Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Time for some fun around The Blogosphere!Contest and more..

What better way to spend a little down time? Enter in some contest.A lot of them are going on in blogtown this week,so get a cup of coffee and let's check out some prizes!contest don't fit the blog? yes it does,i am being it's fun as well as you get the chance to meet a lot of really nice folks and check out their blogs.A lot of them have great info and links to others.Everything from babies to going green! let's go~

December 10 Neil is giving away his old camera that cost him $450 just under 12 months ago. Here’s the details on how you can enter:
Here`s how it`s going to work. The 1 and only prize is my Canon IXY Digital 1000 camera, 10 megapixel with all the expected functionality along with the charger, software and PC cables. It cost me $450 clams a little under 12 months ago and it`s up for grabs.
remember winner announced DECEMBER 10TH!!!!!!!!!!!

neil duckett!win his camera here


The Blogrepreneur has just started a bunch of weekly contests that will span the coming four weeks. Each week two winners will be randomly selected for the prizes which include everything from Amazon certificates, E-books, WordPress themes and hosting.

To get in on the action you need to simply subscribe to Blogrepreneur’s RSS feed via email or otherwise spread the word about his blog or contest (just like I am). Anyway, make sure you check out the full details.
winner announced on 21st December, 2007.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a chance for you to win ScreamFree Parenting courtesy of To be eligible for entry, this is what you need to do:
Mom 2 bb reviews! GO NOW..
hEY and while your there check out the shopping blog! my lil venture-click here

ok...would you like to win $50.00 Canadian Dollars? you have until December the 31st to do so....All you have to do is leave a meaningful comment on his blog and your entered! $25 CDN will be given to the best comment and $50 CDN will be given to the 1000th comment.

he rules for this contest are quite light, but I have them for fairness:

you must have a blog
comments can’t be meaningless things like “first!” or “lol, you suck”
you will need a PayPal or Canadian bank account that I can send money to
That all!

In the event this site does not reach 1000 comments by 23:59:59.999 on December 31st, there will be a $25 prize to the last person to leave a comment.

Edit: I’ve decided to add another $25 prize to the pot! One random comment (except mine, of course) will be selected from the database. This means that you could potentially walk away with $100 CDN if you happen to write the best comment, land on comment #1000 and also have the lucky random integer.

jason's random thoughts!! 50.00 canadian dollars!check it out now.

personal note from me::::: i just came back from Jason's! i like the way he writes..make sure when you visit to take time and look through his categories!I have really enjoyed my visit.I think you will as well...;) betty
How does a $12,500 Roma Hot Tub Spa sound, because is giving one away via a sweepstakes… and to enter all you need to do is sign up on their mailing list!
Please add your name to our Mailing List
to receive catalogs, coupons, newsletters and special announcements.
Also, you may enter our "Win a Free $10,000 Spa" contest below. Click here for details.
Win Abstract Art From A Turtle!!! THIS IS A MUST SEE PAGE! i would love to win this for my brother! He is BIG on saving the turtles and tortoises..
You have until December 31 to enter.
Here’s a contest for those of you who love art, abstract art in particular. Koopa, the worlds first painting turtle(!) is giving away 2 custom paintings as well as a mystery Koopa painting. There are a couple different ways in which you can enter:

We are a one-turtle, one-chick team, dedicated to indirectly helping turtles and tortoises in need of rescue and/or rehabilitation. Got a question about turtles? Check out our Turtle Links page, one of the largest turtle link compilations on the web.

Koopa the Turtle is unofficially the world's first internationally collected, professional turtle artist, while Kira the human is a full-time artist and "turtle's assistant." We love what we do, and we live to make people (and turtles) smile!Koopa's featured in the 2006 edition of Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Turtle Kiss!win it now

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COUPONS!!! WIN, WIN ,WIN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
..COUPONS! wow,i use them all the time.When the family started growing again(grands),they have saved me bundles!Wal mart hates to see me coming!anyway,go over and check it out,get entered in..good luck!
CompGifts Does not really have the money to buy giveaways and all that for their first contest (at least they are honest - unlike some people!), and so instead have lots of money saving coupons instead. Here’s a breakdown on what you could win:

Subscribe! I will be giving away picks all month long in a drawing format to our feed subscribers! Check your feeds daily to find the link to enter into the drawing. Only if you subscribe to our full feeds will you be able to see the entry link! (At least 11 envelopes given away to the subscribers!) (Possibly Bonus Envelopes Too!).
This contest will end December 31,2007
Frugal way of living contest!
serial blogr
the Serial Blogger HAS a contest going on right now to give away a whopping $25 through PayPal to a lucky winner on the day of Christmas.

You have three ways to win in the raffle
1.Subscribe to my feeds via e-mail.
2.Create a post on your blog and link to my two blogs ,
serial blogger
and chronicles of Kotsengkuba .


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