Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alabama Severe Weather~Giveaways 4 Tuesday

Severe weather moving in again for us today.Chance of thunderstorms,hail and isolated tornado's.AAAHHH Alabama in the winter time..lol..
I need to make a Dr.'s app. today for sometime this week .I just cant shake this ''cold'' for 3 weeks now!It is in my chest and one of my lungs was making a small noise last night.I do hope i have not gotten pneumonia!
Jeff went back to work last night,the co. has been shut down since DEC. 15th for the holidays.Three weeks just too long without a regular paycheck.But not complaining too bad,they do still have a job.My nephew was laid off(electrician)yesterday indefinitely.He is worried,they have the 6 month old and he is only 18.A new job will be hard to come by for him.
Stay safe today ,maybe not get on the roads unless you must if your a southerner..lol

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Betty R.~Simply Southern

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Hunting Paradise in God ,GrandKids,Fireflys and Whipporwills!
January 10th
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more added tonight!!!!!!!!!!! got to go see the grandbabies...;)

betty r~simply southern


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Cascia said...

Have fun with your grandchildren. You have a nice blog here. Thank you so much for stopping by Healthy Moms and for the comments. Also thank you for adding our buttons! Have a wonderful day!