Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Rains Came to Alabama along with Tornado's-Contest Roll~~

The rain is still softly falling outside with a gentle breeze that reminds me of standing by the ocean on a spring afternoon!Oh how i do love it.Smells of lavender and pine with osage and roses.I do love Alabama in the Spring and Summer.The rains i prayed for,the garden and flowers needed it badly.Rain has been around Alabama pretty good the last few month's but us here in the lower counties have not got as much.We have been watering the garden so it would not go bad,me and Kolby harvested some Squash and eggplant this morning and when we came in i cut up some in small chunks and added it to our scrambled eggs.It is so good that way if you have never tried it i recommend it.just do your eggs as usual and add some to it before frying..Yum Yum.
Charlize mae is doing well and gaining weight,as well as kolby .He weighs 43 pounds now ,will be 3 june 2.Billy will be 6 july 16.They are growing so fast and i know will be young men before i can turn around.Just the way it is...Life travels fast,sometimes way too fast.
I have several young birds in their nest as well this year,i enjoy hearing their little squeeks when momma bird trys to drop in with an insect.
Jeff came in last night and said he had read that sam's club could not keep rice on the shelves.It has begun to be rationed and i guess everyone is trying to buy at once.We have 4 large bags put back,just in case.Gas still rising ,but i said would be 4.00 gallon by june .Also just the way it is..way too much greed..everyone should go frugal..that would help..and don't american made and raised products.Visit the mom and pop stores we have left and buy fresh produce and fruits from your local farmers markets or from their homes your selves. Alot of people open up their crops for a certain amount per item,bushel,bucket etc,,they pck or you pick..It taste better and it leaves the money here in america,where it needs to stay.
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Have a blessed day and tell someone you love them!
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