Monday, May 5, 2008

Darrell & Julie had their baby!(aka .charley mae)5:30 this morning!!!

I am so excited my newest grandchild was born at 5:35 this morning! She is adorable...dark hair and i do think her eyes are blue like her daddy darrell's,but with the beautiful face of her mommie julie.They were both so happy to see her as well as all of us.
julie went into light labor this morning at 12:35,and went to the hospital at 2:35 am this morning.At 5:15 little charley mae
decided she wanted to turn around and change the plans with a grand entry,she was coming out feet first!julie said she wanted to be like her daddy and make an
julie was rushed in to surgery for a c section and darrell was allowed to be in with her also, both of them witnessed the entry of their little princess together,just as planned.
she weighs 7 lb 8 oz and is 20 inches long.When i left baby,mommy and dad were doing fine and trying to feed charley mae .I wanted to share a few pics of them with my readers...comments welcome....

Betty(happy nannabee) ~simply southern

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