Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight's Debate -Obama for roe vs. wade / McCain/Palin all the way.

I will say before i start,,I am sure this blog will get me flagged again(the other one was cleared-no spam here).Obama supporters flagged me..But i just have to..If you can't stand for what we believe in ,we are in serious trouble.If we can not speak our thoughts,Then why have people died through the years to protect our freedoms?And thank you to each man and woman fighting for us daily!!!God bless you all...

Did you watch the debate???Oh i hope so...Obama just admitted to agreeing with roe vs. wade on national TV!!!!It is officially out now.McCain also brought to attention , the infants who survived abortion ,that the nurse brought before the senate there begging for medical attention for these babies,HE DENIED IT!!!!!!! He explained it away as to that the Dr's and all involved already had laws in place to take care of such an event so he denied..More babies DIED!!!!this is murder people...don't matter how you look at it.These babies were born alive,MEANING THEY WERE A BABY!!!!We are suppose to take care of children ,not vote someone to be our president who would let babies die,AFTER BEING BORN...this should even curl the stomachs of pro choicers...This is wrong.....People is this honestly the man you want to run our country???IS IT REALLY????This is America....We have morals,statute,We allow this type of behavior and we are lower than the animal kingdom...We Must protect the babies.If we don't,who will.Those babies were some one's LIVE daughter,son,nephew,niece,grandchild or cousin...Don't you care???????
For any of you who do not believe this ,please while you still have time before voting,check out some of the VALID info are just a few links to get you started...
Obama’s problem is not the run-of-the-mill, over-the-top abortion stridency that has come to define the modern Democratic party’s presidential nominee, from Bill Clinton to John Kerry, but specifically his abominable position on the matter of newborn babies who survive abortions.
"Barack Obama voted against the born alive infants protection act in the Illinois state senate and against the ban on partial-birth abortion, which means that Sen. Obama has never met an abortion he couldn't live with," Land told Baptist Press.
ill Stanek is a former Chicago-area nurse who brought national exposure to the practice of live-birth abortions. Those involve the purposeful birth of a baby prematurely for the purpose of killing her and she exposed how Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois would not care for the babies after their birth. That led to a national bill Congress passed and President Bush signed to require appropriate medical care.

Obama's various explanations through the years for blocking Born Alive and lately his outright denial that obstructing legislation declaring live aborted babies legal persons had anything to do with endorsing their death.
dON'T stop there,continue educating your self.If dying NEWBORN babies don't matter to him,do you really think he cares anything about your healthcare?Do you think he cares if your kid goes to college?Do you think he cares if your baby is sick or hungry or you can't afford xmas presents????DO YOU REALLY??????people this is not even about abortion...THIS IS ABOUT DENYING BABIES HEALTHCARE ,THEIR VERY SURVIVAL AT STAKE....
and all you loving men and woman whom would have loved to have one of these babies..Do you think he will be encouraging any of these moms to have a baby and give it up for adoption???NO......
Sometimes our heroes come in very unlikely ways.Sometimes they are born and sometimes made....John Mccain is a hero...born that way...made that way...Sarah Palin is a hero i believe,look what she has done for alaska,look how determined she is to save and protect children,fighting for their rights...If she isn't already ,she will be a made hero...
Do you really see any hero material in the obama campaign...Has nothing to do with race,education,democrat or republican...
This is America people...Home of the brave ..home of the free....home of hope.

Please everyone go to vote.McCain supporters make sure you show up,take a neighbor,friend ,family member.Church's educate your congregation.How can a church vote for baby killing?????? Moms,dads,aunts and uncles...VOTE....
print flyers and hand them out,make a few phone calls.We can not allow this type of leadership to happen..And please do not split the votes.


pLEASE VOTE.....America hangs on it.....what kind of america are we going to leave our children???

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