Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas~A time for Jesus,Love ,Laughter,Smiles,Family and Faith..

Hi readers!
First offf i'd like to thank my new visitor's whom have came by and emailed me.For some reason many like to email instead of comment,so i thought i'd take the time to say hello and thanks!
My immediate family will celebrate Christmas tomorrow,Christmas eve..I decided to do it this way to avoid all the running back and forth between homes for other family members.Just makes it too confusing and stressful.This way the grandkids spend the day together and wake up together,then be able to have a day at other family members home to share as well..
I wanted to share a few photos of the kids leading up to Christmas with all of you.I know later it will be very busy for me.The grands are excited and know presents are tomorrow.I also have the meal to begin preparing this evening into the night as well as some friends and family members will be tonight to pop fireworks.We live in the country so fireworks are ok to do ,and it rained last night so no fear of a fire...;)I just hope this north wind dies down so it won't be so very cold for the kids and mom outside to do it.Robert,my brother went and bought a lot of them last night and brought them down and put them away,well most of them.The kids talked him into popping a few last
I will come on later today and write a little more,time permitting! lol....
Betty~Simply Southern

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