Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodby 2007,Hello 2008! NEW BEGINNINGS & Viechaotique

Today we have been cleaning up around the house and the yard.A good thing to go into the new year with.I have so tired of the same ole,same ole,in the house.So one of my things on my list of ''2008 nanna list'' are rearranging the house.Time for a new look and feel.The yard now looks sooooooo untidy it must be
Things have got behind this summer and fall ,i just have not had time to get it all done.A bit difficult with the little one's running around.Kolby will take off in a second when you turn your back on him,or at least he did.He is getting better now so soon maybe i can get it under control again!There are a couple overgrown tree's that must come down as well.Summer storms damaged one and i think bugs got the other one.
This is a day to think about all the good and the bad and plan how to make next year better!
What are my plans for 2008? I have a few things floating around i have put off this year for one reason or the other...

1.finish my children's book entitled ''possum''.It is a story on how a baby opossum came to be a part of a human family and a few of the mishaps that happened.I hope it encourages less fear on wild animals. This book is based on a true story.
2.I have some songs i have written that i need to get sent off ,see what happens there.
3.More work on pro life..I try to be a voice for the babies that have no voice.
4.Be an advocate for the elderly and sick and neglected kids.
5.My son is awesome at comic books.He ,akes his own,i plan to help him get that started off for him.
6.I want to get a web site for my photographs and my son's painting's(he is great!)
7. Planning for 3 new additions to our family come Spring ..My nephew and his wife and my son and julie are expecting thier first in april.
8. Work harder at being a better christian, mom,nanna,wife,aunt,daughter,sister and friend.(and
9.Try to give my testimony more.Meet more peoplle in need of jesus...

10.Try a few ideas on making extra money online.

I am already looking forward to spring,my favorite time of the year.Gardens to till and plant,flowerbeds to move and arrange,seeds to sow...i just love it.
Easter comes early this year so my plans for that will be beginning soon.I have a huge family and friend affair for that.The celebration of Jesus's love for us! Wow!!!!
W e do a big dinner ,hide eggs for the kids and play music outside.I also have the arrival of my new grandbabies this spring,and great neice or nephew,1 in april,and the other 2 in May! So there will be babies everywhere running around by am looking so forward to that.Sometimes i ask myself am i crazy?lol..
I have missed out with Billy and Kolby doing the typical grandparents stuff..We can't spoil em and send em home,,,they are home.I would not change that for anything, but when you are the ''parents'' of the grands it is different in that way.You are the disciplinarian and such..And of course at the same time have a 15 year old..But the good lord above gives me strength and i so pray for knowledge and wisdom not to make many mistakes raising them.
Darrell and Julie are going over to a friends house tonight .They are having a bonfire for new years.How many times through the years have a done that!And always had a blast..They don't drink so i don't have to worry about that.
Well on to the remainder of my new years eve afternoon,I wish you all a very blessed and safe NEW YEAR...

Betty~Simply Southern

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~Betty ~~Simply Southern

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