Thursday, January 3, 2008

Uncovering the Truth~~~Veri chip implants in Human~

This will be a short blog with links to go read more!I think that will be best.This is a very real threat reader's,one if we overlook and allow to happen & begin,there will be no stopping what comes later.You would be tracked and monitored by the government and who ever else wants to.
This would not be good.Privacy is an important thing.One we just can not give up.If you think this is for the betterment right now,just read revelations to kind of give you an idea what and will happen.
Do something now! WHILE YOU CAN AS A PEOPLE....
Please take a few minutes to look over this and pass along the links to your readers maybe.Contact the one's you can in office,tell them no!
God bless us all...
Betty~Simply Southern

Anti Chips!


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