Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pics of My Grandson's ,Billy and Kolby!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND GOD BLESS!

I could not for some reason get the pics to load on my previous blog,so i had to do it this way..

Billy and Kolby are tucked warmly in bed,having dreams of surprizes and laughter no doubt.My brother robert came by tonight and we popped some fireworks.It is really too cold to stay out long,but they enjoyed it about 30 minutes!Ham is cooked and everything else ready to finish in the morning for dinner.Their mom rita,is suppose to be here in the morning before they wake to spend christmas with them.I pray for them she shows...
Adam came in tonight from upstate,our cousin,his wife is picking him up in the morning to be with them.Some of the family will come for dinner tomorrow ,but our extended family christmas dinner will be Saturday,,,,,

SOOOOOOOOOOO,i do hope you enjoy my pics,wanted to share with you....Dont Forget To Tell JESUS HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~~

Here is my oldest grandson billy,on the night we decorated the tree....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is a pic of my beautiful daughter in law julie ,with our youngest grandson kolby,they are hiding from the fireworks!lol...

Here is Kolby and Billy digging out their favorite fireworks!

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