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Weekend Contest Review~~I want to win the SONIC BOOK ALARM CLOCK CONTEST!!!

Happy 10 days till christmas!lol...ARE YOU READY??? i am ,,at least i think i am.I try and prepare long ahead and i did pretty good this year,with a plus that some of my gifts are handmade.Tree was cut and put ud last saturday when both my grandsons were here as well as son's and daughter in law.I like tree hunting with them each year.The weather here has been ridiculously warm for the past 2 weeks,highs in the 80's and lows in 50's.Tonight all that is suppose to change.The front moves throough and wind is suppose to be blowing from 15-20 mph tomorrow and tomorrow night with low temps.I really feel for the upstates,supposes to be a blizzard for them.

I have been looking around and come up with you a few killer contest and get out there and enter them.There are some really great blogs in blogville so give a look around. Make sure you sign up for the feeds on any you like so you want miss anything.


EASY WORD PRESS--christmas gifts,WIN A PRIZE!

I SOOOOOOOOO want to win this sonic boom alarm clock!
My son is so hard to wake up and he waill be moving out on his own soon,getting married.He and my brother as well are ''night people''.I don't mean they stay out late ,they just have trouble ever falling asleep and then in the morning they are like trying to wake a hibernating bear mid way thru the
When i saw this ,i laughted out loud.I could picture putting that under both their beds and watching them when it went off.Yea,i have a strange sence of humor i am I SO WANT THIS!!!click on the link below and check out all 6 of the coold gizmo's up for grabs,,,

Wanna carry Yoda on your back just like Luke Skywalker did? In return, Yoda will carry your books, laptop, clothes or whatever else you want him to carry.

It even looks cool if you’re a macho biker. The straps are adjustable and sized for adults.

Gift 2 - Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker ((I WANT THIS!!!!!))))

If you have trouble getting up early (like me) you’ll absolutely need this. This alarm clock will wake your entire neighborhood, and shake your bed so violently you’ll have no choice but to get up.

The Sonic Bomb Clock has an adjustable volume alarm with a maximum loudness of 113 decibels (just for reference, a jackhammer is about 100 decibels!) And the bed shaker does just that. Slip it under your mattress and your ears will bleed and your bed will shake, and there is no way you will oversleep.

Gift 3 - Marshmallow Shooter

The best non-lethal way to get even with your work colleagues or family members.

It is easy to fire and reload, making it perfect for quick attacks (or rapid defense). Holds up to 20 mini-marshmallows (I’ll include one pack of them) or you can use the foam pellets provided.

Shoots over 30 feet.
Magazine holds 20 rounds of ammo.
Shoots foam pellets or mini-marshmallows.
5 foam pellets included.
Gift 4 - USB Memory Watch

No time to back up your files? With the USB Memory Watch, you literally do.

This watch shows you the time (duh..) but also lets you store up to 2GB of data into it’s built-in flash memory stick.

Standard USB interface and USB extension cord included
USB 2.0 (read 4MB/s and write 3MB/s)
Sleek design, very lightweight (this is not a bulky watch)
Plug and play, easy operation (appears as a USB mass storage device)
LED indicator light shows device connectivity and data transfer
Operating Systems: Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 or higher
Shock proof and Anti-static
Water resistant to 20 meters (let USB connector dry before using)
Japanese movement with 3-year battery life
Memory size: 2GB
Weight: 1.5 oz (43 grams)
Dimensions: 1.5″ width x .375″ thick (watch face)
Gift 5 - Spaceman Moppel LED Light

The Space Man Moppel is the perfect buddy for the sci-fi lover. Each foot has two power magnets, so the Space Man can stand in almost any pose, any direction, and any gravity! The arms, legs, and neck are super bendy, too.

One hand is molded to hold a cable or two, and the other is a strong alligator clip for securing notes, thin wires, or anything else your mind can imagine. With a push of the button, your Space Man Moppel’s head will illuminate an area of your workspace in a soft, white, LED glow. And there is nothing as lovely as an LED glow.

How To Win Any of The 5 Gifts Above - Read Carefully

Write a post about our contest. The title should contain the name of the gift you want to win, something like “I Wanna Win The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock” - this helps us determine who wins what.

On your post, link back to our contest page. The correct URL for the link is........

NOW click below to read more and get entered!Just don't get my luck!

EASY WORD PRESS--christmas gifts,WIN A PRIZE!

Freeze 24-7 Contest!
Win Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum
& Freeze 24-7 Freeze & Go!
I haven’t tried either of these products yet, so the winner of the contest can tell me what he or she thinks! The Eye Serum says it “helps reduce puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, and other signs of aging.” It costs $115. The Freeze & Go “can be used under or over makeup, to fix fine lines, absorb excess oil and brighten skin for a flawless finish.” It costs $65.To win $180 worth of Freeze 24-7 products, just comment on this post with your name and email address (which will only be seen by me) and say you want to enter the contest. The contest ends on Sunday, December 16, 2007. I will randomly pick the winner, and then contact the winner via email.

Make Up Loves Me Contest
makeup loves me contest

head over and chek this out!

Mom's Blogging!


mom podcast

Boston Mamas contest

Boston Mamas -click here now
Many thanks to Braincandy for sending us review copies and to my mama reviewers for these thoughtful comments. Want to win a Braincandy DVD? FIVE WINNERS will receive one of Braincandy’s award-winning DVDs. Here’s how to enter to win:

Visit Braincandy's DVD collection and email with “Boston Mamas Contest” in the subject -- in your email, name one of the Five Senses characters (click on the DVDs in the online collection to learn more about the characters).
One entry permitted per person; US and Canada entrants welcome.

Entry period is between today (November 28) and December 23rd at midnight EST.

Blonde Reviews
blonde reviews!Win a book

Dawn from So a Blonde Walks Into a Review is hosting a fun holiday contest where you can win an autographed copy of Merry Christmas, America! Megawatt Displays Across the USA by Bruce Littlefield along with a vintage, Christmas treasure! Deadline to enter is December 19, so click on over and enter quickly!
Merry Christmas America! Megawatt Displays Across the USA

Bloggy Giveaways!!!!!
rocks in my dryer!BLOGGY GIVEAWAYS

she's got 4 contest going on right now!Enter quickly for your chance!

OFF BEAT HOMES CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
off beat homes-enter contest!

Contest duration: From the time this post goes up until the end of December 31st. I know it’s kind of a long contest but that gives you plenty of time to earn points and then I don’t have to deal with sending prizes during the height of the holiday season — last Christmas, Amazon and a few other places shut down for days and I’m so not going there again. I’ll announce the winners during the first week of January.

Who can win: Anyone except me. I officially disqualify myself. We all know I’d win ;)

How to win: Earn the most points. At the end of this Offbeat contest the three people with the most points will all win a prize.

Leave a comment: Each comment = 1 point.
Blog about this contest at your blog for 10 bonus points. Some of us have one blog and some of us have five plus blogs so to make it fair you can only earn these extra 10 points once. To get the 10 bonus points you just need to make sure to link back to this post.
There are going to be three prizes to choose from. If you’re a winner you can pick whichever one you like. If all three winners want the same thing that’s fine as well. I went with three offbeat-minded items that I personally like that are also easy to send. Hopefully there’s one prize here you’d enjoy.

1) The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes by Daniel D. Chiras
2) A year subscription to Dwell
3) Moxy. I figured it might be cool to include an offbeat kids item as a prize option.
head over and enter!!!! off beat homes-enter contest!
pajama mommy giveaway!

Now you are going to want to know how to enter this contest well there are a few ways we’re allowing you to enter!
As the apartment is being built I got myself thinking about another chair for the apartment that isn’t as heavy as the giant green one and can be easily put away for when we don’t have company, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the Canopy Chair people for a give away for you guys! This chair is awesome, not only is it easily converted to a “back pack” but it is so portable and super cheap! It is only $39.99
1. Comment on this article telling us your favorite color chair (this will be the one the winner gets)

2. Do a write up on your website of this contest, please do not link directly to the contest but you can link to the Canopy Chair website and tell them to come here for the contest. You just need to make a comment with a link to the post or email it to us!

3. Recommend someone else enter the contest. They just have to use your name in the
THis contest will end December 18th at MIDNIGHT EST.


ENTER THE CONTEST HERE--> pajama mommy giveaway!

little fun little learning!
The winner of this giveaway will receive two products of their choice from Oopsie Dazie. There are two ways to win the prize from Cindy.

1) Leave a comment below telling which product from Oopsie Dazie is your favorite.

2) Install the Little Fun; Little Learning giveaway button on your blog (the code is at the top ....CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE!

little fun little learning!
5 minutes for mom contest
The prize pack we’re giving away includes toys for a range of ages from baby to toddler to preschooler as well as the Mom & Baby Fitness DVD and three different CDs.
I wish Santa could drop off one of these prize packs for each of you… but the great news is that even if you don’t win the whole bag of loot, these toys are well priced and you still have time to get them under your tree.

Here’s a complete list of all the goodies in the prize pack:

Mom & Baby Fitness DVD
Rockin Sing-Alongs CD
Now I Know My ABC’s CD
Sleep Sounds for Mom CD
Garden Counting 1-5 Puzzle
Fruits & Vegetables A-Z
My MP3: Classical Music
Bee Bop Band
Pop Beads
Water Works
Bristle Blocks
Rev & Roll Bus
Petite Painter
If you want to win this prize, simply follow these two steps:

Publish a post on you................
CLICK TO READ MORE! ---->>> 5 minutes for mom contest

mommy cracked~christmas in dixie!
Boston Mamas contest

Boston mammas

Welcome to our December contest in partnership with Tiny Prints. Up for the winning is a $100 gift certificate. This contest closes at midnight, EST December 31, 2007. You may enter this contest once.

STEP 1: Create an account on tinyprints..
click to read more........
Boston mammas

**********************************while you are there!!!

issue is brought to you by Peanut & Beans, purveyor of handmade bibs. Peanut & Beans will gift TWO lucky newsletter subscribers (US entrants welcome) with a bib of their choice from the Peanut & Beans collection. Click here to enter to win this prize; entries must be received by midnight EST Friday, December 21.

And for more goodies, visit us regularly. We've got great daily giveaways lined up for this week!

Best wishes and happy holidays, Christine Koh, Publisher, Boston Mamas
Win A Bib

snow nation!win a pair of goggles

December is a month of giving and we are giving away Smith Triad Goggles to three (3) lucky winners.

Each goggle prize (retail value of $90) will have a separate contest ending at 11:59PM on December 31, 2007.

Listed below are the three contests and instructions on how to enter. Be sure to use a valid email address that you check, because if you win, we will contact you via that email address. Your email address is safe with us and will not be shared or abused in any way.

Contest #1: Enter by making comments on SNOWNATION. here now


Win $25 Cash From The IBD Health Blog
Do you own a blog? If you do, you can enter our contest to win $25 cash. We will award a $25 cash prize on January 1st to one lucky blogger. It’s easy to enter - just follow the rules below.

Baby Jamz Shape Sorter Contest:FROM A MOM'S REVIEW!!!!!

We wanted to give one of you the chance to win one of the toys from the new Baby Jamz toy line to see how well you like it. To enter to win the Baby Jamz Shape Sorter leave a comment on this post telling me you want to win by Sat. Dec. 22nd, 2007
Win a copy of Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix
Rules: legal US resident, 21+, void where prohibited
head over to the Goody blog now---->>> goody blog
Get your half of People You’ll See In Hell’s December income!

Submissions have been pouring in and we’re very excited to see who we get to announce as the final winner on the first day of the new year.

We’ve never run a contest before, and it’s kind of fun.

You can enter in one of three ways
people you'll see in hell-enter now
BLOG Paradise is hosting its first blog contest - The Christmas Paradise Contest! Up for grabs is a $45 T-Shirt coupon voucher from, where you can get for yourself some beautiful customized T-shirts. We would like to thank our kind sponsors, Kevin aka Zentro, OneBuckWiki Contest Page and FiveDollarWiki Contest Page for providing the prize.

This is a quickie contest which will run for around one week and end on 22nd December 2007 (12:00 A.M., PST) so that we can send you your voucher in time for Christmas.

It is super easy to enter this blog contest and this contest is open worldwide and to both bloggers and non-bloggers alike. All you need to do is to leave a comment on this post (in the comments form) and you get one entry (no spam please)! I love to give options so if you want more entries, you can do the following as well:

click to rad more!
Blog paradise contest
woman wardrobe needs contest!
CONTEST! You will want to check this out! I need one of these soooo badly...good luck!
HARDWARE Handbags wants you to be as big of a fan as I am... and is offering one of you a FREE bag of your choice! Just send an email to me with HARDWARE Handbags in the subject line (sorry, only US and Canadian residents for this contest) before Midnight, December 23rd, 2007 and a winner will be chosen at random. All who participate in the contest will be added to HARDWARE Handbag's mailing list so you will be kept abreast of any new products or promotions happening with the line.
click now!
woman wardrobe needs contest!

~Simply Southern~

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