Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SuperBug Virus,Tax Rebate ,will it save us?~2008 DEPRESSION ..WTSHTF

********Epidemic superbug strains evolved from one bacterium*************

The drug-resistant "superbugs" that have cut a swathe through day care centers, schools, locker rooms and prisons across the United States in the last five years stem from one rapidly evolving bacterium, US scientists said Monday.
Scientists studying the genetic make-up of these bugs, which are resistant to almost all antibiotics, say they are nearly identical clones that have emerged from a single bacterial strain, which they have dubbed USA300.

"The USA300 group of strains appears to have extraordinary transmissibility and fitness," said Frank DeLeo, a researcher with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in Hamilton, Montana.

"We anticipate that new USA300 derivatives will emerge within the next several years and that these strains will have a wide range of disease-causing potential."

Most drug-resistant staph infections cause soft-tissue infections such as boils that are readily treatable, but a skin infection can become a deadly pneumonia or blood or bone infection in a matter of days if the patient doesn't get the right drugs.

What's particularly worrying to health authorities is that the MRSA infections, (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) have spread beyond their traditional hospital setting, seeding an epidemic in the wider community.

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***********************TAX REBATE~~WILL THIS SAVE US?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
can this help?i think not..at least unless the stores are willing to cut prices drastically.This will be the only way to stop this recession from happening.If prices fell it would encourage folks to spend more money becuase they could AFFORD TO!OK...let me ask you this scenerio...If you are handed 800.00 today,and you ,the typical person,are watching what is happening all over the place and seeing the stocks free fall today ,as has been for a while now,and see what is loomimg over the hill,Will you rush out and spend this one a new washer,car payment,remodel???NOT IF YOU HAVE ANY SENCE!
No ,this money will be spent on groceries as needed ,or pay bills...Unless you are lucky enough to not be effected by all these being rich!People are getting scared,and they need to be!This is only the beginning...I am afraid i see the depression coming on again.And you know sometimes i think this may be what we all need a dose of.To a lot of people material goods have too long overriden human needs.Do you really need 5 tv sets? 3 cars(new ones at that)?5 bedroom homes for 2 or 3 people??PLEASE! i KNOW PEOPLE WHO OWN 30-40 ACRES OF LAND.How much edible food is planted on it yearly? NONE!!!!!they go buy it ,it is easier they say.Who do you know picks berries or fruit and cans it for their families?Most folks know noone.will this tax incentive save us?????..Will this happen,no!Because greed has eaten america up! For way too long the big guys have eaten up the little one's until there is no more to eat!America has forgotten how to be self reliance. Now america will pay the price as well as other nations attached to us.Just the way it is i am afraid.And for any of you who still think writers like me are doomsdayer's...Google it...See what happened around the world while you slept!Markets crashed all over!And take a look at what happened on wall street this morning...I highly recommend you begin to prepare for this while you can.Protect your family.Begin quickly if you have not already in stockpiling at the very least ,can foods,veggies,meats,etc.If you have land learn how to grow some crops,it really is not hard to do and you will enjoy it.Think about how you would keep your family warm.right now if all power was off and gas cut off.Could you do it?If not you better figur out a plan.There are hundreds of thousands of us already who are prepared or preparing for this.But we can not feed everyone.You better think about when Katrina hit the gulf region.My family was there volunteering.We saw it and thousands more.When this happens,shtf,electricity,gas,water,food ,medical needs,baby food,ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!IMMEDIATLY!!!!if yu wait till it happens ,IT IS TOO LATE PEOPLE.......
your money will soon be worthless to you.If there is no one to buy from,what good is it? While you are preparing stock up on some stuff you can barter with as well.You will also need some kind of protection for your family.Yes i mean guns!If you are one of the smart one's ,every one else who is not will be trying to take your stuff.Will no longer be out of greed,but survival!So you better be prepared to defend yourselves or be killed.I hate to stroke the scary clock but it is already ticking.I pray dayly for better things here in america and protection over my family and loved ones.I know god is full of grace and love for his children ...He is also gracious in giving us knowledge and an inner prompting to let us know when something is about to happen!Don't you feel it???change is coming reader's ,AND IT IS COMING QUICKLY!!!!!iPRAY WE WILL ALL BE PREPARED....

~Simply Southern

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