Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bubble's And Kat!! Money MakingScoop!!!Check them out (contest going on now tooooo)

Hello bloggers and friends! I have a couple sited i want you to check out..I really enjoy going by and right now they have 2 wonderful contest going on that you ned to enter!
What the peeps are talking about

Hey peeps. Kat and I arent getting as many viewers as expected so me, Bubbles is going to give away a free Ipod nano. All you have to do is send Kat and I a comment with your email on it. Also put your name on it so I can announce that you won. The more comments you send the more chances you get of winning. I will put each entry that you sent on a piece of paper, put it in a pot and randomly select a winner. I will emailing you saying you won and I will mail the Ipod nano to you.

What the peeps are talking about

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make sure you take their poll while there...


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Another Christmas Giveaway - XM Satellite Radio XPressRC
December 20th, 2007 by Chris Jacobson · 1 Comment
Thanks to a friend of mine at XM Radio who e-mailed me and donated a second radio to give away to my readers. The Delphi XPressRC is the first ever colour screen satellite radio receiver. It includes a car kit, remote control and a plethora of features (see link above). MSRP: $169.99.

How do I enter?

The rules for this giveaway are the same as the first - just reply to this post and consider yourself entered.

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MoneyMakingScoop--enter now!

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