Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas festivities & RevoLOUtion~a new concept in movies!

Gifts have all been unwrapped and toys in the rooms.Paper piled high for recyclying,Food enough for tomorrow as well...We had a really blessed day.The entire family was here together.I laughed so hard at the laughter of the grandkids,Still sooooo easy to please at age 2 and 5.I am glad this is over,i do so love it but the older i get the more exhausted afterwards i am.
Billy was so happy his mom was here when he woke up,this made his morning,and of course the note that santa and rudolph replied back too(thanks to
I sincerely hope each and every one of you have a happy,healthy,blessed christmas...

Time to relax a little tonight ,i will finish cleanup in the morning..found some contest for you too do and maybe find a freebie ot two...

Betty~Simply Southern

I got some info on this and have been checking it out.He has an awesome concept and one all of us can be invloved in,This is great.So read a little more ,click on the link and even watch the movie!Remember ,you pay what you think the movie is worth!And if you blog about this movie, you will receive a producer’s credit at the end of the movie.

Revolution ~be a part!
A RevoLOUtion in the Movie Industry ::::::::

How many times have you walked into a movie, paid the $10 or so and walked out thinking you just completely wasted your time and money? I know it has happened to me a few times…

Let’s face it - the current “pay as you go” model is not ideal. Fortunately, it looks like one person is determined to change that. His name is Bret Carr.

Bret Carr, star of the new movie, RevoLOUtion, plans to change that through a new model where you pay what you think the movie is worth.

Sounds risky, right? Well, yes. If this model proves to be successful, it could turn Hollywood upside down. Watch this:

I met Bret Carr when I was most recently in Las Vegas for Pubcon. Bret is an accomplished actor, director and producer and, like I mentioned, he is the star of RevoLOUtion.

What is RevoLOUtion About?
RevoLOUtion is about a man who makes an incredible transformation from violent, stuttering street fighter to powerful communicator. Believe it or not, the movie was shot over a ten-year time span!

Bret managed to get two Oscar winners to give him their time and effort for free in order to create the movie. The story of how RevoLOUtion came to be is just as amazing as the movie itself, if not more so! Bret Carr has overcome incredible obstacles in order to have RevoLOUtion come to fruition.

According to Bret:

RevoLOUtion” is a movie about the most powerful experience of my life - a Rite of Passage I went through that freed me from a lifetime of insantiy & manic depression (I had lost a family and a $250,000,000 fortune — yes, read the Backstory).* The writer of five-time Oscar winner, The Deer Hunter, found this process so powerful that he jumped on board (for free), helping me embed the Rite of Passage into “RevoLOUtion”, so others could have a similar experience just from watching.

What is also revolutionary about RevoLOUtion is that, unlike traditional movies in which you pay prior to entrance, with RevoLOUtion you only pay what you think the movie is worth, a model recently used in the recording industry by Radiohead.

This is an innovative new business model which, at to a recent showing of RevoLOUtion in Los Angeles, resulted in people paying MORE than what they would have paid if they were paying standard ticket prices.
You Can Get Involved
Earn a producer credit for the movie! To anyone who blogs about the film, you can earn a producer credit on film’s final release. You can learn more about earning the producer credit here.

Revolution ~be a part!


Chicanduntroubled contest

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Chicanduntroubled contest


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Lelia Chealey said...

Just wanted to thank you for visiting my site & I hope you come back soon. Also, thank you for the sweet comment you put about my pregnant daughter. I am very excited about this little girl on the way. I'm getting baby fever & can't wait to kiss & hold her. Thanks again & I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.
Because of His Grace~
Lelia Chealey