Monday, January 5, 2009

Giving Back~jessica and Libby's giveaway

Hello Readers!
I wanted to share a giveaway found with you and it was deserving of it's own post i AND Libby's veggies have teamed up with a super new years contest!
Libby’s Vegetables has provided a very generous giveaway for her readers.
Up for grabs? A $300 Grocery Shopping Spree! Now, remember, this is all in the spirit of giving back, right?

So, with that $300, the winner will get to keep $150 for themselves and then shop for a local food pantry, soup kitchen, or other worthy organization in their local community with the other $150.

This is a great thing! Helping out several people/organizations at once.I would really love to win this..
My choice is not an organization,pantry or soup kitchen.I hope i am not disqualified for this.My choice is for some forgotten people.Or at least i am sure they feel that way sometimes.
These dear ladies no longer have a choice,,they no longer can help themselves at all,yet are full of faith and hope.

We live in a small rural community where there are several elderly people who are struggling so bad ,it is just not right.These people worked hard all their lives and when they retired since it was factory work,they now live on $400.00-500.00 a month!As we all know this is not enough for anything.Several people chip in and help ,do what they can,but i know for a fact they do without most of the food they need or would like to have.It is a battle between staying warm,getting meds and trying to get something to eat.The only way they even have a home is because they have lived here all their lives and homes are paid for.Sad to be in your 80's and 90's ,not able to work anymore and no help because you have a home!These are the one's i would share this with.It would be a blessing to me to be able to give them some groceries and a blessing to them to receive...

Thank you Jessica and Libby's for a chance to help not only my family,but these as well...

Betty R.~Simply Southern

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