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The End Of Second Hand Kid's Clothes and Toys? National Bankruptcy Day

Happy LOrd's Day Readers,
I have been watching this for several weeks now and it is looking like this could actually happen if we do not stand together on this.Alot of people are,join in please..Not much more time before it goes into effect.There are some hidden ajenda's here,it must be stopped...please read and act on this!!!!!!(please right click on links to stay here on page ..))))leave me a comment with your thoughts on this...
betty~simply southern

Barring a reprieve, regulations set to take effect next month [Feb. 10] could force thousands of clothing retailers and thrift stores to throw away trunkloads of children's clothing."
Read the rest of the L.A.Times article, "New safety rules for children's clothes have stores in a fit"

And this from San Francisco's KCBS: Thrift Stores: New Child Product Safety Laws Too Costly

And this response from The Simple Dollar.
I'm stunned. On one hand, there's no doubt about the need to protect children. On the other, the economic effect this act will have on families who depend on thrift and consignment stores to clothe their children is unmeasurable. And yet smoking cigarettes around kids is perfectly legal as are so many other activities and products that we identified as health hazards years ago.

Find links press coverage and resources for taking action at the Handmade Toy Alliance website and a wealth of information on taking action at I Heart Handmade (This Crafty Mom)sHE HAS ALL THE INFO HERE -PETITION,EMAIL ADDYS,TELE #'S..PLEASE GO BY AND STAND UP AGAINST. THIS.... Spread the word. And by all means, post about this issue on your blog, if you have one. Maybe we can prevent "National Bankruptcy Day" from happening.

Make no mistake. CPSIA was necessary in principle and has noble intentions, keeping our children safe and holding companies accountable for importing toxic toys. We all demand safety for our children and this is the intent of CPSIA; specifically to ensure safe levels of lead and phthalates in all products manufactured for children under the age of 12. Unfortunately this legislation lacks common sense, is ambiguous and fails to take into account the handmade industry.

What you see is not what you get with CPSIA. There is no distinction between big, small, or even micro one-person businesses. Whether it’s a large-scale manufacturer importing apparel to be sold in big box stores, or a work-at-home mom (WAHM) selling customs on ebay, the legislation applies the same to all.

Unit testing will be required on finished products, regardless if the components are natural materials or if you have documentation from a vendor stating that buttons, for example, are certified lead-free. As it stands, H.R. 4040 fails to recognize that textile products are inherently lead-free. Why then is an organic cotton shirt being tested for lead exactly?

Unit testing is extremely cost prohibitive to small business, but worse, it is unnecessary. In fact, it is completely redundant if the components that comprise the whole have already been tested and due diligence can prove they meet the guidelines.

To put a real dollar amount to testing one of my products, I solicited a lab quote. I was told it was $75 to test for lead per garment component and each substrate. Coated or painted items such as buttons are $100. So my Little Red Riding Hood Shirt, a 100% cotton knit shirt with an appliqué made from 7 cotton fabrics and 2 buttons eyes would cost $625 to test for lead. Flammability testing is also required and is either $50 for a certificate per component stating it meets weight code or $100 for actual testing. So add another $400-$800 for a grand total of $1,025-$1425. in testing costs for a shirt that retails for $40. If the shirt is offered in another colorway, the same testing is required despite the fact that the same fabrics are used throughout...

rEADERS THIS IS SOMETHING WE CAN ALL STILL STOP...a lot of people depend on this for their livlihood and being able to clothe their kids anymore,Even if you think this will not effect you,help the one's it will.....

And readers i have to put my 2 cents in on this...In all other times,hard times,there has almost always been something that people could do to make an ''honest dime'' to live on.Wheather it be selling metals,yard sales,handcrafts,etc..It does seem to me now that the federal gov. is doing everything in it's power to stamp out those options..WHY is this? They are trying to make it illegal to do anything they are not in control of..SO NO WAY FOR YOU TO MAKE MONEY TO SAVE YOUR FAMILY ON THE SIDE..We are not talking thousands here..maybe just enough to get your kid some milk or diapers...All the prices on things are going up(expecially food and kids items,have u not noticed?) and ways to make a dime are being extinguished.America this is something we can stop...come on ..please....This is for real.We can not continue to look through a rose colored glass at reality..IT IS NOT ROSY ANYMORE......getting less and less every day.

May God grant us the knowledge and lead us in the way we should go....

Betty R~Simply Southern
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You know it seems its always something. I quess ill start making my childrens clothes if this does truly go into effect.