Friday, December 7, 2007

Wow! Only A Few Weeks Till Christmas! & contest time!

We ran into town this morning to pick up Jeffs check and get a few things.We stopped by the store on our way out and i picked up a few more presents.Our 15 year old is prooving to be the most difficult to buy for so we decided to go to WalMart and just give him a gift card.That way i don't choose something he really doesn't want or need.i am quite sure it will be purchacing music and tshirt,,lol,,
i have my mom,sisters,and bros. presents,jeffs,darrell and julies,ritas,jimmies,and most of billy and kolbys.There is a couple more things i will add for the little one's ,but for the main part i am done.I started early. Try to always do that to save ..Lots of sales and bargains in late summer for all seasons of things.Not to mention several contest i have been blessed to win this year and some ''freebies'' i have picked up online through the year..They make awesome stocking stuffers..;)
We were listening to the radio coming in and Christmas In Dixie '' was playing from ALABAMA. I really like that song..I was thinking about it and it would be nice to see some snow this year but that is a rare thing here in south central alabama i am afraid..Jeff's mom says the ground is white at their house..he is envious..They still live in Michigan,thats where he is from.Oh well ...maybe this year..
Afterwards we went and cut a load of wood for a guy out at the lake.I get 55.00 a load(i add lightard-kindlin- with mine as a bonus for them) for the wood we cut.Not a lot but it all adds up at the end of the day as Grandma used to say.I am at home mostly now with the grands,so i try and make a little extra whenevr possible.I am working on my wreaths and chairs.When i get them the way i want them,i'll add pics.
I love handmade stuff.And articles made out of wood,vines,etc. are sooooo decorative.So if any of you would like anything like that ,let me know.Be glad to make to your specifications as best i can.
Sherrie,the other grandma,came and got kolby yesterday afternoon till saturday morning.she is getting billy today as well and bringing them both to me .I plan on taking them to the Christmas Parade in Florala saturday night..I know we all shall enjoy that.I am sure darrell and julie will like as well..They are so excited about their little one due in may.Will be their first baby.
I hope you all are having a good holiday season,although i know not everyone is.Some will be spending it alone and i really am sorry for that.Sometimes us with our families with us tend to forget about others.So i do pray this year if you know someone who is alone or down,reach out to them.Be a friend.GIVE OF YOURSELF THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!AND ALWAYS REMEMBER ''THE REASON FOR THE SEASON;!!!JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!


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