Monday, October 6, 2008

Recycling can be hard work~ Palin~Contest-giveaways

Ever tried tearing apart an old house trailer? Well if not,let me tell you it is a pain in the neck.We have this older trailer on our place that has not been lived in in like 9 or 10 years.So we came up with the idea to scrap it.The wood that was usable will help make a little shop area for us.The aluminum siding we are scraping as well as the wiring for copper.We have worked on this all day and got one room done,well part of another also.Whoever remodeled this years ago,used those huge nails ,you know the ones they make railroads not quite that big...Me and hubby both feel like we have been hit by bats!And let me say we are very outgoing and working on something constantly.We are both in pretty good shape for middle age and this thing has about''whupped'' us.To top it all off,it has the old kind of insulation in it,the stinging kind,that has been to deal with all day..Anyway a shower was nice earlier and now hubby is grilling some pork steaks for supper.
The forecast is calling for rain...;) hadn't really had any rain in a month,everything is sooooooo dry.We live in rural Alabama ,house just off the main dirt road and the dust is awful every time someone goes by.Most times i just have windows open and fans on and the dusting inside is relentless i am afraid.I just can not see paying 500 dollar a month for electricity to run the ac....So it is off this year unless absolutely necessary.By cutting down on all we do as much as possible ,our bill runs about 140.00. We can deal with that.
Make sure if you are not registered to vote you do it quick,LIKE NOW!!!!I am voting for McCain/Palin...only one's to vote for as far as i can see.I sure can't vote for the other nonsence pair...
Ok i will end and add the contest/giveaways around blogville...Have a wonderful evening and I'll let you know how we did on recycling on the room we finished tomorrow!!!

God Bless us all

Betty~Simply Southern

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