Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Thursday ~Contest~~Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday Everyone....
A little update -MY random thoughts and CONTEST'S ON BOTTOM.........

Rita came and got the boys last evening for a few days.She has a few bruises from the accident and nikki has some fluid buildup but overall they are very blessed..Nancy is suppose to get to come home today or tomorrow..She will have a while before she will be back up,she has a god deal of lacerations and stitches on her face and arm from all the glass.Rita had took a few pics and i saw them.The expedition is just a mess!Totalled out.If you have thee types of vehicles please be careful...I as wel like them the room,ride smoothness and the look.But they are dangerous if you swerve or have blow outs etc.....The air bags did not deploy either.Check them.Theirs showed no sign of being messed up or not working,but when needed they did not deploy......And by all means make sure all kids are in seatbelt!!!!Thank god none of the kids were in it at this time,they were with me.
Hope all of you are watching our presidential candidates very closely.A lot is riding on them expecially right now.We are in the verge of a recession being announced i am certain.May as well name it what is....DEPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sicerely hope you are not voting on gender or color.I pray you vote for the best of them,no matter who they are..We need leadership in the finest form with values and morals to go with it..
I myself will be voting mccain.I like his leadership qualities,morals,beliefs,family attitude and the love he has for this country.Even though i am republican at this point in the game,had someone else been a better leader,they would have gotten my vote.I have carefully looked at all 3,and i just can not find it in me to go with anyone but mccain.I do not think hillary needs to run this country,and BILL surely does not need to be back in the white house.So i do not vote for a woman just because of who she is.I do not think obama is ready at this time.He is a smooth talker and seems to have good morals and leadership qualities,in 10 years he just might get my vote..BUT NOT NOW.
I am also pro-life.Somehow i can not vote for someone who does not treasure human life..Expecially in the most innoscent of ways.If it is a medical emergency to save a moms life,it should always be her decision...But in my opinion(MY OPINION-NO HATE MAIL PLEASE) any other form abortion is the destruction of a different than after it is born.It is a baby,pure and simple.If you are not ready for a baby give it up for adoption to a loving family..There are hundreds of thousands of them waiting for a baby or child to love and treasure......
The economy is so hanging by threads rigt now.So close to a collapse it could be scary.In a way it is.In a way i almost invite.The world is so full of greed right now,it just sickens me.I like to get ahead too,don't get me wrong,i think we all do.But go in the grocery store,buy your kids a suit,get lunch,BUY GAS, this is way out of hand.Somtimes i think this impending recession(DEPRESSION) is the way to put the brakes on.When most can not buy the products,you will see a change..But what is hard is the getting through to begin with.Plant gardens people,stock up on what you can to get by the first few is going to get ugly...But not overcomeable...
Lot of good info online to help prepare,HEY if it don't happen ,AWESOME!!!!but if it are prepared,,,,,,,

Have a great thursday and GOD BLESS................

Betty~Simply Southern

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~REAL WORLD MARTHA'S TIPS FROM A-Z AND CONTEST~~~~~~~~~~~
Was over at Real World Martha's she's got a really cool contest going on right now but as well has some really good a-z tips for us all.At the same time this kickin bbq recipe!!!!I am going to try this ,i have a bbq lovin family of men,soooo ...This weekend i am using her recipe...head over there readers ,look around,enter her contest and get some good advice while there!!
this is from the site below...........

Today’s tip is on Gift Giving. I have a recipe for a BBQ rub to make. This would be a great gift for Father’s Day, if your guy likes to BBQ or eat it (and who doesn’t?). Make sure to have a bottle to put this in or reuse an old spice bottle. You can make this in as big of quantities as you wish.


5 Parts Brown Sugar

3 Parts Chile Powder

1 Part Garlic Powder

1/2 Part Ground Thyme

1/4 Part Cayenne

1/4 Part Allspice

Mix it all together, place in bottle, and label it. You now have an inexpensive and wonderful homemade gift.

Have a “Spicy” Day.

Go over and say hello!!!!!!!!
Real World Martha's-CLICK HERE FOR A-Z

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HEART OF THE MATTER!!!!!!!CHECK EM OUT!!!!!
What a HUGE contest going on at Heart of the Matter Online!! I can't list all of the prizes here because there are WAY too many, but here is the information on the contest itself .Mother's Day is fast approaching and we wanted to take this opportunity to bless one really special mom this year. In order to do that, we've teamed up with some fabulous companies who had that same desire. The package that has been put together will give mom everything she needs for the up and coming school year PLUS MORE!

Now, we fully believe that every mom deserves this package but since we can only give it to one mom here is what needs to be done....

Nominate the mom you believe deserves it the most. Is she a single mom? a military mom? a widow? a mom of a child with special needs? has she overcome certain obstacles? Let us know her story. Why does she deserve this package? What would it do for her family? Let us know and she could be the recipient ....

(please visit Heart of the Matter to check out ...


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