Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On coming food shortages,,Loss of job's..Please prepare now

Good morning all,i hope your weekend went well.Me and my neighbor burned off a field friday night and last night.He had the timber cut last year and it was time to clean it off.We discussed it being a nice place for a garden as well.That would make 3.I have one here at the house,1 behind his house and this one now maybe.Still time to get some things in the ground.Everyday the economy looks worse and worse.I hope there are a lot of people who are gardening this year.Food shortages,gas prices....whew...Depression here we come.I am not a doomsday slayer so ..don't go there,just a realist...look around,check history out and if you don't see an impending problem,you live in a rose colored glass.It is coming readers,it is.....has too to be able to fix this mess we have....No reason to panic at all,just prepare and you will be ok for the year or so i see it being bad.My worse fear in this is the people who will not prepare at all,either because they can't afford too(we are struggling) or the people who refuse to see a problem.These will be the one's who become the threats because they will be searching for a way to feed themselves and their families.It is not like it use to be,you could invite anyone into your home for a meal or a place to stay,and each help each other.It is a different world now,you invite them in and they steal all your stuff and leave or kill you...scary world we live in.....
would not hurt to have a back up plan for a job..Have a feeling a lot of ''mom and pop'' places will be coming out of this mess,be a good security blanket for everyone.Have a hobbie or talent ,put it to work for you...
I am beginning to do the white oak and willow baskets again(like my grandfather lee did),as well as handcrafts using natural elements..i'll post some pics soon.I also have started doing shower gifts ..diaper cakes,ribbons,etc...these wll be up soon as well..I am taking orders for them,so if this is something you are intersted in just let me know.

There are alot of great sites online to help you plan,grow food,canning it,stocking up,solar ovens.All kind of useful advise.I do hope you look into it while you still have access to internet...i really do............................

god bless us all.....

Betty~Simply Southern

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