Friday, May 9, 2008

The ramblings of a mom & nannabee...what's best?

Well here in south central alabama it is 5:40.Billy's field day is today(oldest grandson -age 5).I have the camera and video charged and weather says it is suppose to be a pretty ,yet windy(perfect) morning with a chance of a thunder storm or 2 this evening.Sounds great for field day,they should be through by 12.Billy is in several events,i know the sack race is one.He is in kindergarten this year and loves it,top of his class.My newest granddaughter ,5 days old,is lying here beside my chair in her little swing/vibrating thingie as i call it.She has been up since 3 this morning ,and so has nannabee.Thought i'd give julie and darrell a good nights sleep.They are staying here for a few weeks so i can help julie out with little charley mae.OH DON'T FORGET TO LOOK BACK AND ENTER MY CONTEST FOR A DIAPER CAKE! Simple rules and you still have a week or o to enter...
Thinking on a contest i saw the other day,i made a note to come back to it,i really thought it sounded sweet,,,so here is my entry.....
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MY FAVORITE PART OF BEING A MOM is unconditional love..There is lot's about it i love but i think that tops it.You find you can love someone no matter what.You may not like them sometimes or the choices they make ,but you love them all the same.I fell in love with my new children -darrell age 27 and rita -now age 24,before i ever saw them.It was what i had wanted to be most all my life..well since 12 when i started babysitting the most special little girl,named marylou,i think of her often and still i have a special bond with her ,though i have not seen her in 10 years,i still love her.That spawned my desire to one day have a boy and a girl of my own,and that is what the good lord blesses me with.I started young ,at 16,was married and thought i knew it all.Boy did i have another thing coming!I didn't have anyone to come over and help with mine,it was me.The long days and the longer was born with 3 month colic and with a 2 year old toddler allready,well lets just say i spent many long nights in prayer (or begging at that time) and 1 eye open and one shut in an old rocker .Between a job,raising kids,having a jerk for a husband ,time seemed to slip so quickly..But even in exhaustion,i had love.Love for 2 kids that no matter what we were going to make it.And we did...I made a lot of bad decisions in my life and poor choices,but having my kids was never one of them.They needed me and i needed them in a way that nothing else or anyone else could have ever filled.Now i am helping raise my grandkids.Due to a previous family problem and sickness,kolby (2 1/2) lives mainly with us.He is stayng with his mom more and more,several days a week now,billy (5) is here most every weekend and most any other time he's out of school,little charley at he moment is here with us and rita is expecting her little girl anyday.Oh! and not to mention my nephew is expecting their little boy most anyday(he is an unconditional love as well..he is who named me aunt bb-that turned into nannabee for the grands)..Things that tire me is different now than then,and i wish so many times i would have known then what i know now(mommas words) ..I have lots more patience,so what if they are rolling in a mud hole in the yard,thats what a bath is for..and so what if they are not in sunday dress just to run to a store,,and who cares if they have choclate on their faces by the time we get to town...these things bother me no more,i find laughter in them worries...And so what if little charley wanted to stay up half the night in my arms and watch the sun come up ,when i will be out all morning in the sun watching billy compete in field day all the while watching and keeping up with an excited kolby????? no worries,,,these things all to soon shall pass...and you and i,will miss them....

What do i like most....unconditional love....time...memories...change...chance..laughter....hope ..dreams ...and tears that must go hand in hand....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!

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Pikes Pickles said...

Ahh, such a sweet post. This is so touching it had me in tears. Good luck with the contest.