Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Official.We are in a Recession(duh) --frugal tips/freebies/contest/coupons

Happy (official)recession day! lol..may as well laugh about it.What's done is done,now each of us have to do what it takes to get by until this is better,They are saying could last 2 years,so i highly recommend learning new ways to save money and be frugal(if you are not already!)
I like to use coupons.Buy your Sunday paper,they always have good coupons.Buy 3 of them,have triple the coupons.Then look online and in sell papers,and find these products you have coupons for on sale!And even better,find stores close to you that double coupon values on certain days and then go shopping!Coupons with you of course!Hey and don't forget ,a lot of stores will match prices of other stores just trying to get your business!Did you know walmart did that! YES THEY DO.have your sales paper for other grocery stores and deal with them..If you have any problem always ask to speak with the manager.This means if Piggy wiggly has chicken breast for 1.29 pound,then walmart will match that!See what i am talking about.They do not publicize this but they do...Bet a whole lot more people start taking advantage of this...
Also make sure you sign up on a forum that has online coupon links..Like slickdeals,fatwallet,and coupon forum just to name a few.And as well they have freebie links that you can send for samples and sometimes full products!If you have never did this and want to know a little more about it,send me a comment,i'd be glad to help you out and get you going.
I also like to enter contest.I like the blogger contest because other than just getting a chance at winning something useful,you also will meet some really nice people and maybe learn some things you did not know.To get started just visit some of the ones on my sidebar...
If you don't have a freezer,try and find you one.You can usually find one in classified papers pretty cheap.It is a great investment,especially now with food prices going up daily!Did u know you can freeze dry beans!rice!
Now that fall is here in most parts,TURN OFF THAT AC, and let up the windows..It is cool enough lke that and you will save hundreds on your power bill!


To help out a little with finances here are a few samples and also promotions and contest.Procter & gamble always have something going on.If you are already a member just log in,if not go ahead and register,quick and easy!
right now on the sight they have samples of tide,pantene shampoo,prilosec and a coupon for oral b toothpaste 10.00 off!Good deal if your looking to buy one.get signed up and you'll see the samples and promotions on the bar at top,just click on them,and you can order more than one sample at a time!There are 5 contest going on,find them under promotions!
also 1.00 coupon for downy,make sure Check your Sunday paper for the P&GbrandSAVER coupon 2 or 3 and you have double coupons!!!!stock up.if you look around and find these items on sale,hey an even better buy!That is how i do.
A Breast-Health Wake-up Call From Folgers® is also available on the site!
Folgers and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® have created a “wake-up call” you can send to loved ones to remind them about breast health.
reesplace has a really cool contest going on to win win ion tv merch.! get on over there and check out the blogs as well!!! look over the photography blog also,its on the sidebar....
Dear Dr.MOZ giveaway
This week’s Dear Dr.MOZ giveaway is a fantastic daddy diaper gift pack that will almost make your new or expecting father excited to change diapers! Well, “excited” might be pushing it…but he’ll definitely be prepared because this prize pack includes everything but the baby:
# Stork Tools Daddy Diaper Bag: This modern daddy diaper bag by Dr.MOZ easily separates baby gear from dad’s gizmos with three main section dividers, two bottle holders, slash and zippered pockets, a thick/adjustable shoulder strap, a gripped handle, and an mp3 player pocket with side port!
# The First Years Diaper Kit: This portable fold-out changing pad makes diaper changing a breeze with a moisture resistant surface and multiple pockets for small baby items. It’s cushioned for comfort, and equipped with a wipes case for easy diaper duty.
# Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers: These popular, super-soft non-toxic diapers by Seventh Generation are non-irritating to a baby’s sensitive skin. Your favorite size listed below will be packed inside the diaper bag ready for gifting if you win! Choose from these sizes : Stage 1 (newborn to 10 pounds), Stage 2 (12-18 pounds), Stage 3 (16-28 pounds), or Stage 4 (22-37 pounds).
enter now!

Andrea's Review Blog

If you go to and click the picture center tab, it gives you the option of setting up a new account(free of course). You can then upload as many photos you want, and at checkout enter 50FREEPRINTS in the coupon code box. If you have 50 prints or less, the order will be free. If you have over 50 prints, they'll adjust the amount so 50 of the prints are free.

The pics are done in an hour and you pick them up at your local rite aid store. I just did this this morning, so it definitely works!!50FREEPRINTS

Snuggle Fabric softner Bundles
Free samples of Snuggle Fabric softner Bundles
Kidos Kids' t-Shirt
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Sun Crystals Natural Sweetner sample
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free potty training kit!!!

free shopping bag! (site can be slow) reuseable bag

Free $10 in coupons when u sign up for a dinner made easy news letter


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