Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Happenings =Contest's and giveaways in blogland!

Good morning friends,
It is cold this morning here in south alabama,the fire is blazing in the front and kerosene heater in the kitchen..All is well..;)I have 2 -3 year old's asleep on their ''pallet'' in the living room and little charlize mae is asleep in the crib next to them.As my readers know little kolby mainly stays with us ,this is home to him,and i was watching charlie mae where julie could go with darrell to work last night.They were playing in town this weekend,his band,50 miles north.Then at 9 pm ,Adam brings little adam,3,(neighbors)to stay because his mom has gotten drunk and acting crazy in front of him.Of course the little fellow does not need to see that if at all possible so of course he could stay.All 3 got asleep around midnight.Charlie was up at 6 and now went back to sleep..So nannabee has a little while to jump on here before they all wake your weekend goes well.Christmas is almost upon us again.A lot of people are getting stressed out this year.My wish for you is don't!Christmas is for remembering an act of love,Jesus, and i think,making us try and act the same.I don't mean we literally go die for people,jesus did that,but we can show others love and caring in our ways.Donate if you can to someone in need,volunteer if you have the free time,take a meal to an elderly or sick person,visit nursing home and hospitals.clean someones home for free,cook them a meal,babysit a night,Visit childrens hosp's and take a few gifts and smiles to the children there.Place food or gfts on someones door and from afar..any and all these will give you a feeling inside nothing else will do..and above all take time to pray for others as well as our nation and leaders,We need this badly,and always be thankful to god for all he has done,guidance of the holy spirit and for jesus,who showed us the ultimate act of selfless love.
Merry Christmas all!! god bless

Betty~Simply Southern



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QuicKutz is sponsoring an awesome contest over at

vanillajoy-you can win a Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter by QuicKutz and let me tell you i want this!!!! i need one badly,kind of hard to buy something for myself with all the young babies i have in my immediate family!kids must come first,so i would jump and scream for joy to win this...i have been wanting to open an etsy store and this would enable me to do it to help with finances as well as be able to do something i enjoy again!!!
Here are some of my favorite features about the Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter:

* You can cut your design any size between 1/4″ and 8 ” tall and up to 39″ long. That’s a pretty exciting range of possible sizes!
* Because the Silhouette hooks straight up to your computer, you have access to all True Type fonts - your font possibilities are endless and FREE. I know I probably have hundreds of fonts, and that much freedom and selection in a digital craft cutter is pretty darn awesome.
* Learning how to set up and use the Silhouette is easy - I felt comfortable with the program almost right away.
* All your files/designs are stored on the computer in one place, so they’re easy to access and you don’t have to think about storage.
* You can download designs from the QuicKutz website straight to your computer, so instant gratification! No waiting in line or having to go out in the snow to get a new design.
* The Silhouette also cuts adhesive vinyl, and with an 8″ maximum height, a 39″ maximum length, and all of the fantastic QuicKutz designs, you can do some pretty fancy home decor stuff all on your own. The Quickutz vinyl comes in lots of bright and beautiful colors too!
* You can create your own designs and cut them out. This is probably one of the coolest features of the Silhouette, especially if you’re a talented artist. You can create and cut your own designs - a potential Etsy business!

ends Saturday, December 13, 11:59 pm PST==today!!!!she has other contest on site as well.go check it out!

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