Saturday, December 13, 2008


A quick post to help a friend out.I myself like to “get paid to fill out surveys”.I have been doing surveys for years.A lot of companies honestly pay you to work for them.Sometimes they take less than 5 minutes,but most run from 15-45 minutes.Each survey pays different and each one will tell you what to expect.

Just do be careful when signing up.There are a lot of “legitimate paid surveys” out there but
Scammers love to use good sites to mess you up.Do a quick google search and you can find all the info you need.I myself do not endorse all the info here but offer it to you so maybe it can help you out like surveys do me.good luck!
In these hard economic times a lot of us are looking for a
“second job”

finding a side job that you can do from home sometimes is difficult ,but very possible,so by finding a way to
“earn income online” you are saving drive time,gas money,and getting to be your own boss.Not too mention like my situation,i am not able to work away from home with the grands here a lot.Try it ,see if it workd for you..Good luck

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