Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Vacation~School's Out!!!! Contest Review

Well it is the day for screams and laughter at school! CHRISTMAS VACATION...The kids are
Some parents are excited ,for others the heathens are home..For me it is a good thing.I will go pick up billy (grandson age 5)after lunch and get back before the bus arrives with zack(my teen).Kolby is happy,he misses Billy during the week,Heck we all do..
Last night the rain came down beautifully.My guess is we got a good 2 inches all together.I was amazed to see the lightening and hear the thunder as well..It's the middle of December!
Julie is becoming accustomed to our Alabama weather and temps., she is from Arizona.The humidity is a big change as well as raindrops pretty often,although she does not care for the
I hope the new owner of Arnold the pig shows up today.Just can't have him setting the blankets on fire again!And i found out last night me and my nephews horse,midnight,attempted to jump the fence and cut himself pretty badly.He had to have stitches ,it is pretty bad under his leg and stomach i am afraid.I hope all goes well with him,He is such an easy going horse and wonderful with everyone that rides him,he just thinks when he wants out,he should get out...No matter how big the pasture is and how much food there is..
Kolby stayed a while with his mom yesterday for the first time in almost a year.I was leery of it,but i think all went well.he said he had a good time and so did she.I just so wish things had not worked out this way for the grandbabies...Why can't parents be good parent's anymore,,,at least try!I just don't understand that and never will.....Only thing i can see on this is just some people are not parent people...
I just pray everyday the lord gives me and the other nanna the strength,knowledge and patience to raise these little boys the best we can.They have been failed enough..I also think about the little one she is carrying now(yep!)..How will this work out?How come so many women are having babies that they do not want responsibility for caring for?????It is becoming so wide spread.Use too i said men were sorry at a high percentage..Now i believe the women are sorrier than men!How do you carry a baby inside you for 9 months(more or less) and not have some kind of love?Wheather it is an unselfish love that can give it to loving parents through adoption,or being parent yourself...This world has become a very cold hearted place i am afraid....


We will cutting wood either today or tomorrow and we have a client who wants some cleaning done up in town.Extra money is always good!It is always a godsend..We cut and deliver firewood as well for several folks,keeping price down cheaper than most we hope to add even more customers this year.It is extra money as well as cleaning the forest of old dead trees.We harvest no green..only seasoned wood.They say cold temps by Christmas.We shall see,,lol,,,
I have also spent a little time this week entering blog contest..I have won a couple of things as wll the last 2 month's..That was a nice surprise..They are fun to do and made a few christmas presents for me to give out....I try and add some on here along,i just don't want this blog to become just a contest blog...i want it to reflect other things as well..But i have had positive feedback on adding the contest and giveways ,so will continue to add for you...
Well the morning will quickly pass and my toddler will be up,so let me finish out with a couple contest for you....
until tomorrow ,good lord's willing,,,,,

~~~Betty~Simply Southern

Book Giveaway - Taming Rafe by Susan May Warren

Author Susan May Warren is giving away 25 preview copies of "Taming Rafe" on January 1 -- be one of the first to read about this bullrider and the woman who "tames" his heart.

To enter, click below and fill out the Contest Entry Form and put the words, "I want Rafe!" in the contest question answer box and hit submit. You will be entered in the contest and subscribed to Susan’s private newsletter mailing list.

She'll be announcing the winners in her January newsletter.
a book blogger giveaway!
SFist Gift Guide Giveaway -- NapaStyle
We already expounded the rustic virtues of Michael Chiarello's NapaStyle: a place that helps you get that Napa Valley look, feel, and taste. (Speaking of Chiarello, what happened to his show on KQED? Did he make the move over to the Food Network? While he's no Joanne Weir -- who is, really? -- we enjoyed watching him at times.) What's nice about the place is that it won't overwhelm you in the way that Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table will. And how.

For a quick last-minute gift, head on over to NapaStyle for a bottle of fancy vinegar. Or a fancy micoplane. Or a jar of fancy truffle salt. Or a fancy spork. (We'll double-check on that last item.) And to sweeten the deal, enter our contest and you just might win a $25 gift certificate. Yay, you!
SFist Gift Guide Giveaway -- NapaStyle
win a 25.oo gc--napa style!

Contest - December 2007 - New You with New Beauty - Part 3

i would like to present to you a prize package valued at $500 as our end-of-the-year blowout giveaway! TEMPTALIA has put together a stocked-to-the-brim makeup soft case with so many products, it’ll blow you away! ...
TEMPTALIA has put together a stocked-to-the-brim makeup soft case with so many products, it’ll blow you away! We are so stoked to be able to announce this finally, as this prize is worth $500! That’s right–$500 smackaroos–and it’s all yours for the taking (and it weighs over 10 pounds)! We want to be able to give one deserving reader the chance of a lifetime: a do-it-yourself makeover. We’re going to supply all of the goods so you can truly embrace your “New You” for 2008 with this jam-packed case of “New Beauty.”

Winner will receive…

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads
Clinique Long Pretty Mascara
Clinique Pink Bamboo Lipstick
DuWop Lip Venom Trio
Eminence Herbal Eye Makeup Remover
Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Lotion


2 Chances to Win a $50 Gift Card in Time for Christmas

I've been working on a cycling and outdoor gear search on this site for a little over a year. I have a lot more things I want to do with it plus some things need fixing. With my limited time, it will be a while before I get to some of the things.

Here's your chance to help me and win a $50 gift card. So that I can spend my time working on things you think would make the biggest difference, I'm going to give away a gift card in return for suggestions.. cycling and outdoor gear search page
Look around, search for something you're dreaming about for Christmas. Then write a comment on this post with what you'd like added or what needs improving.


ULTRA ROB'S ADVENTURE HURRY!!!!!!!!!!MUST BE submitted by Sunday night, December 23rd.

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