Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pot Belly Pig at the Fireplace ! Vaccination Recall! (contest lookout as well)

The clouds are beautiful this morning!i love the strat clouds.We have a small chance of rain in the forecast as well.Finally i think for us,we have got close to coming out of drought,at least for the time being.I see water staying in the ditches again for several days after rain has left and water also is still coming out of the ditch banks up and down the road.Been a while since i saw that.I would like to see the creeks and rivers back up closer to normal,but with the exception of clear creek(whose mouth starts near here) that is not the case.
I do believe i have found a home for my pot bellied pig,arnold.She has just gotten too big for my household!When someone shows you this very cute little piglet,and says oh,,,,it just gets 35 pounds,DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!!!!!
I payed for one for my grands last year ,potty trained ,sets for you and got used to staying in house...Arnold is now about 140 pds.!And still stays in at night!Just gotten too big ...We have a fireplace we use mainly for heat.Night before last we awoke to the shrill beeping of the smoke alarm AT 2 AM..apparantly arnold had dragged her blanket too close to the fire and it was a flame!Thank goodness for smoke alarms!So time for arnold too go...That is not the only reason,i keep the fireplace grate in front of it usually,just a list of things .Not too mention new babies on the way..I am being very cautious who i give her too ,,,Too many folks see bacon and pork chops when they see her,she is a pet,not food!!!!
But i can not stress smok alarms too much right now..Before that accident even had time to get bad the alarms were going off..If you still do not have smoke alarms in your home,GET SOME!!!!They recommend one to every entry(and i do too!)of doorways.They could very well save your home and your life and your loved ones!At the cost of a few bucks a peice,get a hand full!

Certain lots of the Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine and the combination Hib/Hepatitis B vaccine produced by Merck & Co., Inc. have been recalled by the manufacturer. These vaccines are given to young children as part of the regular immunization schedule. The Hib vaccine prevents certain forms of meningitis and pneumonia. Merck decided to recall the vaccine because it found that the equipment used to make the vaccine could become contaminated. The vaccine in the recalled lots has not been found to be contaminated and it is not likely that a child who received a dose of the recalled vaccine will have a problem. Parents of children vaccinated with recalled vaccine within the past few weeks should watch for any signs of infection and contact their physician if there is swelling or redness at the injection site. Children who have already received this vaccine do not need to be revaccinated. Other sources of the vaccine are available, so a shortage may be avoided. At this time pediatricians are advised to discontinue use of the affected lots and to continue immunizing their patients as usual. If a temporary shortage occurs, doses could be delayed for certain ages. Children at higher risk for Hib infections should be vaccinated on schedule. For more information, go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Q and A.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CONTEST LOOKOUT THIS MORNING!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Win $25 With One Post~~~I was over @ THE BLOGSCAPE this morning and they are running a neat little contest!CHECK IT OUT READERS...

I’m still thinking about drawing in traffic to the site and I’ve decided to start up a small contest. Its as simple as the title says. All you have to do is post on your blog, or website with a link back to this page.

After I confirm that you actually posted it and didn’t just say then I will leave a list of links on this page of everyone that linked here. Make sure you leave a comment telling me you did this or it won’t count! The contest ends one December 24, 11:59 PM CST. (Our Christmas gift to you.)

You get multiple entries for different things though…So you should pay close attention.

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I really like the concept of this contest!WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY???
Think about that..what do you think he would get?

Enter to Win: 'What Would Jesus Buy?

Let us know what you think by posting your opinion in the comments box below by Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007. Don't forget to include your email address where it asks for it (it won't be made public). The top five answers, ...

belief net..enter now!

while you are here make sure you look around at all the nice printouts available there! These are easy to get and the site is simple to navigate,,laid out very well!AND THEY ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!ENJOY!!!!!

Kids love stickers, there is no getting around it, so print out some and have fun!

Printables for kids giveaway!
The Homeschool Minute
win ''the white senaca''! ends:::December 31, 2007
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Holiday Giveaway: "It's a Wonderful Life" special edition train set

The folks at Lands' End have generously provided our final giveaway of the season, a special edition Lionel train set featuring scenes from the award winning film It's a Wonderful Life. This beautiful $299 O-Gauge set hearkens back to the days before video games and computers, when kids dreamed of a train set under the tree. This set doesn't disappoint with a genuine die-cast metal locomotive, two cars with opening doors and a classic red caboose.

Bohus couldn't resist taking a look inside the box and gleefully reports that the engine features a real air whistle, puffing smoke and an illuminated headlamp. The set runs on AC power and features remote-controlled forward, neutral and reverse. It also includes magnetic couplers, along with metal wheels and axles to ensure miles of trouble free service. The track features a textured roadbed to help keep everything in place. It's recommended for ages 8 and up, and I suspect grown-ups will have as much fun as kids!

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