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DIY crayola crayons~Giveaways,

Homemade crayola's..sound like fun?These are soooo easy to make readers and fun too!Just ask your kids..They can have fun and get clean too.I would like to take time as well to thank a few blogs that i have won giveaways at the last couple months before the recipe.I thank God as well!!YEP...i pray when i do contest and ask for blessings on them..Take a moment and go by and say hello.These are all wonderful blogs.I added these on here to encourage you to look at other bloggers blogs ,meet some really nice folks,gather info and maybe win something you or a family member needs!I only enter the ones i could use at home or a family member.Don't just enter just to do it.Leave the one's you can't use for others please..just tell them hello and spread the news!Make sure you visit the sponsor's ,without them the reviews and giveaways could not happen at all!!!
Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks to all of you....
May god bless us all and everyone try and stay warm
Don't forget to thank God For your blessings today...yea you do,,everyone has grace from day to day..sometimes we have to look hard...;)

Betty R.~Simply Southern
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Homemade Bath Crayons

1 bar Ivory soap
Warm water
Food coloring

Grate the bar of soap. You'll need about 1 cup of soap shavings. I use Ivory because it's very mild. It's what Grace's dermatologist recommended, and it's what we use at home. Unfortunately, there isn't a short cut to the grating, unless you use a food processor. You can't use detergent or powdered soap. They're too harsh.

Add food coloring and warm water, a few tablespoons at a time, to the soap shavings and mix until it forms a thick dough. You can add more water or soap shavings to get the right consistency.
Once the dough is firm, you can shape it into crayons by hand or press it into candy molds. I made ours into little cigars so that they'd be easy for Grace to handle.
At this point, you can leave the crayons out to dry and harden. Amy from MomAdvice puts hers in the freezer for 10 minutes or so, and then leaves them out to dry after that.


You probably want to test the crayons on your bathtub and other surfaces before you unleash the children with them. Make sure they rinse off.
Ditto with your skin. I learned that one for you.
I found some neon food coloring at my grocery store that is splendid. I love it.
If you want to make your crayons different colors (as opposed to all one color as in the instructions above), you can separate the soap shavings into smaller chunks, and mix each with water and food coloring to get the right consistency.
If you're interested, you can get real crayon-shaped molds at the craft store.
When you're all done, take some pictures! I'd love to see them.

Crayola recipe borowed from Feels Like Home Blog


Make sure you stay warm and check on the elderly,poor and pets!Protect home as much as u can afford from the cold weather.wrap up snug and warm at night,drip the pipes.

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