Monday, January 5, 2009

Want to Enter Some Blogger Giveaway's?

It's Monday readers,

School starts back again tomorrow,i know most are still have the 16 in school here at home.Billy's in 1st grade but his mom takes care of him.Stormy weather moving back in tomorrow for us here in south central Alabama with colder air coming in behind it.We have been in the 70's for most of December so only sporadic cold spells do we see.My hubby would love snow but that as well is a rarity.He is Michigan born,been here about 13 years.He loves the winter,i love spring..Already starting to plan our garden this year.I want it larger and i learned a few more things last year i will not make the mistake of this year.Plant farther apart,plant all greens later on,more beans,prepare for the deer early on,a fence around sweet potato's..lots of also am planning o get a LARGE canner.I will be canning more veggies and meats.Anyone with some ides on that i welcome.I have not tried canning meats and,,,,,,,i am all open...I know this will help save money and time for my family later on.I think if we all prepare for a hard year,we will be much better off..Then if by chance all get better economically quicker,we are good to go anyway and have saved some money and learned some new things...I will also make more jams and jellies.I have collected a large amount of jars and pick them up every chance i get. A lot of people have them around that will just give them to you as well i also find them at thrift stores and christian mission shops..Make sure you sign up for the contest and giveaways i post.They are fun and you can win some very useful things for you and your family!Leave me a comment let me know you came by.When my comments start growing i will be having my own giveaways for my readers as well..SO COMMENT AWAY!
thanks guys for coming by....remember to right click on links to remain here(until i can figure out what is wrong with the html here)..thanks and God bless

Betty R~Simply Southern

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””, a wonderful company, is offering one BarefootMommies reader a chance to win their OWN Award Winning Rocking Horse!
It is a $49.00 Value!These are very cute as well..I am entering maybe win summer,charlie or rj one..enter here,>>>>>>>.
barefoot-mommy-win a rocking horse!

Bonggafinds has all the contest below to on each link to go there!
enter to win a hardbound copy of Ralphina, The Roly-Poly-ENDS JAN 17TH
win elementary school set: from the Bailey School Kids Jr. series, entitled "Reindeer DO wear Striped Underwear"ends jan 15th
a copy of The Biggest, Best Snowman (value $5.99
Where is Baby's Belly Button, by Karen Katz (value: $5.99)jan 12th


...NuxieMade...: NuxieMade Hat Give-Away!!

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