Saturday, October 11, 2008


I hope all of you are having a good weekend..I went up to my daughters and stayed a little while.Then me and the boys went to my mom's for the evening.They ate an entire watermelon!lol..1 of the 3 mom still had gotten out of her garden.Needless to say they were a mess.Afterwards all of us went down to her pond to fish a little but nothing,i mean nothing,was biting.I really think it is because the weather cooled down so much,and not too mention she got 3 inches of rain she had been praying for in her pond day before yesterday!I believe she and i are going to church in the morning.About 4 i took kolby and billy back to rita's and came on in to cook supper for the bigger guys before work.Darrell is playing tonight at the soggy bottom with the band,short went with him also.Jeff just headed off to regular work as he calls do hope all of you are now registered to vote and that you make a wise decision on whom you choose.Our lives,work,homes,family ,almost everything is at stake now.Please do not vote just on color or wonderful new changes,,,We do need change but not what Obama is planning,Once he is in there it will be too late for you to change your mind.Far too late....

May God Bless America again

Betty~Simply Southern

Little Window Shoppe

Want to enter to win a Mrs. Goodbee Dollhouse and join us as we give one away too?

LittleWindowShop delighted to announce today that we have teamed up with Rookie Moms and Learning Curve to bring to you the Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee Dollhouse. In addition to entering to win your very own dollhouse, we are so excited to help you join us as we donate a 2nd dollhouse to a Children’s Hospital!
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For a chance to win your very own dollhouse ($80 value), please leave a quick comment or send an email to The winner will be chosen at random on Friday October 24th and will be announced here, so be sure to check back to see if you’re the winner.
This is a very special contest and you know you want to be included!
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AND If you would also like to participate and “add your name to the card” as we donate the 2nd Dollhouse to Primary Children’s Medical Center, please follow these easy instructions:

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Halloween Contest / Giveaway AT TWO MOMS!
It's October!! (well.. it HAS been October for a whole 10 days now..) This is my favorite month and marks both my wedding anniversary (on the 15th) and Halloween.. tack on the crisp weather and the foliage colors and I am one happy camper. To spread the joy, I've decided to hold a little contest. The winner (chosen by yours truly) will receive their choice of the following DVDs:

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" (appropriate for kids of all ages and adults who aren't tough enough for a REAL scare)


"The Happening" (a REAL scare.. brand new on DVD as of this past Tuesday.. winner must promise to not allow kids to see this movie until they are at least in high school..)

OK. Now for the contest Rules. Submit a photograph (or two) showing either

1) a creepy place.
2) a cute kid (halloween theme).


Island Life
Win it!
From the creators of Veggies Tales comes a brand new group of friends, 3-2-1 Penguins!

How would you like to win a copy of 3-2-1 Penguins! Save the Planets DVD for your family? To enter: Island Life-click now

has a contest up with your choice of Monaco’s Ruby Tuesday Earrings or May Flower Earrings FROM Monaco's etsy shop.These are beautiful!
deadline is October 19th, 2008.

Designs by Vanessa

Thrifty Jinxy
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If you haven't yet signed up for a free Shutterfly account, now is the time to do it! New members get 50 free prints, a free collage poster AND free shipping! They make great prints and now you can see yourself for FREE! signup is on the left..these actually come.i have done it and the quality are great!
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How to Win a Free Vestal Rosewood Watch!!! go to style crave...
Vestal’s Rosewood watch is available in three veneers: rosewood, maple or ebony (shown above, respectively). As Vestal explains it, this watch was “born from staring at a fret board for three hours”. Any guitar player will recognize that inspiration right away, as the Rosewood watch has the same look and feel that a guitar’s fret board would. Kudos to Vestal for the concept… now we want to get one on our wrist.
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