Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economic crash~What happened~Contest

Happy October everyone!!!
(contest on bottom)
Well for a lot i suppose it is not too happy....Stock market falls,bail out doesn't happen,banks being bought out for unheard of low prices...Depression of 2008 ,here we are.I try really hard to stay optimistic ,no way will i allow negative thoughts to stay too long at a time.You will get depressed that way.Been there ,done that,NO MORE...Not a good way to live.So positive thinking it is.I can be glad now i am in a lower class of living,home paid for,not near as beautiful as some,but it is comfortable,cozy and inviting and i grew up here...so that is good.My kids and grands are in good health as far as i know,that is a blessing within it's self thank
God.What i would really like to see come out of all this is the greed and self righteousness that we have filled America with come out!A lot of people and co.'s have become overly rich at the expense of someone else over the years.Love thy neighbor has become a forgotten rule.Give and it shall be given unto you has become something most laugh at....These rules were put into place for a reason...If you care about each other,we have someone at all times who cares.I don't care who you are ,at one time or another you need someone.Wouldn't it be great if it were like it was years ago?You fell on hard times,neighbors from all around came to help.House burn,neighbors come and you build another one.Need a barn or a shed?Heck they'd come from miles around to help build you one and have a buffet spread out on a table from all the ladies for miles.It turned into a huge party!Everyone gave of themselves for others because they cared and knew if they needed the same thing ,you'd come to them.No one was afraid to leave windows and soors open..If someone passed by at meal time ,you'd invite them in..Now you are scared of them because they are probably there to rob you or worse!Children walked roads and visited each other on bikes,horses or just walking,Now you are afrais to let them because there are so many child molesters... ....What happened here that made us change? We forgot about God,we became
self righteousness
lack of respect,morals,descency,love,HARD WORK .

If the economy crashing can bRing back any of these good things so that my grandkids and kids can grow up in a better place,i say....BRING IT ON....

Betty ~Simply Southern
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Also would like to hook you up with a really cool site i was just visiting! Green Mom Finds You know with all the chemicals and poisions that are all around,we can use all the help we can get to cut down on them.The more green we go the better off us and our families are.So get a cup of coffee,glass of tea,whatever your desire ,head over and look around.I assure you ,you will find something that gets your attention.Join the community and take advantage of what it has to offer!make sure you look over the forums,,good stuff here...
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berrie sweet picks and boon is giving one of their readers a chance to win this wonderful highchair!I would love to have this myself with all the new grands and great nephew!The Flair chair retails for $229.99 and comes in either blue and white or orange and white. ONE lucky winner gets to choose their color scheme when she randomly choose's an entry at midnight, EST, on October 7.Here are the specs on the goods: Boon's site says the Flair has a chemical resistant waterprrof pad (nice...), a five-point restraining harness (really nice...), and an adjustable position, compact tray ...

Also sounding pretty cool are the urethane castors that make it easy to slide the Flair anywhere without a scratch on your floor. Awesome!!! Oh, and dare I mention that this bad boy seats a child up to 4 years and 50 pounds?????
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Blonde reviews contest
Want to win a case of Dial Complete right here?
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Blonde reviews contest
To enter this drawing, just send us an email with the subject line “I need cards!” Deadline to enter is Friday, October 10 at midnight.email to contests@themamalog.com ------ thats all
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another great place i'd like to remind you of is momdots.,,she also has some really good contest going on now..look around ,enjoy yourselves!


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Most bloggers know laura!Laura has a very neat site jammed pack full of fun!One of the first blogs i was introduced to several years ago when i started blogging..right now laura has a contest going on. She has one Sesame Street K'NEX set to give to one of her lucky readers,,click here now===>>>>laurawilliamsmusings



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Hi Betty! Thank you for sharing our contest taking place at Cool Photo Ideas for a free Photo Insert Purse. I also wanted to thank you for letting us know about the "Steal Me' button not working! We have it fixed now if you would like to come by and steal it! Good luck in the contest - and stay tuned because we have plenty of more great items to share and giveaway!


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