Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food crisis-inpending recession-food crisis-time to prepare people

Hello all...hope your day is well...Julie went to her dr. today and she is dialating,so any time now we get to meet little miss chalie mae....We are all anxiously awating her arrival.I worry about the little one's in the world now.All the talk on food crisis and the impending''recession/depression.I do know we can get by just fine,we live in a lot of ways self sufficent,but it will be difficult to watch what unfolds if the worse case scenerio happens..And i honestly believe it will.There is such a high percentage of people who have no idea how to garden,store food for an extended period of time,dr. themselves at all,and worse case ,if we have electricity problems,and if job losses continue we quickly will and the government programs will fall out after that.There wil be hundreds of thousands if not more,homeless in a matter of weeks.I just don't see the ones who can sustain themselves, being able to care for these huge amounts of people.I do hope that more people will take advantage of the season and begin to plant if you have not already,there is still time.I urge you to do this.And if it is where you can ,you need to start stocking up on canned foods now and perishables...Dont keep waiting please.We have a garden going good and extra seeds for a fall garden as well.I have bought several window visors that can be used for a solar oven if needed.Already we also are stocking up on some shells,blankets,sleeping bags,buckets,etc.All these things will be needed if we have a collapse.And very soon after it is announced the shelves will be empty.If you are planning on waiting,you might better reconsider for your and your families sake.To much greed took over our nation and our world,i see us very soon reaping the results of this...I pray this does not happen but i also pray that if it does,we are prepared as best we could..Here are some more really good sites i have visited today,maybe you can find them useful..

God bless us all...
Betty ~Simply Southern

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