Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Sunday in the South and sweeps!

Maybe i have the kinks worked out now and back on...Let's a great weekend with the grands,we went down to the creek and had a blast..aaahhh the innosence of childhood.They can find all kinds of fun things to do no matter where you are.
Hope your weekend went as well.Of course the economic view is still bleak,i have faith it will all work out,and it will one way or the other.I hope you are making plans to vote this year.It is very critical we get some people voted in that will get our country back on track.My opinion that is McCain....

Here are a few sweeps and fun things to do!!!!
Before i sign out i want to mention a contest most anyone reading this would be interested in!A contest to win A complete Mosquito 86 McCulloch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower kit...Those pesky mosquito's are everywhere and oh the problems they carry.We live out in the country with a creek and a bog right down the road.So for us it is a fight in the evenings to keep from getting ''eaten up''.We lost a horse to mosquito bites a couple years ago,(even after having his shots) and i did a lot of research into mosquitos when that happened.People did you know you can die from mosquito bites??? I have several grandsons that i have here regularly, i do not like to use deet a lot so i have discovered that plain dryer sheets mask the smell of humans and you will not get bitten and they are safe to use.BUT.....if i had one of these Mosquito 86 McCulloch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower kitS.....MOSQUITOS DEAD!!!! sO RUN OVER TO oNEpROJECTcLOSER
And sign up for your chance to win...But this one i'd love to win ..would be great for all the times the babies are over AND what a product to review!...good luck everyone!

God bless us all....
Betty~Simply Southern


over at Something Snapee
she has a cool contest running from Alli

Alli is giving you the opportunity to see how awesome her work is! She has graciously offered a $40 gift certificate to one of her readers! She has some beautiful origional's ,see for yourself! To enter go to something snappee now!


Sage & Savvy

Sage & Savvy have a kickin contest for a lovely baby blanket. bABY BAMBU is sponsoring a generous giveaway so that THREE lucky winners can experience the beauty and softness of their line of products. They are giving away THREE fleece crib blankets (valued at $41), choice of stitching. entry deadline is October 6, 2008,so click here now to enter! Sage & Savvy enter now

Tired of having to check everything before putting it on you or your child? Then go NATURAL!
How would you like to win a bottle of your own All Natural Hand Wash?! check out essiekay05


To enter to win the Dressy Dribbles “Bundle of Love Blanket”, all you need to do is leave a comment on their post telling them ...
want to find out more and enter? of course you do,,if you have never attended the online baby showers then let this be your

first! There are all kinds of goodies up for go on....enter here!!!!
accidental mommies click here now!

Mom Dot has two wonderful prize packs that she has put together to help YOU, mom, relax. I mean, your on the

computer..shouldnt you be napping or something? So to reward you for your faithfulness of coming by MomDot, they wanted to

FORCE you to relax.
Two winners will each receive a set of moisture gloves and moisture slippers from The Happy Company and a set of shampoo

and conditioner from David Babaii. That’s FOUR prizes total for each person!
so hurry over to
while you are there check out all her contest at
,including ....Would you like to win an

AngelPack baby Carrier for you or a for a friend? We want you to be blessed with a chance to own one! Retailing for $139,

this will be the baby carrier you grab first too. AngelPack has generiously donated an AngelPack LC Soft structured baby

carrier for a lucky winner.((oh i soooooooooo need this ..)))))Contest will end Friday October 3rd! click now readers!

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