Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Sunday in the South and grandbaby pics

Good evening readers,
hope your sunday was nice. I had a really good day.We went to church this morning,the sermon was uplifting with dinner following.We have a new pastor,his name is Dale Alexander,our church sooooo needed him and his wife cindy.I go to the little country church up the road from where i live,i grew up going there,but for a while now it has so dwindled down,like a lot of other church's.But let something bad happen and there isn't hardly room to hold em!
Anyway,my daughter and the kids all came today as well.They typically go to Mt .Piscah ,but joined us today as well as adam and his son.
We said goodby to a dear lady today as well.Mrs. helen cravey was laid to rest this evening at new hope .She is in a far better place,there is no doubt in my mind.She is reunited in heaven with her hubby and family or sleeping peacefully awaiting jesus.Which i am not sure,but either is much more pain.She was 85 i believe.
I felt like adding a few pics of my family,mostly the grands,and sharing them with you.Grands are Billy-age 6,Kolby (blonde)age 3,charlie and summer.I really enjoy visiting your blogs and seeing your family pictures.
May be on later with a few contest,but for now,supper awaits..

May God Bless Us each and every one,
Betty R.~Simply Southern


Brittany(1st cousin) and charlize mae

Charlize Mae at the arizona state fair last week!

paw and his helpers!

Billy and paw fishing


Charlie mae

Nanna's garden helper!

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