Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Debate,Wall Street -Contest=Giveaways

Good morning!
How many are going to watch the debate tonight? I hope you do.This is such a crucial time to be deciding our next president.He will have such a mess to fix i am afraid.I heard a comment last night on the news,said people were very leery of wall street.The financial guru whom was speaking ,said ''no fear''. the old wall street we had is no more!Is that a good thing?Off the top of my head i would say ...YES! It is sad that we came to point that wall street could almost destroy us from within(with help of course) with predictions.....wall street was looking like an auction house for slaughter,only it wasn't beef being led in,it is our jobs,money,gas and futures...sad,sad...
Today, the moose-hunting mom is the most talked-about woman in the world,That would be Sarah Palin.Great to see a ''LADY'' being talked about ..;) I personally like the lady.I think she DOES have the capabilities to run the white house if needed.There is something about her that reminds me of princess Diana.We didn't all know her to begin with ,BUT the whole world fell in love with her within 10 years and i think Mrs. Sarah has the capabilities to make us all fall in love with her as well.She has good morals and values.She may not be the best speaker we have ever heard or best debater,but God knows we have had our share of them already and look at the mess we are in.So on that note i think we need some GOOD people in the white house and then some GOOD CONGRESSMEN (or ladies) to back them up.You know i can't help but look at what they stand for more than what they want.And i am sorry,but anyone who stands up and says that abortion should be ever woman's choice,IS NOT WHITE HOUSE MATERIAL ANYMORE...Look at it this way...If our leaders can not TRY to protect an innocent child,who has known no wrong,HOW CAN I DEPEND ON THEM TO Help ME? you can't.I know i stir a can of beans...But i would like to note this before i end my rambling today,just something to think about.
+++When we all stand before our Lord one day(and we will believe it or not),and the blood cries out to God of the 5,000,000 + unborn babies we in America alone have allowed to be slaughtered in the name of abortion,He may ask..Did you try to save even one of these?What will you say??? EVEN ONE???+++
You may not be able to stand on street corners,may not even know much about abortion,you may say i don't agree with it but it is their choice.But you know what?If you willingly vote someone in to run our country who says it is OK...You have agreed with them,and allowed another baby to be killed..Someone's grandchild,sister,brother,aunt,uncle,cousin,son or daughter.Think about that when you go to vote.I had this decision to make ,and for a while it was not easy this year.The country is in such distress right now,i am republican mentally,but if i know a democrat would lead better and have the morals our forefathers did i would vote for them.There were several MEN who were ''vice president possibilities'' for McCain,that in no way could i vote for them.Had they been chosen i would have had to write in a candidate..That really tore at me.The thought that i would have no say in it,broke my heart.But ALAS...Someone took that position that none ,mostly anyway,saw coming!After checking her out,i now can vote ,have a say,and believe in my heart i have done the right thing. I have told my son over and over,GOD ALWAYS GIVES A GOOD CHOICE,makes it fair..And he has.In the form of a Baby toting Momma from Alaska..


That's the way is see it amidst our depression of 2008!!!!!We need some hero's and amongst the ruin they usually rise...God Bless The USA ....

Betty~Simply Southern
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happyathome said... hit it right on the head! Amazing how I have not seen many blogs express what you did and I am with ya 100%! BTW, thanks for posting my giveaway and I watched the debate, no train wreck there she held her own!

m said...

I watched the debate and loved it:)
She did great.

Briana @ Bargain Briana said...

You are the winner of my giveaway! Please email me @ with your address so we can get this mailed out! Thanks!