Monday, December 31, 2007

After a cup of coffee...or two: The Big Bloggy Move!

After a cup of coffee...or two: The Big Bloggy Move!

Megan at SortaCunchy and I were chatting about Blogger's (now different) comment policy and blogging in general, and our desire for a change, and in a flurry of emails (ok, it was a flurry of, like, three emails, but still, it can be hard for two moms with young kids to fit emailing into a busy day!) we came up with the idea that we should both debut our new blogs on the same day.

And then we thought maybe we should have a party and anyone else who had a new blog could join.

And then buttons were created and plans were made, and although I do this with the fear that it is only my excitement about my husband returning from deployment that makes me think this is a good idea, and maybe I was totally delusional when it came to me, I now announce (with fear and trembling) the details of...The Big Bloggy Move.

Are you looking to move to a new blogging platform or to self-host your blog?
Are you getting a new blog design for Christmas?
Is your New Year's Resolution to start a blog for the first time?
Then join us on Monday, February 11th for The Big Bloggy Move!

As long as your blog is new or a complete redesign (not just a new item in your sidebar, that would just be cheating) then you qualify! And we are giving you almost two months to work some bloggy magic.

On Monday, February 11th, come here to sign the Mr. Linky with your NEW blog address, and then visit everyone else's new blog, too.

Megan and I will both be hosting prizes on our new blogs that day, and if you'd like to host a prize at your blog, just put (prize) next to your name when you sign the Mr Linky.

And check back with Megan and I periodically, because we just might have a giveaway or two between now and then...including some FREE blog designs by some of your favorite designers!

But the details on that haven't been worked out yet, because I've had very important things to do, like stay up late watching movies with my hubby, and taking two-hour afternoon naps.

We have six months to make up for!

So mark your calendars for February 11th, add the code to your blog, spread the word, learn some html...or hire someone who knows some...

And get your move on, ya'll!

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