Tuesday, April 29, 2008

president's speech,My thoughts & some contest

Happy Tuesday everyone...hope your day was a blessing...
I was watching the president's speech this morning and i for 1 saw some hints of things to come..encouraging us to buy local from farmer's market's(not encouraging trade)that it takes 6 weeks for the price of our gas at the pumps(price we pay) to show the buying cost for it today(which will reflect the price i said last november as well as many more ,would happen) will not reach us till june,making all gas over 4 bucks a gallon and more across the nation....
I do not blame president bush for this as a lot of folks do.It takes a lot more than his signature to make things happen...congress in my opinion hold the most guilt on this one along with some very stupid mistakes on capital hill over the past 20 years,as well as greed in America...And let's not forget about wanting and trying to take God out of everything we do(#1 stupid mistake) and last but certainly not least,the 4,000,000 babies we have allowed to be slaughtered like animals in the united states ,we call it abortion....I firmly believe we as Americans are fixing to pay for the way we have done...If you don't like that statement ,you have your opinion ,i have mine...One day explain it to Jesus....not me....

It is getting dry again here in south central Alabama,we have had to water the garden for a week now,the most needed rain didn't make it to our house...we will be planting the other garden this weekend,good lord will's..We have Julie's dr. appointment tomorrow ,maybe Charlie Mae will decide it is time..lol..Nancy went back to the dr. today about her back but i don't know what they found out yet,Rita took her...

Have a good night and may God Bless America again...
Betty~Simply Southern

I am an Opinionated Parent


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The Opinionated Parent

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