Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweeps and Freebies! Smile People

Since the news is depressing(i don't like depressing),i'll turn it off and do some contest.That always cheers me up.You get to meet new writers,check out some awesome blogs,favorite a few to return and maybe even win something you could use..Now see,thats's good news...Getting a free present in October!!!I know myself with 5 under the age of 6 to buy for this year ,anything i can win for them or a family or friend helps me make them smie..I wish you luck with all the contest you enter and thanks to all the great bloggers and sponsors for the contest and gifts you share with us!!!!
ps...several of my grands are sick with a cold ,my aunt will be having a heart cath in morning and my sister has a back tumor..i would sure appreciate you adding them to your prayers..Thank you..

Have a great week and may God Bless ... (((and as usual ,since i can not get the html to work right,please right click on link and open in new window to keep from leaving this page..)))

Betty~Simply Southern

awrestlingaddictedmom has a retro contest open now,For the month of October, she'd like to introduce you to their great and fun line of Whirl-O’s. You might remember something similar from your own childhood. . A yo-yo without a string basically, this toy yet so simple provides so much fun to both adults and children. A Whirl-O is a hand held magnetic spinning toy that you can play with and do really cool tricks with, without having to coordinate too much with a string, or have the hassle of tangling happening. It’s kind of a cross between a yo-yo and a top. is sponsoring this contest!WIN your very own Whirl-O Lightening or a Whirl-O Trick Deck Set. That’s right, she'll be giving away 5 of each!!! That’s 10 winners in total!so get going!!
awrestlingaddictedmom click now
Have you been over to Your Impact Matters ?If not you should check out the blog..Some great ideas and info there ,and right now,yep,you guessed it ,they have a cool contest running thru october 15th! ReVamped Creations store on Etsy. has donated a beautiful recreated purse for us to win!
Your Impact Matters ,right click now

stop by tarasviewoftheworld.blogspot ,really fun blog with contest.stop by and enter daily until october 5th!One winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate for Good for the Kids.Check out the bottles and sippy cups!BPA free....
One winner gets a Martin DX 175th Anniversary Limited Edition guitar. Contest ends 11/02/08.
Win it!

How would you like to win the TI-Nspire for your family?valued at $125.00?? To enter:go to
An Island Life

Thanks going out to Texas Instruments for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

guys and gals while you are there at an island life ,this is a must have for all u with little ones in the house!
she has 2 copies of BabyBabyOh Baby to give away to 2 lucky winners. enter by oct. 8th.BabyBabyOhBaby sells for $ is the direct link to this contest island life .thanks to BabyBabyOhBaby.

and last but not least,,,,,,,,she has a halloween costume contest from The Halloween Party Store
to give away to one lucky reader a $100 gift certificate.So it is just around the corner,wouldn't this be great to win? island life halloween contest

vals views has a cute contest thru Saturday 10/04/08 at 11:59 pm est. US addresses only please. Good luck to all who enter!


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