Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Happy Tuesday! I hope all is well with you today.We spent a day selling our recycleable metals we have collected.Made an extra 153.00! Not bad for just cleaning some can's off the roads and picking up some things other's dumped out on the roads..Make a little money while keeping our roads clean...Was a little copper,some aluminum,steel,and a few batteries.I highly recommend this to help out with money andhelps the enviroment.Even the grands like joining in.Kolby thinks it is cool and all he ever wants is a choclate milk,candy bar and 2 peices of bubble gum,,lol,,.
Rain is suppose to moving back in tonight,tomorrow and possible severe weather on thursday..That was so bad the tornado's striking the mid west so early on this year! I so hated to see that.
Kolby stayed with his mom for the second time in 11 months night before last,she brought him back yesterday afternoon.He seemed to have a good time and she did too.I can only pray that she will continue geting better.She and julie both are due end of april .Justin(nephew)is expecting the end of may.So be little one's all over the place.I have came to the reality that within a few months i may be keeping th little one for her almost full time as well.Only time will tell.I pray that she can handle it but if not i shall raise this one as well lovingly as i possible can.I wish it were not so very expensive to get tubes tied anymore,Because with no insurance i know she can not afford to do it and i certainly can not for her.Looks like the government would rather pay for tubes being tied thatn babies being born that are not cared for the way they should.That is just another one of those huge problems i have with our system.....anyways........................
Julie and darrell will be going to the dr. tomorrow and i think they will get to find out what they are having.They are so very excited on this little one.They set and talk to it already and she reads books to the baby.NO THEY ARE NOT NUTS.....they want to bond as early on as possible.You can feel the baby moving sometimes already... ;)
Well that's my latest catch up of the day,oh! I have started my mom a blog,where she will be showing her handmade items.pot holders,quilts,pillows,etc,Please take time ina few days to check it out.When she retired ,she found out she'd be drawing a whopping 400.00 a month to live on after working from the time she was 16 and raising us 4 kids as a single parent!So mom makes handmade items to sell to help pay bills,meds and such.She has them VERY reasonable.So maybe by the weekend i'll have her pics up and you can see them.She also is selling some of the things she has collected over the years,figurines,dishes,etc and she has over 100 cookie jars!!!!!So keep a look out.... Here is the addy to her blog..bookmark it maybe,,,


Have a Blessed week!
~Betty~Simply Southern

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