...THIS IS ABOUT DENYING BABIES HEALTHCARE ,THEIR VERY SURVIVAL AT STAKE....
and all you loving men and woman whom would have loved to have one of these babies..Do you think he will be encouraging any of these moms to have a baby and give it up for adoption???NO......
Sometimes our heroes come in very unlikely ways.Sometimes they are born and sometimes made....John Mccain is a hero...born that way...made that way...Sarah Palin is a hero i believe,look what she has done for alaska,look how determined she is to save and protect children,fighting for their rights...If she isn't already ,she will be a made hero...
Do you really see any hero material in the obama campaign...Has nothing to do with race,education,democrat or republican...
This is America people...Home of the brave ..home of the free....home of hope.

Please everyone go to vote.McCain supporters make sure you show up,take a neighbor,friend ,family member.Church's educate your congregation.How can a church vote for baby killing?????? Moms,dads,aunts and uncles...VOTE....
print flyers and hand them out,make a few phone calls.We can not allow this type of leadership to happen..And please do not split the votes.


pLEASE VOTE.....America hangs on it.....what kind of america are we going to leave our children???

Flagging Blogger-Firefox Brower fix=Thursday Contest/Freebies

Before i start my rambling today,i wanted to alert you to something.As some of you may know my blog was flagged,,now this flag button on top of our blogs was intended to alert blogger to spam sites..As you see mine is i check around and i am finding out that some not so very nice people are spending long hours on blogger hunting anti-Obama sites and flagging them!!!Such as mine ,so i don't know what will happen with this but i will not stop my freedom of speech because apparently their side is getting scared of republican bloggers!!!!Well,i guess that is a good thing!McCAIN/PALIN all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Truth never hurt nobody!OR

DOES IT??????``````


What browser do you use?In other words,when you go online are you opening in Internet
explorer ,FireFox?I used IE. for years but got so tired of spy ware that kept getting n and virus's(even with top notch virus detectors) that i switched to Firefox last year.Now all at once ,well a few weeks ago my computer started crashing and restarting all the time ,sometimes 2and 3 times in a setting! Of course loosing everything i had on tabs and worse ,all awaiting blog material i had pulled up..sometimes been working on t for hours! I have been searching around and so far the best reason i can find for this is TargetAlert,an add on extension that FireFox has for warning of PDF site!Yes, you can stop Firefox from trying to use this silly PDF plugin to open PDF files and sometimes freezing up as well trying to open a pdf file(as mine does also!).don't forget to make adobe acrobat open faster too.disabling
most of the plugins makes it faster also.Here is the add on i found and am now using. .It is from Nitro.It is suppose to stop my crashes and open pdf's in this new way.We shall see and I'll let you know what happens tomorrow(yes,it has been steady crashing daily!)
Here are some freebies below ,anything i share i have signed up for also,you need not worry about that.If a site looks spammy or phisy,i will not sign up...
Make sure you don't miss a freebie,contest and other goodies by subscribing to my feed on right hand side..leave a comment,I'd love to come visit you a well..Thanks for coming by and..

remember to make plans to vote..



Free Sample - Hyland's Leg

Hyland's Leg Cramps with Quinine™

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wall calendar designed exclusively
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The 50 Million Pound Challenge
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Indians High Achievers Kids Club

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Free signed pictures of Barney and Bob the Builder
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pink lemonade!
I was looking through my email and came across this delicious sounding recipe from
and i wanted to share with you..go by her blog and say hello!
Polenta Pie

1 lb. Ground Beef
1 Onion, chopped
2 Portabello Mushrooms, cut into cubes
1 (14.5 oz) Can Crushed Fire Roasted Tomatoes
1/2 lb. Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese, sliced
1 (1lb 10 oz) Jar Spaghetti Sauce
1 cup Water
1 cup Instant Polenta
1/2 cup Heavy Cream
1/2 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese, plus extra for sprinkling
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1/4 tsp. Allspice
Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to 350.

Brown ground beef in a large skillet adding salt & pepper, drain & set aside. In the same skillet, saute mushrooms and onion over med. heat with the olive oil add browned ground beef, 1/2 the jar of spaghetti sauce (reserve the rest for another use), allspice, water and tomatoes, lower heat and simmer.

In Med Saucepan, bring 3 cups water and 3/4 tsp. salt to a boil. Whisk in the polenta until it gets thick (around 3 min). Whisk in the cream, Parmesan cheese and 1/4 tsp of pepper - whisk until smooth. Pour into a large, greased casserole dish.

Top Polenta with mozzarella cheese and then beef mixture.

Sprinkle extra Parmesan on top of beef mixture & heat in oven until hot & bubbly (about 20 min).

Whip up a quick salad to serve along with it and dinner is done!

Broderbund PrintShop 23 Giveaway at DK MOMMY SPOT!
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A wrestling addicted mommy reader now has their chance to own their very own B70 Keurig Platinum Brewing System (arv $200) which comes with the brewer as well as an 18-Cup K-Cup Variety Pack to get you started. All you have to do is head over to the Keurig website and take a look at their K-Cups, then come back here and tell me one of the different brands of K-Cups that are available for purchase.

This giveaway is open to those US ONLY!!! And is open to non bloggers, PLEASE just remember if your blog profile is private, or you’re a non blogger, leave an email address or your entry will be disqualified....Winner will be chosen via

Giveaway Ends October 31, 2008 @ 11:59pm EST
wrestling addicted mommy-right click now to enter!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Help areas,Healthcare,free/reduced meds/insurance and more

So much worry and stress now in a lot of people.Folks wondering if they can get healthcare,medicines,insurance.Hey and that did not just start.This has been getting worse and worse since NATO....and that was not the Bush administration....Way before that!!!!! Every one likes to just think about the last 8 years,but the trouble started way before that.When bussinesses started closing .The work was cheaper when made some where else..we suffered from it and continue to this day,orders being shipped overseas ,while our factories closed down.ANYWAY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I have been looking around for some areas that may can help in meds,healthcare .etc...I will post more as i find them.Hope they are useful to you.and Please,leave a comment.I enjoy knowing who came by,i will return the favor and visit your's if you leave me a comment..Thanks for coming by and remember how important it is too vote...

May God Bless America Again..

Betty~Simply Southern

free clinics in your south central alabama area include:

Culpepper Group Home
3102 Redmond Rd
Dothan, AL 36303-5606
Map Location==========
Dothan Pediatric Clinic
Dothan Pedicatric Clinic PA
126 Clinic Dr
Dothan, AL 36303-1980
Map Location===================
Dotsan Family Practice
1891 Honeysuckle Rd Ste 2
Dothan, AL 36305-4291
Map Location========================
Houston Medical Group
112 Haven Dr Ste 3
Dothan, AL 36301-2921
Map Location==============
Ozark Medical Clinic
Connie Chandlers Office
145 Katherine Ave
Ozark, AL 36360-1976
Map Location=================
Robert A Defrancisco Dr
P O Box 648
Brewton, AL 36427-0648
Map Location
Tri-County Medical Center
110 S Main St
Evergreen, AL 36401-3313
Map Location

Public Inquiries: 888-342-9291===call for All states
alabama State LIHEAP: 334-242-5365

Local LIHEAP Administering Agency Contacts

LIHEAP FY 2008 Funding is $17,111,350
LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level
150% Federal Poverty Level ((((((((((a lot of us are below this..i checked!)))))))))))))))))))))))))mom

LIHEAP FY 2007 Benefit(what they can pay)
Heating and Cooling: $70 min, $240 max

LIHEAP Program Dates
Heating: October 2 - May 31
Cooling: June 1 - September 30


below are some assistance plans for heating cooling,these are specific for alabama unless otherwise noted+++++
Low-Income Energy Efficiency

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund
In 1996, Senate Bill 45 was passed in the legislature providing for a state low-income weatherization program to supplement federal funds by including a voluntary tax check-off option for state income-tax filers. Taxpayers may designate an amount of their refund as a voluntary contribution to the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund" The Department of Economic and Community Affairs will administer the monies, which will help provide weatherization assistance to eligible recipients.


Low-Income Rate Assistance

Alabama Power Co.
Customers who are verified as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) recipients will not be billed a monthly service charge of approximately $8.91.

Customers who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) will not be billed a monthly customer charge of about $8. To apply for this program, customers must take their Medicaid card to their local Alagasco office.

Mobile Gas
Customers who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI payments or Aid to Dependent Children) and who qualify, can have the customer charge of approximately $8 waived from their monthly gas bill. Apply at any of the Mobile Gas offices to receive the waiver.

Right now , this is the best bet for finding a car . Try contacting this organization first. As to individual requests , the only programs that I know about are the ones listed on this page. I will add any more as I come across them - soulight

The first and only national
charity of its kind that
provides donated vehicles
free of charge to struggling
families willing to work and
become self-sufficient,
tax-paying members of the community.

Please note these charitable funds are last resort emergency funds with limited resources and limited times of operation.

Project Share
Project Share is funded by contributions from major electric and gas utilities' customers, employees, and stockholders. Alabama Power administers collections, and the Red Cross administers the rest of the program. The project operates year round and serves senior citizens, disabled persons, and those on fixed or low incomes.
American Red Cross


got some of moms here
rx hope
Need Help to Pay for Meds

Need Help to Pay for Meds?

Medication costs may be a hardship for some of us diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder; a financial impossibility for others. Many psychiatric meds are expensive and there is no shame in seeking available assistance to help with the cost.

First of all, don't wait to run out of medication before doing something about it! Your first line of defense is to let your doctor know. He has no idea whether or not you have insurance unless you tell him. Your doctor has several ways of helping in such a situation. He usually has a supply of “sample” medications to help you in the short term and can access longer-term free medication for you through the pharmaceutical industry. Not having money to pay for medication is a poor excuse for not taking it.

Remaining compliant to your medication regime is the most powerful road to mood stability.

Some Sources for Assistance include the Following:

Many individuals with bipolar disorder do not have insurance coverage to pay for their prescriptions. There are several kinds of help that could be explored if one finds oneself in this position;

Many individuals with bipolar disorder do not have insurance coverage to pay for their prescriptions. There are several kinds of help that could be explored if one finds oneself in this position;
Ask your doctor. Don't be ashamed to tell him or her that buying the meds is a financial hardship. He may have free samples, or be able to get free samples of the drug you need.


Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs - Free or low-cost medications provided by pharmaceutical companies. NAMI provides a list of 800 numbers to call and ask the drug manufacturer directly what their position is on free meds.


Welcome to

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have special programs to assist people who can't afford to buy the drugs they need. One problem is that it's often hard to learn about these programs. Our goal is to make this information easily accessible.

Each company has its own program with its special requirements, forms, and procedures. Actually, some companies have different programs for different drugs. There is no central clearinghouse for obtaining information about these programs or the drugs themselves. Some manufacturers will work with patients, others prefer making arrangements with their doctor.

Medications, Companies, and Telephone Numbers
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Lederle Laboratories

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 800/332-2056


Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

clozapine (generic)
IVAX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
800-327-4114 x4344

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals 800/546-0420

Abbott Laboratories

Desyrel (150 & 300 mg pills only) Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 800/332-2056

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories

Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

Scios, Inc.

Pfizer Inc.

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. 800/797-7737

Haldol, Haldol Decanoate
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Knoll Pharmaceutical Company 800/524-2474

Roche Laboratories, Inc.

Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lederle Laboratories

Ciba Pharmaceuticals

Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer Inc.

Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.


Scios, Inc.

SmithKline Beecham

Prolixin, Prolixin
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co

Eli Lilly and Company

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories

Boehringer Ingelheim
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State: AL
Program Name: ALL Kids
Must be 18 years or younger
Must be resident of Alabama
Must have no health insurance or medicaid.
No premium

Website link:
General Information: For information call 888-373-5437

State: AL
Program Name: ALL Kids
Must be 18 years or younger
Must be resident of Alabama
Must have no health insurance or medicaid.
Low cost insurance

Website link:
General Information: For information call 888-373-5438

SenioRx/Wellness Resource Center

The key to healthy aging is living a healthier lifestyle now. SenioRx/Wellness teaches you about healthy eating habits, proper exercise and chronic illness management.

SenioRx/Wellness is for ALL Alabamians age 55 and over that are prone to chronic diseases or have been diagnosed with chronic diseases requiring daily medications. The program aims to help people manage their chronic illnesses earlier and prevent more serious health problems later in life. ADSS is partnering with the Alabama Department of Public Health to achieve this goal.

SenioRx/Wellness is also a prescription drug assistance program that helps thousands of Alabamians receive free prescription drugs from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

To qualify for free prescription drugs, you must be at least 55 years of age with chronic medical conditions, have no prescription drug insurance coverage and your income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Social Security disabled individuals of ANY age in the 24 month Medicare waiting period are eligible for medication assistance. For more information on social security disability go to Volunteers and local coordinators help seniors apply for drug assistance programs provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Additional Information on SenioRx/Wellness:
The 2007 Poverty Level at 200% for SenioRx/Wellness
Individual yearly income ----------------@ $20,800.00
Individual monthly income -------------@ $1,733.33
Couple yearly income -------------------@ $28,000.00
Couple monthly income ----------------@ $2,333.33

To find out more, call your local Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-243-5463
FOR WHO EVER MAY NEED............................
Program Name: Alabama AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
Address: Alabama ADAP
Alabama Department for Public Health
RSA Tower
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1400
Montgomery, AL 36104
Toll Free Number: 800-228-0469
Local Number: 334-206-5364
Fax: 888-476-4892
Web Site:
Services: This program helps qualified, low-income and uninsured HIV/AIDS patients pay for FDA-approved HIV/AIDS medications.
Eligibility: Applicants must 1) be infected with HIV, 2) be a resident of Alabama, 3) earn income less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level and 4) be ineligible for other medication assistance programs. You may qualify if your private insurance pays for less than 50% of your medications.
Application Requirements: Applicants must submit the following information along with the application: 1) proof of residency, 2) proof of income, 3) proof of no income (if applicable), 4) proof of application to Medicaid, SSI or ADC (if claiming no income), 5) proof of insurance (if applicable). Note that the application requires Western Blot test results, CD4 cell count and most recent viral load count.
How to Apply: Patients may contact their local AIDS service organization or private physician who will help assess eligibility then assist with application. Or, call 800-228-0469 for more information.
Benefits: This program helps pay for medications needed (see website for a list).
Medicaid Waiver for the Elderly and Disabled

The Medicaid Waiver for the Elderly and Disabled (E&D Waiver) Program is designed to provide services to seniors and the disabled whose needs would otherwise require them to live in a nursing home. Our goal is for clients to retain their independence by providing services that allow them to live safely in their own homes and communities they love for as long as it is appropriate.

Case managers work with clients to develop a plan of care based on the clients’ needs and choices. A good care plan is developed only after careful review of a client’s social, recreational, familial, medical, functional, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Individuals in this program have the freedom to choose from a menu of services that will best meet their needs, including: case management, personal care, homemaker, respite, adult day health, companion services and home delivered frozen meals.

Program Highlights

The E & D Waiver program currently serves approximately 4,250 clients each year, all of whom are nursing home eligible under Medicaid.

E & D Waiver costs the state 18 percent of what nursing home placement would cost for the same number of clients. For example, the average monthly cost per client in fiscal year 2004 was:
$3,652 nursing home client
$669 E&D Waiver client

Had the 4,250 E&D Waiver clients been in nursing homes in 2004, it would have cost the state approximately $152 million more than it cost for the same clients to be served by the E&D Waiver program.

To Contact Your Local Area Agency On Aging, Please Call:
1-800-AGELINE (1-800-243-5463)